Mass Shootings: A Heart Problem, Not a Gun Problem

Blaming Guns for Shootings - Not the Answer

The tragedy in Florida on Valentine’s Day has been weighing heavy on my heart, as I am sure it has for many, if not all of you. As a mother, my heart breaks for the parents who lost their children. Though it is a few years away, I worry about the day my son starts school. As an American, I am infuriated that these children have experienced more trauma than most of us will ever endure in our lifetime, which happened in their school of all places. I believe something needs to change and I believe every single American wants change. Though said change will never happen if your first reaction is to assassinate the characters of those who do not believe removing guns or to blame the gun.

America Has a Heart Problem, Not a Gun Problem

There are so many questions about what happened on Valentine’s Day and the events leading up to the tragedy that demand answers before we can come up with an adequate solution. To be honest, the solutions we come up with are irrelevant if they are not appropriately executed at the federal level. Since the tragic shooting, I have continued to read generalizations, and have been told directly, that I care more about guns than I do our children. Which if you know me or any of my other friends and family members who have the same views on the importance of the second amendment, you know that is the absolute furthest thing from the truth. It is not only incredibly insulting, but it further proves that we have a heart problem as a nation.

Americans Are No Longer Talking to Each Other

We are no longer talking to listen. We are talking over one another. We are tweeting for retweets and favorites. We do not care whom we hurt along the way. We do not sincerely try to see the opposing side; we automatically assume if they disagree with us then they must be a horrible person. Our need to justify our political views has overtaken our abilities not only to compromise but sympathize. It has taken away our ability to work together towards a common goal. A goal of safety for our children and our brothers and sisters no matter which side of the aisle they fall on. We have found ourselves amid what seems to be yet another heated ‘gun debate,’ but the core of the problem is much deeper than the gun. This problem requires multiple solutions. Solutions that quite frankly have nothing to do with the government. Our government has proven time and time again throughout the events leading up to these mass shootings that they are not the answer. This problem requires some deep soul searching on our behalf as a society.

How Do We Solve This Problem?

The harsh reality is we are not going to solve anything if, when we try to have this conversation, all we do is ridicule the opposing sides. We all want the same solution. We all want peace, and most importantly, we all want to send our kids to school knowing they will be safe. This is an incredibly hard conversation. There is no magic answer especially when we have so many unanswered questions. In a perfect world, it is one we should not ever have to have. Yet, here we are in a world that unfortunately isn't perfect, so we need to have it. Well, let's have it as adults. We are never going to get anywhere if we keep blatantly disrespecting and refusing to listen to one another.

Meghan Grace / Writer

I am an outspoken woman who finds writing therapeutic. “Mommy Blogging” gave me a platform to share my daily struggles as a single mom coping through postpartum depression. My focus has now widened from improving my life to improving my country and Making America Great Again!
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  1. Great article, Meghan. Great insight and a unique point of view. Well done!

  2. Fantastic article! We really need to address the huge divide the previous administration caused and pull together as a nation.

  3. Hitting the nail on the head in the "Heart' of the matter. We as a people needn't blame the items used to enact the tragedy, but rather to address the roots that allowed such a horrid plant to grow. Divisiveness Within the establishment that we elected to enact OUR agenda, has turned against us and pushed its own agenda, limiting our reach for the truth to narrow the minds and thoughts of the public, to create this divide, we need to wake up as a public, and begin educating our children again, with critical thinking and an open mind an heart to embrace opposing views, and a hunger to find a good common solution to a national problem. We the People, after all.

  4. It's refreshing to read an article about politics that stresses empathy and understanding as part of the process to making good, informed decisions.
    Thank you for a wonderfully written article Ms Grace.

  5. Great article and exactly right but I only hope it's not to late.

  6. Cuts to the chase while tugging at the heartstrings. Fantastic powers of observation, thank you for that

  7. Great insight, Meghan. Guns are not the problem. Uncivil society is the problem. Our political discourse has become vicious and toxic, and permeates our daily lives through mainstream media and social media. The level of outright hatred for each other is astounding and does not bode well for our future. We cannot solve any problems if we cannot even have a discussion.

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