Voter Fraud Mutes the Voice of Americans

Voting in America is the Great Equalizer

There have been many things that have been referred to as “equalizers.” In the United States, our vote is the Great Equalizer. My vote counts just as much as the vote of the wealthiest American citizen. The vote of the citizens of the United States should not be diluted by any measure. We now find ourselves in a situation where those who should serve the will of the citizenry have skewed the intent of the law by allowing vote anomalies as well as voter fraud.

What Are Voter Anomalies?

Voter anomalies can occur in a number of ways. We have already seen mounting evidence that the vote count was higher in some voting districts than the number of registered voters in that area. As an example, Investor’s Business Daily notes that, nationwide, the USA has 3.5 million more registered voters than live adults. To stress the point, that means more than 3,500,000 people were able to vote – and have it count, than are legally registered to do so. If one were to think about that number for a moment, they would realize the implications. Voter rolls are filled with people who are registered to vote but cannot legally do so. The reasons they cannot legally vote vary, one example would be that they are deceased and therefore unable to vote-yet they are still registered.

How Did This Happen?

It appears that “community organizers” are enabling deceased citizens to vote in the districts most favorable to Democrats. Some of this happens by early or remote voting. However, some of it is happening at the polling places. All of it is fraud. Another issue to keep in mind; the figure “over 3.5 million” relates to an absolute number. What that means is the 3.5 million is the net amount above the registered voters. Keep in mind, however, there has never been a vote where 100% of voters have participated nationwide. The numbers indicate that a targeted and organized effort to pad the vote may exist. A padded vote takes away our Great Equalizer and awards it to whomever or whatever is skewing the true vote of the citizens of the United States. This is alarming.

Why Should You Be Alarmed?

Each one of us, as legal citizens exercising our legal right to vote, should be concerned about anything that may change the results of an election illegally. Our vote is our voice. Moreover, someone or some groups are impacting our voice. The voice of the citizens is so important that there are four constitutional amendments to protect it. Many laws exist to protect Federal voting rights and access to voting. The first article of our Constitution gave states oversight of the vote. Some of that oversight became over-the-limit laws, like poll tax, which was only addressed by the 24th amendment to the constitution in 1964. When something other than the citizens controls the vote counts, our rights have been circumvented; this includes everyone’s rights, no matter how we vote or what our political inclinations are. We should all be outraged.

Of late, Judicial Watch is suing California:

"Judicial Watch argues that the State of California and a number of its counties, including the county of Los Angeles, have registration rates exceeding 100%: Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100% of the age-eligible citizenry."

It has become more evident, as investigations ensue, that our voice as legitimate voting citizens is being weakened. It appears that it is bad enough to possibly change the legitimate voter's choices in the results of an election; one district at a time.

What Can We Do?

Millions upon millions of dollars are spent every year to get voters out to vote. Included in those millions of dollars you will find the visible and the not-so-visible. We are aware that special interest money is often donated to the politician who will further the agenda of those interests. There are some things we, as a nation, can implement quickly; one option is to mandate that each citizen votes in federal elections. This is the case in Australia. Point of fact, there are 14 nations with such laws which enforce their mandated vote. There are others who do not enforce their mandated rule of law to vote.

Such a mandate, in order to prevail in all states and voting Possessions, would entail an Amendment to the Constitution. There are very powerful influences that do not want to see your right to vote mandated. In this age where a person’s vote can be cast in a number of ways; electronically, securely and with absolute accuracy.

There is new science that not only demonstrates this (ref: Sierra Leone blockchain Presidential vote.) but eliminates the need for our Census – mandating the vote will gather ALL that information, as well. Unless, of course, one is here illegally. The point: Mandating a vote as well as taking electronic measures to assure its accuracy will cure fraud. Votes on behalf of the deceased will be eliminated, and marketable information will be mined by the government – of which some can be sold to marketers. Our names, addresses and phone numbers would not be sold, they would only supply demographics just as they release via the Census.

When one looks at our national votes and sees that major elections have been won or lost based on less than the number of living voters, then take the time to consider all those who just did not go to the polls, it is clear something must be done. We spend too much time on fruitless investigations of things that cannot be retroactively changed. As a nation of Citizens, we MUST change this dampening of our voices. We must act in a way that accomplishes change first, and then investigate the criminals who have manipulated us for too long effectively robbing our voices by diluting our votes.

These acts to change the method with which we cast our votes as citizens will eliminate the votes of those who are not legal citizens, as well. Once in place, they will ensure our vote, and our voice is functional and valid. We all need to have these kinds of measures in place. Our votes need to be assured as accurate and consist of only the votes of citizens of the United States of America.

What We Should Consider

Is a foreign nation literally changing our vote through fraud?
If not, who benefits from flooring such an argument?
We have seen “community organizers” who have been reported as having bussed the same voters to more than one polling site.
Who is behind the organization of stealing the vote of the people?
(“Who” indicates one – as an organization, or many.)

With that in mind, some news we see strikes a very different note of concern than what’s being said.

Lin Cava / Writer

I am a seasoned writer. I use creative writing poetry and art as a means of self-expression. As I observe the state of the world and particularly the state of the USA, I turn my effort and attention to reveal the issues we must, as a nation, redeem.
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  1. I agree with this thought process completely.
    We should be voting for everything federal. Every bill submitted should be voting on by the entire country, not just a few.

    1. Thank you. We need to use our votes, and prevent others from taking advantage of our registration to vote. Citizens should be able to vote in a federal election from where ever they happen to be, and with a unique identifier. That is possible today, and implementation can be done for a much more reasonable cost that pursuing voter anomalies and fraud.

  2. Interesting topic. And very informative, and I agree! Great job, thank you! :-)

    1. Thank you, Rene. All feedback is appreciated.

  3. A quiet word, from Australia…

    As noted, in what is an excellent analysis of erosion and manipulation of the citizen’s basic rights, Australia has a compulsory voting system, an enduring, and, when considered overall, successful
    mandate which ensures all deemed eligible and therefore registered to vote, do so, or suffer the
    penalty of fines levied, policed and enforced for failure to comply…Postal votes, Absentee, and
    Early Voting Options apply strictly to current registered place of residency and must be lodged,
    checked and counted, within the time frame allotted, closure, being prior to the advertised date
    of polling in the specific electorate involved…Hence, the problems of manipulation, and multiple voting are, too all practical intent, eliminated, since the overall votes as opposed to registered,living voters’ numbers may be swiftly checked should tampering, or impropriety be suspected…

    This option, Compulsory Voting, most certainly could solve a multitude of problems and defects in the current American system as detailed by your author Lin Cava in her assessment, and therefore should logically be considered.

    (Signed): Bernard M de Silva,
    Mackay, Qld. Australia.

  4. Thank you for taking time to review, and to comment. It's time the citizenry consider this alternative. Mandating that all citizens must vote is tried and true; gets the voice of the people - all the people, involved. We have, easily found on-line, many instances where people have voted multiple times. In some cases they are paid, a separate crime. By allowing the condition which prospers only those brazen enough to pursue it to win -
    regardless of the vote of the citizens, we are, effectively, giving the vote to the highest bidder, and the boldest of those willing to break the law to take it.

    I'm glad to hear from you about compulsory voting. There will always be ways, through high crime, in which any vote can be manipulated; case in point, the Russian elections. A compulsory vote would limit the type of criminal act that would illegally influence the outcome. Therefore, an investigation would be more focused, and likely pursued to an end that will continue in service of the citizenry.




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