Sanctuary Cities: Lawmakers Fail to Solve 15 Year Old Problem

Americans Are Angry About Sanctuary Cities

There has been anger brewing in America over the past couple of years regarding sanctuary cities. Now, California wants to call itself a sanctuary state. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have been down this road. New York City was the first sanctuary city in 2003. There was even a Congressional Hearing about this lawlessness on February 27, 2003. You can read the full text of the hearing here. The momentum of these unlawful actions has merely picked up steam over the past 15 years, due to the failure of Congress to act before it got out of hand.

One of the most significant takeaways from the 2003 hearing was the question that was posed asking if we could enforce immigration law without becoming a police state or instituting martial law. The answer among members of Congress was a unanimous, resounding “No.” One very revealing statement was made by Chris Cannon. He said, “This debate is not going to go forward in America; we are not going to solve this problem if we focus on a rape victim or a victim of domestic violence. What we have to solve is the problem of how we deal with 8 to 11 million people.”

This is precisely why we are unable to enforce immigration laws in our country. Until the election of President Trump, we have depended on those who lack a clear vision to secure our country. Finally, on March 20, 2018, President Trump held the first ever roundtable discussion with top law enforcement officials from around the country on the dangers sanctuary cities pose.

Illegal Aliens Contribute Heavily to Crime Statistics

During President Trump ’s meeting, it was revealed that, of the illegal aliens who escaped in the recent Oakland raid, three have already re-offended. This is reflective of the overwhelming evidence that illegal aliens contribute significantly to crime in our cities. Consider this sampling of statistics and crime incidents:

There is a 50% recidivism rate for criminal aliens.
Over 63,000 Americans have died at the hands of criminal aliens since 9/11.
One illegal alien killed three police officers after having been deported four times previously.
When criminal aliens enter the country, and two days later deliver their load of heroin to Chicago, Chicago will protect them.

When they reach one of these sanctuary cities, deportation becomes very difficult, if not impossible
Texas is the only state that has kept statistics on criminal aliens. Criminal aliens in Texas have committed more than 600,000 crimes since 2011. 70 thousand of those are sexual assaults. Over 1200 are murders

During the last hearing in Congress, it was noted that just recently more than 196 criminal alien murderers and 216 kidnappers have been released from custody law enforcement.
Over 60,000 criminal aliens are in jail right now.
In Georgia of the 47,000 criminals taken into custody, 17,000 violent criminal aliens have been identified.

After 9/11, the Joint Task Force on Terrorism was created. That task force that has worked so well in protecting American lives is being torn down by sanctuary cities. In the past, if a criminal alien could not be deported due to terrorism, they could be charged with immigration violations and deported. California is building a wall between federal law enforcement and the state, recreating the very conditions that aided the 9/11 terrorists. Sanctuary cities, therefore, threaten our national security.

Sanctuary For Criminals, Not American Citizens

Sanctuary cities are used by international criminal organizations originating in Mexico and South America to create havens to conduct business. Sanctuary cities have also become havens for unscrupulous employers intending to violate labor laws and exploit low wages. These cities represent a clarion call for the dissolution of our national borders and a radical departure from our rule of law. One must remember that sanctuary cities are not islands. Criminal aliens can travel to other jurisdictions.

Sanctuary cities endanger law enforcement officers and the safety of its citizens. Federal law enforcement cannot do it alone, cities and counties must do their part to protect Americans. These law enforcement officers have been required to take an oath to uphold the law. However, in sanctuary cities, those officers are under threats of criminal charges themselves or loss of job if they disobey local policy. Law enforcement officers should not be put in the middle.

Congress Must Act to Empower Federal Law Enforcement

It is past time for Congress to give this administration the tools they need to enforce our laws. Texas has spent hundreds of millions on border security because the federal government has refused to do so. Texas recently passed Senate Bill 4, which allows for the removal of any official implementing or upholding sanctuary policy and includes the possibility of criminal charges. Moving forward, Texas will be filing Amicus briefs with other states in hopes of cooperation.

The American Civil Liberties Union files suit daily to protect these criminals. Municipalities and states must have some help from the federal government in absorbing indemnity from ACLU suits. In one instance, the ACLU went around law enforcement to the court where an activist judge placed a sign on the courtroom door stating the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement was not allowed in the courtroom. Lastly, sanctuary cities must forego federal funding and grants if American taxpayers are expected to absorb the costs of their policies.

President Trump closed the roundtable meeting with assurances that things are going to move forward at a much faster pace now and stated that money and resources are being dedicated to help solve the problem. The legislation is in the works.

Immigration is a very emotionally charged issue, and Americans are a very compassionate people for the most part. However, compassion cannot put the lives of our citizens and law enforcement officers at risk.

Ginger Marshall / Writer

I know first-hand how immigration mismanagement can change the face of an entire American city. I moved back to my hometown after several years living out of state, only to discover it more closely resembled a foreign country than my childhood home. I am more than ready for comprehensive immigration reform and to Make America Great Again!
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  1. It's slow going,but I think we are slowing turning the ship to taking back our country from illegals and liberal policies.

  2. Great article. Yes the ship is turning slowly but the waters are infested with “leftists” submarines.




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