Free Speech for Conservatives is Under Attack

Fight Battle for Free Speech

The censorship of Conservatives we see today, and for a while now, is severe and damaging to our First Amendment rights. Just ask political researchers like Dustin Nemos, an American who has experienced arbitrary censorship first hand. Nemo’s site was censored/blocked by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other outlets. Nemo claims there was even an attempt on his life where his car was run off the road and rolled several times. It makes one wonder what is happening to our first amendment rights.

Unfortunately, free speech is not always allowed, without constraint, even though the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants us the right to free speech. Generally, the term “censorship,” refers to the “government's act of banning or altering media, speech, or performances” however we see mass censorship on social media sites as well. Are these actions of censorship and the banning of websites true censorship or are we agreeing to be censored when we sign on? Even more importantly, how far are we willing, as Conservatives, to let this censorship go?

Legal Challenges Mount

Fortunately, there is a group of free-speech lawyers, who have filed the most serious legal challenge yet to Twitter’s censorship policies. This action was taken Tuesday, in San Francisco County, in Superior Court. These lawyers are seeking a ruling preventing Twitter from suspending and banning users purely on the basis of their views and political associations. There are, according to reports, other class action suits coming.

Bloomberg reports in this article that YouTube is making big changes in the rules for advertisers and will “impose stricter criteria for the types of videos that can earn money on the site.” This will allow YouTube to arbitrarily decide whose content will be seen and heard. Also, YouTube also says some members may have had videos and channels mistakenly removed while other members may have lost a good amount of their sponsor support.

Those who post comments that are considered negative are classified as cyberbullies. YouTube said in a recent statement: “We want you to YouTube without fear of being subjected to malicious harassment. In cases where harassment crosses the line into a malicious attack, it can be reported and will be removed. In other cases, users may be mildly annoying, petty and should simply be ignored.” However, by YouTube’s subjective standards, almost anyone could be censored from their site. Isn’t picking on some more harshly than others cyberbullying in itself?

Conservatives Must Stand Strong Against Censorship

Our First Amendment freedom is made fragile and imperiled by increasingly effective and sophisticated attacks. The First Amendment exists to protect speech and activities that are unpopular not just those which the masses deem acceptable. Matt Labash says, “Loving thy neighbor is not measured in how many times someone presses the little heart button on Twitter.” Unfortunately, it is going to take more than heartfelt, thought-provoking comments to end the censoring of conservatives. As patriots, we need to stand our ground and make sure that our voices are heard.

Rene' Rights / Writer

I am an instinctual writer. From penning Haiku as a teen to taking a couple writing classes in college, I have always sought to express myself through the written word. Now that I enjoy early retirement, I turn to every platform I can to support President Trump’s agenda.
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  1. Edmund Burke said "The only thing necessary for the success of evil is that good men do nothing." Attacks on our 1st Amendment rights, as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are doing, classifies them as evil. Good people MUST take a Stand!




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