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Mobilizing: Countering the Left, Energizing the Right.
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  • 1. MAGA

    We work every day to magnify and defend Pres. Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda of America First, and keep the patriotic spirit alive within the citizens of the U.S. to take our country back.

  • 2. Mobilize

    Established in May 2016, our team is accredited with defining and leading the online MAGA movement, electing Pres. Donald Trump, creating viral media and red pilling 1.5M+ people.

  • 3. Counter

    On the right side of history, we amplify a national conversation of America First patriotism, hinder the manipulative initiatives of globalism, and expose the degenerate and corrupt alt-left.

  • 4. Win

    Energizing to bring BIG wins to congressional candidates who will vote pro-Trump initiatives into law and desire to reinforce President Trump’s wish to “transfer power” back to the American people.

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