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Anna Khait Preps for US Congress Bid

It was New Right Network's great pleasure to host the lovely Anna Khait, Survivor contestant and professional poker player, a few months ago. She is wise beyond her age and she shared her perspective with us, ranging from her desire for limited government to running for office in 2020.

Anna was a contestant on the CBS Show Survivor in 2016. She was one of the only outspoken conservative, Trump supporters from the entertainment world during the campaign.

 She started with a Reddit AMA on our subreddit /r/TheNewRight, and then immediately came over to Discord voice chat to answer some of our community questions.You can catch her live stream on YouTube:

Words of Wisdom from Anna Khait

Here are the highlights from our Anna Khait AMA (Ask Me Anything):

1. "There's so many young, amazing voices out there that are afraid to speak up, and I hope one day they will."

2. "Reading the Bible, being a reborn Christian, Jesus said 'don't forget, that before they hated you, they hated me.'"

3. "Survivor and Poker are very similar. I attribute both to taking risks in life."

4. "My parents brought me here for freedom. now I'm in America and [people] are talking about Communism and Socialism."

5. "I love New York, a lot of people don't really follow politics, they don't really care."

6. "I'm highly considering running for office in 2020, and trying to figure out what district to run in."

7. "Use your voice, don't be afraid to be called a [racist, sexist, -phobe]. That's not who we are, we know who we are."

8. "The real enemy is not the left or the right. The real enemy are the people lying to us on TV; the Fake News."

9. "You just have to check yourself and not allow the world to corrupt you, because we have to look up to God."

10. "Black lives matter, White lives matter, Every life matters. And it's not okay what happens when there's injustice."

11. "[America] is the best country in the world. You try to go to places in the middle east where you can't be a jew or gay; you will be killed."

12. "If you have a [locked] door on your house, then you should not be talking about countries having a border."

13. "I'm all for immigration as long as you come here legally. You can't just come here illegally and just live off our hard-earned tax money."

14. "I want limited government, I don't want the government in my business; lower taxes less government, that's what I stand behind."

15. "It's terrible having these designated [free speech] zones. The whole country, east-to-west is your Free Speech zone."

New Right Network

New Right Network is a big-tent group dedicated to mobilizing, countering the Left and energizing the Right. We unite to advance the ideals which are important to our community in the present political climate. We want to drain the swamp, eliminate government corruption & give the country back to the people.
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  1. 1. It often takes one to reach one, so more will soon come!
    2. The privilege of identification with the greatest of the persecuted.
    3. No guts, no glory.
    4. Perhaps because most haven't lived outside their comfortable bubble.
    5. It's nice to take a break from reality. But NY should remember Plato: "If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools".
    6. Do it, you'll get my support. Try finding what will be an open seat first.
    7. Right on. "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" AP
    8. It's probably actually all of the above, just to different degrees.
    9. The fear of the Lord is good bc "Judgement comes first to the house of God."
    10. Praise for the Rule of Law and Justice for All in America.
    11. America is a beacon of individual freedom to the world.
    12. Exactly. Border walls are to keep safely in as much as to keep danger out.
    13. Aka, don't be a moocher. For the most part no work = no eat.
    14. You're the boss! So am I, as are all citizens if they actually realize it.
    15. Exactly right again! People should just appreciate their personal space zones.




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