My Teacher Failed Me

One Student’s Account of the Parkland Shooting

For many of us, watching by television, the scene was surreal. The images of kids being walked out of a high school in Florida, joined hand to shoulder, single file, is something the majority of Americans did not want to see and, most likely, would never forget.

Though, from this tragedy emerged many heroes for all of us to look up to when dealing with the inevitable grief and shock. Police officers from Coral Springs, Florida, a nearby suburb of Parkland, bravely ran towards the danger. This is while Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies cowered outside behind vehicles and walls while children were being slaughtered inside. Also, according to reports, there were several students and teachers who selflessly shielded their fellow students and saved lives with incredible acts of bravery.

False Heroes Emerge

After any crisis, not everyone who emerges as a hero turns out to be what they claim. Josh Gallagher, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, reveals his perspective on a certain teacher who is not the hero he portrayed himself to be in his interviews with the press. This teacher, Jim Gard, gave an interview where he talked about protecting the kids in his care. You can find a video of that interview here. However, Josh says Gard did not act bravely that day, and Josh has tried to tell about this through his account on Twitter.

Reluctant to be a participant in the further sensationalisation of this tragedy, Josh feels he should not give any more details other than what he has already given on his Twitter account. However, Josh has expressed concerns that his story is being “brushed over” because he is “speaking the truth on a teacher.” Josh gave New Right Network this quote about what he feels is his mission: "I am not going to sensationalize this even like my teacher did; I want change to happen when it comes to protocol and the way this situation is handled. No child [should have to] feel the way I did.”

Abandoned by His Teacher

Josh has a rather a harrowing story to tell about that day. He says that around 2:20 pm, a fire alarm went off. He remembers feeling confused because they had just had a fire drill earlier in the day. However, as they left Jim Gard’s classroom, something terrifying started happening. Gunshots erupted, catching himself and 15 other students off guard. They crouched in the hall as a sense of shock overcame them for “half a second,” then ran back to their classroom. When they got there they found something incomprehensible, and inexcusable: the door was locked.

Joshua and 15 other students found themselves trapped in the hallway as gunshots and the screams of their classmates echoed around them. Josh recalls four minutes of crouching in the hallway in fear for their lives. He did what any child would do and called his dad. As his father tried calming and coaching his son, Josh says, a teacher he had never seen before opened the door for him and other classmates to flee danger. When Josh got into the classroom, he and his father exchanged the words "I love you” as Josh’s father hung up his phone and entered the freshman building as a first responder. When the terror ended, Josh says, he found his father and counted his blessings. “God bless that after all of this I saw my dad, and me and other classmates were safe,” Josh said, “and God bless the teacher who opened the door to save us from danger.”

More Disappointment to Come

In the hours and days after the shooting, Josh would come to learn just how badly his math teacher, Jim Gard, had failed him and fellow students. He found out that Jim Gard’s first thoughts during the shooting were not of protecting his students. “Jim Gard actually ran back into the classroom without turning around and locked his door," Josh recounts on his Twitter post. "He left 75% of his students out in the hallway to be slaughtered. How can a man such as him be viewed as a hero in the media?” Unfortunately, Josh’s disappointment in his teacher would only deepen in the days after the shooting when it was revealed that, Jim Gard, upon locking his door, called a news station. He informed them that there was an active shooter instead of “attempting or even thinking to save kids he left in the hall!” said Josh.

Josh ends his story with this declaration: “Jim Gard has been on many news stations. He is an opportunist, and people should not value him as close to a hero. He is nothing but a coward. He has re-victimized the students he left out of his class by calling himself a hero. I have nightmares at [what] could have happened because of how selfish and horrific this man is.”

Victimized Again

Still, the debate rages on about gun control, school protocol and the arming of teachers. The left would have you believe arming teachers is anything from racist to irresponsible. Yet, they do not mind these same teachers being in charge of a child’s education. Once again, the mainstream media sacrifices the truth for sensationalism and fake news. By not giving Josh his rightful voice in this tragedy and allowing his voice to be drowned out by other students screaming a narrative that fits their political ideology, the press has made Josh Gallagher a victim all over again.

Mary Magaline / Writer

I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all round, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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  1. Great article on a difficult subject. Like the story you used to deliver the truth as we know it. Like you, being a Christian, I turn to God in such times.

  2. Great story I admit I did not know, what a frigging disgrace.




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