The Art of the Nuclear Deal: Trumped Again

Trump Tweets about Meeting with North Korea

On March 8, 2018, President Donald Tweeted that a meeting may be in the works between America and North Korea.
Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization with the South Korean Representatives, not just a freeze. Also, no missile testing by North Korea during this period of time. Great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. Meeting being planned!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 17, 2018 

North Korea Has a History of Intimidation

For decades upon decades, North Korea has aspired to be a loud-mouthed nuclear threat, attempting to extort any enemy it can. Menacing and threatening to get its way like an angry child trying to use bullying tactics to get its way. Through several presidencies, our leaders have chosen diplomatic stagnation to kick the threat down the road, placing red lines in the sand and watching them get crossed with no consequence. The strategy has proven to be ineffective.

Strategic Diplomacy has managed to give North Korea almost everything it has needed to become a nuclear power without being questioned and certainly not stopped. As a result, it has become a menace the likes of which are no longer tolerable. Allowing North Korea to continue to grow their nuclear capabilities would be as responsible as giving a loaded gun to a monkey just to see what he would do with it. In either situation, the threat of people being hurt or worse, killed, is far too great.

We Finally Have a True Leader

President Trump is aware of this threat and has faced it head-on as only a true leader can. He uses what a threatening dictator understands- rhetoric backed up with force and a demonstration of willingness to use said force. Sanctions alone have had little or no effect on making this dictator back down. Thankfully we finally have a leader who is willing to use force and is not afraid of being politically incorrect. For too long political correctness has controlled the narrative. Saying nice things has outweighed the safety of our nation. It is time that America puts America first and protects its citizens from potential threats like North Korea.

Despite the issues that America has faced, a few simple truths cannot be denied: North Korea has stopped firing missiles, they asked to join the Olympics, and are now requesting to have communications to de-escalate the tensions between our countries. Although we have seen this before, as a ploy to continue their push forward, we now have a real leader in place. One who will not sit idly by and allow threats to remain against our great nation in the name of political correctness. Expect unorthodox methods of tough talk and straightforward, clear demands from President Trump.

So What Does It All Mean?

What’s the bottom line? It is time to sit back and let President Trump the job we elected him to do. Enjoy as liberal heads start rolling over real negotiations in a relevant and important move towards a more stable and peaceful Korean peninsula. Pray Kim Jong-Un listens, and that his tough talk is again met straight on by our leader, with God on his side. America has never seen this method executed before and we have also never been able to bring this issue to an end. We finally have an opportunity to bring real change and potentially reach an agreement with North Korea that gets enforced. Words mean nothing without action and as we have seen President Trump backs up his words with action.

Edward Fox / Writer

I am a conservative father looking to show Americans the truth about the government with which they are dealing. I grew up on a farm and am the smallest and youngest of 13 kids. I am a bit socially awkward, but enjoy life as it comes complete with a smile and a wink.
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  1. It is like a dream come true, isn't it? It is just amazing what this super POTUS has done in a short time. Another big one for me (ok...HUGE) is going to be putting the ex-sec of state behind bars!! Am I right??? Happy Friday! :-)

  2. Looking into the crystal ball much? that story will be covered soon as well, stay tuned for more exciting episodes of "the days of american lives' as Told by the new right network.




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