The Democrats Need a New Song to Go with Their New Emu Mascot

Now that I have shown you why the Democrats mascot should be an Emu, I think this is the perfect time to suggest a new song. For any who have seen the Wizard of Oz, you might remember the Scarecrow’s Anthem, "If I Only Had a Brain." It would fit nicely at the convention, and they could have Hillary Clinton marvel at the balloons as they are released while the song is playing. Marvelous.

Democrats Actions Are Baffling

As I continue to observe the Democrat party and their followers, I still can’t help but scratch my head at how blatant the party leaders are in assuming their voters are stupid, and how consistently their voters prove them right. Here’s an example of how those in power rely on the stupidity of the average Democratic National Committee voter. The New York Times, shortly after President Trump’s win in 2016, admitted that it did not tell the truth while it was covering the election. Of course, they did not tell the truth; they are liberals, are not they? Being a liberal seems to mean they are required to lie. However, what I found remarkable was that there were people who thought the New York Times told the truth until I remembered we are talking about people who think Obama was a good president and Hillary Clinton would have been a good one too.

The New York Times Ideal Reader Base Are the Democrats

So, here’s the hook. In their admission, the New York Times implies that it is going to be telling the truth from now on, and they can now be counted on to report real news. It is obvious they continue to rely on the knowledge that Democrats are so incredibly stupid. How do I know? Well first, the New York Times never issued an apology to President Trump for the biased coverage and outright lies they told about him. Second, they never covered the true background of either of the Clintons in an effort to remind the voting public of who they really are. Rapist Bill Clinton protested our military on Russian soil at a time when the Russians were considered our enemy, yet somehow, he is considered a Patriot?

More unbelievable is his history with women and violating them, but to a Democrat, it is President Trump who is waging war on women because he accurately pointed out that Rosie O’Donnell is a fat pig. At least he did not say that she smelled like one too which is what I would have added. I might suggest though that Trump apologizes to any pigs who might have been offended at being compared to Rosie O’Donnell. So, this is the scam. The New York Times comes out and says "Hey, we were caught lying, but now you can count on us, to tell the truth," but then keeps lying. They are counting on Democrats to be idiotic enough to believe them so that when they report the fake news readers will think This is real news because the New York Times said they will be telling the truth from now on, so it must be real news.

Democrats Look for Change by Electing the Same People

However, that is not all. The DNC says they are looking for change, so they reelect Nancy Pelosi as their leader. What in the world? They claim diversity yet not even one of their presidential candidates were anything but old or white. They claim to be intelligent yet elect people like Shirley Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi- and those are the smart ones of the group! How about Chuck Rangel? He was the head of the Ways and Means committee which writes the tax code but claimed he did not understand the tax code once he got caught cheating on his taxes. Speaking of tax cheats, let’s talk about tax-cheat Timmy Geithner being appointed by incompetent-in-chief Obama to head the Treasury Dept?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Hilary and Bernie voters will crow all day long about how theirs is the party of integrity, inclusion, and patriotism. However, what comes to mind is the adage "actions speak louder than words." This is exemplified whenever some loser CEO or business owner tries to deny the rights of Trump supporters by telling them they cannot buy from their company: You just can’t fix stupid. Even funnier is how Democrat leaders (accurately depicted by the Ass mascot) tell their supporters that they are smart because they are voting Democrat. The irony is inescapable. Those asses are the very ones who count on the stupidity of the Democrat voters/emus as Jonathan Gruber so accurately detailed. Gruber, you may recall, was an architect of the disaster known as Obamacare and who unashamedly talked about how they relied on the stupidity of their voters to get Obamacare passed. This all leads me to conclude that maybe I am too generous by suggesting an Emu for the Democrat mascot. An Emu, though its brain is small at least has a brain, making it much too smart in comparison to a Democrat.

Ted Beagleman / Writer

I write political satire and biting commentary on social media. I have an eye for spotting the ridiculousness of Democrats and “never-Trumper” Republicans. I am a biker and American patriot who is ready for liberty and truth to prevail in America.
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