Revealed: Chilling Texts Just Before Parkland Massacre

Nikolas Cruz Indicted on 34 Counts

The family whom Nikolas Cruz was living with received chilling text messages moments before he began his Valentine’s Day killing spree. Jim Lewis, the Snead family attorney, passed the documents to The Palm Beach Post the same day that the Grand Jury indicted the shooter on 34 counts of premeditated murder and attempted murder. Jim Lewis has been representing the family’s interests since the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.

Cruz has been indicted 17 counts of premeditated first-degree murder for those who were killed, and 17 counts of premeditated first-degree attempted murder for those wounded in the horrific spree.

Cruz Started Texting Minutes Before The Shooting Began

According to the information provided by the family’s attorney to the Post, the text messages began about 2:00 in the afternoon, around 20 minutes before the shooting started. Cruz sent text messages to the family’s teenage son who was in the school at the time. Cruz asked what class the son was in and what the teacher’s name was. The son responded and said the teacher was one of the coaches. Cruz told the son to ask the coach if he remembered Cruz. The coach was not one of the people Cruz shot. Minutes later, Cruz sent a message to say he was going to a movie. Lewis said he then “made some kind of comment that I have got something big to tell you.” When the son pressed Cruz said, “No big deal. Nothing bad.”

Lewis said the text messaging stopped at 2:18 PM. The last text message was a single word, “Yo.” The Snead’s son messaged Cruz back several times but he did not respond. Around that time the shooting started. There was nothing that gave any clue that this was about to happen, Lewis said.

Killer Had A Troubled Past

More details have emerged about Cruz’s history. The accused shooter and his brother were left alone after their adopted mother died of pneumonia. The two then ended up orphans. After the death of their mother, Cruz and his brother moved in with a family friend, Roxanne Deschamps. Deschamps kicked Cruz out when he refused to get rid of his guns. He subsequently moved in with the Sneads. Lewis also revealed that James Snead had asked the school, which had expelled Cruz if he could be re-enrolled. However, the school declined his request.

The chilling text messages reveal a Cruz who was emotionally detached from the horror he was about to commit and that he expected to get away with the crime. However, perhaps more disturbing is the fact that this shooting most likely could have been prevented had law enforcement done its job. They failed the victims, both at the local and the federal level.

Many Questions Remain

More information will certainly arise. Was the shooter previously mentally ill? There were obviously issues but was this event a product of Cruz’s thoughts or could he have been led by something or someone down this terrible road of destruction? Perhaps someday he will talk, and it will be released. Either way, there are too many victims that will never find solace in his “explanation.” All we can do now is pray for the victims.

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