Mass Murderers See Gun Free Zones as Kill Zones

Mainstream Media Propagates Lies About Gun Control

With the continuing news coverage aiming straight at the National Rifle Association and the second amendment, the mainstream media seems hell-bent on forgetting a few simple facts that foster these disgusting mass shootings: gun free zones.

The creation of gun-free zones is among the most insidious of concepts waged against the second amendment without taking away the amendment itself. Many areas have been deemed off-limits for guns, much like cigarette smoking, only with far more fatal results. Sociopaths and demented people are by no means stupid people, only evil and crazy.

Killers Know to Go After Soft Targets

The first place an attacker is going to target is a well-known gun free zone or open venue where he or she will have maximum time to cause as much chaos and as many fatalities as possible before being confronted. Open venues leave large areas of unprotected space available to hide in or perch in as we saw in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Many of these assassinations have taken place in relatively open areas where the attacker was able to hide and use sniper tactics.

Gun free zones such as schools and churches are also seen as a soft target to these evil and sociopathic outcasts because they can reach a large number of people in a relatively small area. These locales also allow them plenty of room to hide and use the element of surprise. Surprise ensures maximum damage in minimum time, and they are able to use the layout of the building to their advantage. Most attackers learn the building exceedingly well and have plotted out, in advance, an approach, route and other details, including the time of day, to carry out the attack.

Liberals Attack White Males to Advance the Multicultural Agenda

While the Left continues the attack on the second amendment and continues to prove their ignorance by blaming the wrong things and using children to garner sympathy, the fundamentals remain unchanged. Additionally, there is another, somewhat subtle narrative being propagated alongside and provides real food for thought: Why does the media sensationalize tragedies more when they have been perpetrated by a white male?

The answer to the question is quite simple: White males are the current target because, while there are a plethora of tragedies to choose from, only this group fits into the current narrative. While African Americans and Hispanics, along with many other minorities, experience far greater numbers of these tragedies, Liberals are reluctant to mention them because they can already claim voting ownership of these groups. Therefore, there is nothing to gain politically from bringing them to light. White men are the spotlight so they can attack and advance their multicultural strategy and gain voters in hopes of shifting the balance of power back into their favor. This is the same reason they push for open borders, oppose voter identification and strategically look to place illegals in areas that are currently conservative strongholds.

Liberals Will Try to Accelerate Their Agenda Ahead of the Midterms

Importing new Illegal voters, shifting the balance, and working to end the electoral college are all part of the strategy. These tactics are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak when looking deeper into the agenda of the current house minority. Remember, this agenda was designed and implemented a long time ago, and is simply being amplified now out of fear, because Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election, and keep the corrupt and evil players hidden. Trump won the election and is exposing the agenda of the Deep State in very short order. This likely motivates the Left to put their efforts in high gear. The run-up to the midterms is likely to be a wild ride. Hang on tight, conservatives.

Image source Marcus Quigmire, CC BY 2.0

Edward Fox / Writer

I am a conservative father looking to show Americans the truth about the government with which they are dealing. I grew up on a farm and am the smallest and youngest of 13 kids. I am a bit socially awkward, but enjoy life as it comes complete with a smile and a wink.
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