Ted Cruz Is Feeling the Texas Heat

Ted Cruz - Is His Senate Seat in Jeopardy?

Senator Ted Cruz’s future in the Senate is becoming murky. Rep. Beto O’Rourke appears to be gunning for incumbent Senator Ted Cruz’s seat. O’Rourke is the expected Democratic nominee and has out-raised Cruz by nearly 1 million dollars over the last three months. Overall, O’Rourke has raised over $4 million, with only eight months to go before the midterm elections.

Fresh Faces in Texas Pose a Threat to Cruz's Seat

Rep. O’Rourke is up against two other challengers for the Democratic nomination - Sema Hernandez and Edward Kimbrough. Recent polling has shown O’Rourke to have the best chance of defeating Senator Ted Cruz of the three Democrats running for the nomination.

Last month, Public Policy Polling published a poll showing Cruz leading O’Rourke by single digits. However, similar polls have shown that a majority of voters do not know who O’Rourke is. The same PPP poll showed that half of those surveyed have an unfavorable opinion of President Donald Trump.

Cruz May Be His Own Worst Enemy

Cruz has become one of the most disliked public officials in Congress for several reasons. Cruz was one of the drivers of the government shutdown during the Obama presidency and has made several “derogatory comments” that people have taken offense to.  This month, the University of Texas in Austin released a study that found only 32% of Senator Cruz’s constituency strongly approve of him as a senator. This may cause him to have an intense battle against O’Rourke.

O’Rourke currently serves the El Paso district, beginning in 2012. He is a member of the Committee on Armed Services and Committee on Veteran Affairs. O’Rourke’s voting record aligns strongly with the Democratic party and rarely goes against party wishes. O’Rourke has said that he is fighting for equal access to healthcare and immigration rights.

It Is More Important Than Ever to Vote

It may appear to be a long shot, but many Republicans could see their stronghold challenged this midterm year. If Senator Cruz loses his seat in the Senate, Republicans will struggle even more getting legislation approved and onto the desk of President Trump.

The loss of a party loyalist such as Cruz would render their power in the Senate obsolete. Republicans could still control the Senate with a Cruz loss, but with a slight margin of a majority, they need every seat they can win and keep.

He, along with other generic Republicans are vulnerable to losing. O’Rourke offers Texas voters a fresh face in government, while Cruz stays the same stale candidate that he has always been seen as despite being so powerful.

Hillary Clinton lost by only nine points in Texas in 2016. In 2012, Barack Obama lost by a margin of more than 15 percent to Mitt Romney. However, there are significant differences between the 2012 and 2016 elections. Many Texans have felt horrified about the possibility of a Trump presidency and felt the need to do what was in their power to stop it. Meanwhile, it could also be the beginning of a changing tide in the great state of Texas.

Most of Texas’ largest cities lean Democrat including Austin, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, and individual counties along the southern border. Cruz lost those areas in 2012 and is not expected to gain any new support from that voting bloc.

Republicans in Texas Need a Viable Candidate

This all means that Cruz’s seat is vulnerable if O’Rourke continues to prove to be a serious contender. If voter turnout increases in the Democratic areas, then there is an extreme possibility that the election could mean the end of the line for the incumbent. While it is not over until the final vote is counted, Ted Cruz must be looking over his shoulder as he prepares for reelection. While a Democrat has not represented Texas in the U.S. Senate since the early 1990s, the possibility of a Cruz defeat remains possible.

Larry Lease / Writer

I am a freelance writer from the great state of Alaska and journalism graduate from University of South Florida. My interests predominantly lie in national security, campaigns and technology.
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  1. Ted Cruz should be scotus, or AG. Great article!

  2. Agree with Mary great on SCOTUS or as an AG. Pretty young too.

  3. Good info yet scary. Ted needs to mend whatever fences necessary so that we don't lose a Senate seat to a democrat.

  4. SCOTUS is where @tedcruz belongs. Meanwhile his Senate seat is safe!

  5. Did Public Policy Polling conduct a similar poll of then-President Obama one year into his first term in office? How does President Trump's numbers compare to those of then-President Obama?
    Who exactly is the demographic that dislikes Sen. Ted Cruz in Congress? Are you referring to the general public, his constituents, or actual members of Congress? Is this a general feeling or are you referring to a poll or survey?
    Why are you perpetuating the Democrat narrative of blaming Republicans for the government shut-down during then-President Obama's time in office? Obama ordered the shut-down because he was acting like a petulant little child. He actually went out of his way to make the shut-down cause as much pain to the American people as possible in order to get his way on a piece of legislation that both the house and senate had passed.
    What are the derogatory comments made by Sen. Ted Cruz you are referring to? Could you be referencing the time Sen. Cruz called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for being a bold -faced liar? It is well documented as to the validity of Cruz's accusation. As a matter of fact, YouTube still has the video up of Sen. Cruz explaining on the senate floor during open testimony as to the conduct of Sen. McConnell.
    Sen. McConnell would love nothing more than to see Sen. Ted Cruz voted out of office. He demonstrated his tactics for smearing republican candidates in primaries that he does not feel will be loyal to him. Sen. Ted Cruz is many things but being a Republican Party loyalist is not one of them.
    Finally, how come you didn't mention or compare likability polling numbers of Rep. Beto O'Rourke to those of Sen. Ted Cruz's? You made mention of the fact that PPP had Sen. Cruz up by nine points but left out what the job approval numbers were for Rep. O'Rourke. Why?




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