The Big Blue Wave and Other Bedtime Stories

Fables of the Main Stream Media

The escalation of the fervent anger on the left lies solely on the shoulders of the mainstream media. Yet Liberals continue to embrace a broken, biased, and dishonest institution that set them up for devastating disappointment in 2016. With the 2018 midterms looming, is the mainstream media setting up Democrats for another big fall? Some of the most entertaining content on the internet is the plethora of comical and creative montages of the mainstream media predicting the defeat of Donald Trump at the hands of a Hillary Clinton landslide. Even better are the collections of clips from election night when the liberal pundits were forced to admit, on the air, that they had duped the left into believing they were going to get eight more years of feeding at the liberal food trough.

However, what should have resulted in an angry backlash from Liberals against the mainstream media for all the bogus polling, all the systematic worship and whitewashing of an inherently flawed and corrupt candidate, had the opposite effect. It actually resulted in a doubling down by Liberals and a seamless transition into a new narrative: Trump was an illegitimately elected President who was a traitor, a Putin puppet colluding with Russia and that he would, ultimately, be impeached.

The Main Stream Media's New Narrative

Now, after a year of frenzied Russia conspiracy reporting, the Russia narrative is sputtering out. The Mueller investigation has admitted they have found nothing implicating President Trump or his campaign of colluding with anyone. As a result, the mainstream media is subtly transitioning the Democrat electorate into, yet again, a new narrative: Support for President Trump is waning among his base, and the 2018 midterms are going to bring devastating losses for Republicans in the House and possibly the Senate. The Big Blue Wave is coming!

It only takes a few minutes of watching CNN or MSNBC to see how the mainstream media continues to feed Liberals a steady diet of fake news designed to completely white-out the reality of the success of the Trump presidency. They aim to keep the left in a zombie-like state of anger, delusion and false hope. It is clear that the biased mainstream media has traded in their journalistic integrity for a “means to an end” strategy designed to, at the cost of truth, honesty and morality, take down a duly elected President.

Keeping the Sheep Blind

In their reporting, there is virtually no mention of the meteoric rise of the stock market, the roaring economy, the GDP growth, the popularity of the tax cuts, or the fact that the President has been polling, even by the same skewed polls that predicted a Hillary win, at or close to 50% approval. It is no wonder that liberals, who have immersed themselves in the mainstream media’s culture of fake news and deception, are genuinely unaware that the right has gotten its groove back. Under the leadership of President Trump, the midterms could be transformative for the Republican party as they shed the dead weight of establishment swamp dwellers in favor of fresh blood that is entirely behind the MAGA agenda.

There is no doubt that the midterms, after a party change in the presidential election, can prove challenging for the incumbents. Statistically and historically, there has been a shift towards the
opposition party. The mainstream media has taken this historical dynamic, combined it with untruths and assumptions, and formulated it into a narrative that is all but guaranteed, to its
already rabid and unhinged following, a Democrat sweep of the 2018 midterms.

We Have Heard This Story Before

In many ways, it feels like 2016 all over again. The Democrats still have no message of their own and always seem to lack the awareness that the rise of Donald Trump was born out of the Democrats spending eight years trying to shove a far left agenda down the throats of a predominately moderate electorate. Instead of moving towards the middle, they have moved even farther to the left. Those at the forefront of the Democratic party lack the leadership necessary to propel them to a decisive victory in 2018. Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Keith Ellison, among other prominent Democrats who exist on the far left fringe, will find it difficult to inspire voters right of the far left. They have much fewer independents, whom they will desperately need. Not to mention the Democratic National Committee is basically broke, compared to the Republican National Committee which has been experiencing robust fundraising and has been able to fill their coffers nicely.

What If There Is a Red Wave Coming?

It is too early to tell how the midterms will pan out. No doubt, both sides will fight to make advances in both seats and their agenda. However, one has to wonder what will happen if, after the mainstream media has stoked the already raging and rabid anger of the left, the Republicans prevail against the Democrat challenge, once again. Could we see a meltdown of epic proportion that makes 2016 pale in comparison? It is a frightening thought. However, more importantly, what will happen to the mainstream media, which is already on life support? Let’s hope America has the good sense to pull the plug.

Silence Knowmore / Associate Editor

I am a political junkie, freelance writer and former nationally ranked sharp-shooter (so don’t get any ideas). Known as a fervent anti-feminist, and amateur liberal-slayer, I honed my skills by red-pilling lefties in my spare time or at holiday dinner tables. As a Patriotic flag-waver and proud Trump supporter, I aspire to spread searing truths and defeat shameless liberal lies in my quest to help Make America Great Again.
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  1. Definitely think there will be a red-wave in 2018 midterms. Voter registration reform and a lot of hard work will seal the deal.

  2. Fantastic article! Lot's of things going on behind the scenes to balance out the voter problem. That's something the left doesn't see coming.

  3. I'm still uncertain about the midterms. I don't think we will keep the House. But we can still fight and win to MAGA.

  4. If the SCOTUS decides against unions' closed-shop habit of taking 'agency fees' out of public employees paychecks, i.e. supports a right to opt out for govt workers, a lot of financial support for Democrats will dry up. In WI, Scott Walker went right-to-work on the teachers. 73% of them decided to keep their union dues.

  5. Liberal thought foundations:
    1. #blackiswhite
    2. Those who deny reason cannot be conquered by it: reality is a predator
    3. CAN’T tax sun However, “CO2”-open sesame
    4. Double standards on liberal causes are ok
    5. Don’t end poverty. It supports our voter base




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