Politicians Keeping Promises, An Oxymoron?

Promises Made are Rarely Kept

It seems most campaign promises never come to fruition. The reason for that is because most politicians merely use campaign promises as a tactic to get elected. President Trump is different in that regard, as he has already kept several of his promises and he has only been in office a little over a year.

“It has been a year of promises made and promises kept,” said Vice President Mike Pence, recently at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC. When President Trump was just Donald J. Trump, candidate for President, he made 99 campaign promises. Making 99 promises may seem like a lot because George W. Bush made only 22. However, Barack H. Obama made 129. How many did they keep? Let’s review.

Where Does Trump Stand?

In the interest of full disclosure and giving credit where credit is due, PolitiFact was the first to start tracking, and they have updated the list a couple of times already. The total has changed from 94 to 99 and is now back to 94. All the promises are being tracked in a spreadsheet on their website.

PolitiFact’s results are debatable, and their spin is obvious. However, there was much work done on both their Trump-O-meter and Obama-meter, and that should be acknowledged. As evidence of their spin, a perfect example is how President Trump promised not to take his salary while in office. So far, Trump has donated his salary every quarter to a federal agency such as the National Park Service, the Department of Education and, most recently, to the Department of Health and Human Services to battle the opioid crisis. PolitiFact rates that promise as being “in-the-works.” With three more years to his term, it could be said that is technically correct but, in all fairness to Trump, it is a promise kept.

The list below shows the promises PolitiFact recognizes as being kept:

  1. Slashed Federal regulations 
  2. Implemented a lifetime ban on White House personnel lobbying for Foreign Governments 
  3. Replaced Supreme Court Justice Scalia with a strong, conservative Justice 
  4. Kept open Guantanamo Bay, Cuba also known as GITMO 
  5. Canceled USA’s part of Paris Accord 
  6. Canceled Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) 
  7. Kept Carrier (Air Conditioning) plant in the US and facilitated many businesses returning to and investing in the US economy 
  8. Implemented a 10% repatriation tax as part of sweeping tax cuts 
  9. Reversed Obama’s gun order

If one were to add the salary promise, that brings the total to ten.

PolitiFact is also diminishing Trump “wins” by listing them as compromises instead of a clear-cut victory. Because of this spin, six additional promises have not been added to the “kept promises” column.

Examples of “compromises”:

  • A lower business tax rate 
  • Elimination of the estate tax 
  • Elimination of the marriage penalty 
  • Tax cuts for everyone 
  • Implemented a five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials working as lobbyists to the government 
  • Ended the defense sequester and fully funded the military

As a 39-year U.S. Army Veteran, I and many others lived through or rather survived the defense sequester. It ended when Trump gave the Military the immediate funding they will need for 2018 to start training cycles again. It is a long road back to where we were before the sequester, but the free fall has been stopped.

Broken Promises by Former Presidents

The bottom line is that Trump is a promise keeper. This is a rare quality in a politician. Out of the 129 campaign promises made by President Obama, not a single one was kept according to PolitiFact. President George W. Bush did not do very well either according to the article found here.

In future follow-up articles we will continue to track the progress Trump is making in fulfilling the promises he made to the American people and how is winning in the mission to make America great again.

COL Mike FitzGerald / Writer

Now a retired U.S. Army Colonel, I earned the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge and served 39 years and two combat tours. I am a graduate of U.S. Army War College and readiness is my expertise. It’s my patriotic duty to educate Americans about the truth, “drain the swamp” in Congress and hold the unjust accountable.
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  1. Trump is not a politician and it's even more obvious every day. I cant wait for the next seven years:)

  2. Surprised politifact admitted Obama never kept one. I would be willing to bet that he actually did the opposite of his promises in some cases.

  3. I love to read/hear about Trump "wins". DC is just a whole different world with him in it.

  4. It is satisfying to see the mice scurrying for cover looking for a way off the ship, or out of the light. Squeaking Russians, Russians, Russians. They have absolutely No Shame. I'd love to see a financial forensic "Audit" conducted on every member of The House, and Senate, beginning from the day they took Office, as I've always wondered How they become so wealthy after they take office. Just a thought. President Trump, is the First of His kind, His net worth has actually dropped since He took Office, in addition to donating His Presidential salary to worthy Causes. Leaves a big question for the masses to try and figure out, Why did he, want the Job. It's something The Left has difficulty understanding. He loves His Country and considers it an Honor to Serve. God Bless the USA, and God Bless Our President, Donald J. Trump




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