The FBI: Rotten to the Core?

What Has Happened to the FBI?

The reputation of the FBI is sinking, and it is sinking fast. The new revelations that seem to come out every day are not just embarrassing, but increasingly serious and dangerous. With the sometimes sketchy history of the Federal law enforcement agencies, especially the FBI; why have we been so explicit in our praise? Is it really just a few bad apples at the top or is there something more systematic? There has been quite a few mishaps and flat-out abuses of power over their history. A thorough house cleaning and transparency is definitely in order.

History of the FBI

The FBI was formed in 1908 under the name Bureau of Investigation. In 1924 the most famous FBI director in history, Herbert Hoover, took over running the agency at the age of 24. In 1935 the bureau was renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI. J. Edgar Hoover led the agency for over 40 years. During this time illegal wiretapping and other actions against Civil Rights leaders and private citizens were rampant. The most famous and biggest files were Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King. The constitutional abuses against the citizens it was supposed to be protecting was widespread and when revealed, extremely embarrassing and troubling.

Concern of Corruption in the FBI Is Not New

In 1992 the FBI was one of the Federal agencies that surrounded a remote cabin in Idaho, which was occupied by the Weaver family. They believed Randy Weaver to have violated federal gun laws. Whether he was set up or in violation of any laws is still in dispute. Afterward, when the dust settled, Weaver's wife, Vicki and 14-year-old son Sam were dead. So was a Deputy US Marshal. Eventually, the Weaver family would sue the government and win over $3 million in court. The actions and conduct of the Feds were highly criticized. Barely a year later in 1993, the FBI was at it again in Waco Texas, with alleged firearm violations against a group called the Branch Davidians, a 7th-day Adventist offshoot. The compound in Waco was filled with men, women, and children. Like Before, when the dust cleared 76 people were dead, and the compound was burned to the ground. Four federal agents were also dead. Once again the federal agencies were heavily criticized and sued.

In another case of Federal malfeasance, the FBI leaked intel and ruined the life of security guard Richard Jewell over the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. Although Jewell found the pipe bomb and helped evacuate people, undoubtedly saving lives, he became the subject of surveillance and investigation. Some of this was leaked to the media causing mass scrutiny of his life. Although he was eventually cleared and won some libel lawsuits against the media, his life was never the same. He died at the age of 44, a forgotten hero who had been treated horribly by the FBI and media.

A less well-known FBI miscalculation and mistake was the decades it used a special bullet analysis system to trace bullets, supposedly down to a specific box of ammo. The National Academy of Science eventually proved this to be false, and the FBI stopped using this method, but it took decades, and the amount and extent of cases tainted are still unknown.

The most egregious and deadly of the FBI’s failures was missing the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. While it was not the FBI alone, they did miss or discount the many warnings about the possibilities of plane attacks and large groups of Middle Eastern men taking flying lessons. Taking off was an important topic, but the landing was not. Apparently, this was not a red flag for the FBI.

Then of course in 2013 the Tsarnaev brothers bombed the Boston Marathon, killing three civilians as well as a police officer three days later. A prior FBI interview with the Tsarnaev's and warnings from the Russian government was not enough for the FBI to act.

The recent Dismissal of the case against the Bundy family concerning grazing rights and Federal land in Nevada is just another example of the Feds (and politicians) gone wild. Withholding information and lying about FBI snipers and surveillance caused the judge to dismiss the case “with prejudice.” Once again lawsuits are in the making.

More Details Lead to More Scrutiny of the FBI

The mass murder in parkland Florida is unfortunately just the latest in government policy and action failure. This is, of course, a still-developing situation, but with every new revelation, the government is looking increasingly bad and inept. This horrific mass murder seems to fall mostly on the failure of local and state authorities, but once again the FBI is involved and appears to have failed the very people it was supposed to protect. We will have to see how this plays out.

Nobody should dispute that the FBI has done amazing things in fighting crime, spies and protecting this country. They have done amazing things with criminal investigation procedures and tactics that they invented or perfected. However, is it just a handful of people at the top or is it a bigger problem? The FBI is entrusted with enormous power over the citizens of this country, but it seems there is a huge problem of accountability, transparency, and oversight. This is an immediate and dangerous problem. It needs to be addressed by serious people, with the public being made aware of everything. They do work for us after all.

Liberty Smoke / Writer

I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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  1. It blows my mind that there are people out there who do not realize that the FBI is corrupt.

  2. Thank you shedding light in their history of abuse. It begs the question did they know that the shooter in Parkland would eventually do exactly what he is accused of and allow it to fit the LEFT’s narrative. “Missed” the 9/11 conspiracy it once again allowed it to happen. Way too many questions and lack of accountability. Clean Sweep of the 7th floor and bring in outside talent to right this ship. Very informative and provocative read.

  3. It has become similar to other cloistered bureaucracies in .gov, where tenure allows poor performers to receive the same advancement as star performers. It is time to have a competitive retention board (similar to the armed services), if you are passed over for advancement too many cycles, you are involuntarily retired.

  4. It's disturbing that the FBI and the media have been "in bed" for most of these cases of misconduct. This is a clear pattern of bias that has been going on for years. There should be some kind of screening to prevent bias. People who cannot be fair should not be in a position to ruin someone else's life. Dereliction of duty should be met with termination. As seen here, there are no consequences for poor performance.

  5. it really is amazing when you start adding up all of the questionable actions. I couldn't help but think about Las Vegas as well, and what the truth behind all of that really is. Great read, it really brings all of our questions into focus.




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