Smart on Second Amendment, Control the Narrative

Mainstream Media is on an Anti-Gun Tirade

The anti-gun mob is in a full-blown fit of hysteria about the AR15 rifle since it was the weapon most identified with the recent school massacre in Parkland, Florida. Since the shooting, the mainstream media has been feeding the public a non-stop barrage of disinformation and misinformation about the proper functions and use of a firearm, as well as their disdain for our Second Amendment.

Liberals Never Waste A Crisis

Even before all the parents had been notified of the whereabouts of the children, and whether or not they were safe, some in the media were already beginning their campaign of attacking our Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association, and the AR-15. With the media in full control of the dialogue, it became clear what their mantra was going to be.

“Why does anyone need an AR-15?”

“It is time for a change.”

“No one needs a semi-auto assault weapon for hunting or home protection.”

“Republicans are bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association.”

It was hoped there would be a reprieve from the anti-gun message when CNN said it was hosting a town hall discussion with high school students, who were at school the day of the shooting, as well as their parents and other members of the local community. Everyone’s thoughts were focused on how to help these children heal from such a vivid and savage trauma and how to better protect school children from this type of carnage in the future. Unfortunately, CNN and Jake Tapper had a different agenda.

CNN’s Town Hall Stoked the Anti-Gun Narrative

As the CNN town hall event devolved into an anti-gun, blame the NRA and Republicans tirade, one could not help but feel frustrated by the preponderance of bad information that was presented as facts. Unfortunately, this ignorance of having little to no working knowledge of the forms and functions of firearms is nothing new. It would come as no surprise to most conservatives to find this misinformation is intentional. It seems as if the Left always gets the jump on messaging and controlling the narrative. As conservatives become frustrated about the left’s apparent lack of understanding of firearm terms and definitions, it becomes very easy to then become fixated on trying to educate the anti-gunners about a topic they have no desire to learn about. This is the moment conservatives get stuck in the preverbal weeds instead of redirecting the conversation back to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Conservatives Must Educate Themselves

The Second Amendment, as passed by the House and Senate and later ratified by the States, reads: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Conservatives routinely get caught up in trying to explain the difference between a semi-automatic firearm and a fully automatic firearm, or that rifle-related annual homicides are lower than those committed using an edged weapon. Instead of continuing down this path of explaining the operation and nomenclature of whichever firearm the left is wanting to ban next, the conversation should be brought back to the reason why we have firearms, to begin with.

Why do we have the second amendment, and do we still need it? These are the first two big questions you should be able to provide a thorough answer to. Every conservative should start by reading The Federalist Papers, specifically No. 46 written by James Madison.

There are two other resources that are highly recommended. The first is a book, “The Founder’s Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms,” by Stephen P. Halbrook. This book is no longer in print but can probably be found at your local library. With luck, a used copy might be found online.

The second highly recommended book is “The Second Amendment Primer: A Citizen’s Guidebook to the History, Sources, and Authorities for the Constitutional Guarantee of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” by Les Adams (No relation to the author of this article). This book is a collection of “scholarly journals and academic papers written by scholars and judges, or directed towards other scholars, law professors, attorneys, and judges.” This book is still in print and can be found online for less than $15.

The internet is full of other valuable resources. It would be remiss not to recommend the NRA’s website or the website of the United States Concealed Carry Association, USCCA. While there are countless other great websites with a bounty of information to help you become as knowledgeable as possible, The Crime Prevention Research Center, created by John R. Lott, is among the best at housing hundreds, if not thousands of relevant research papers and academic articles.

Conservatives cannot take control of the narrative if they allow themselves to remain uneducated and without the resources to make rational factual arguments. Every conservative should dedicate the time and effort to learn the important background and foundation of why The Second Amendment is vital in preserving our republic.

Richard Adams / Writer

I am a single father of three incredible children and a grandfather to two more. I grow stronger every day in my conviction to conservatism, capitalism and the Constitution. It's been my highest honor to serve my country in a multitude of ways. Currently a council member of four years, I have also been a volunteer firefighter, paramedic and US Army staff sergeant and combat medic.
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  1. So true! Especially the fact that people need to educate themselves. I think that would be so huge in affect their concerns.




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