White House Communications Director Hope Hicks Announces Resignation

Resignation at the White House

President Donald Trump’s closest aide, Hope Hicks announced she is resigning. Hicks has been serving as White House Communications Director since Anthony Scaramucci resigned. Hicks has been a strong ally of Trump since her rise within the Trump organization.

Hicks was one of the last people remaining that was in the president’s inner circle. Hick’s resignation came just a day after testifying before the House Intelligence Committee in regards to the Russia probe. Hicks’ exit is expected to come within the next few weeks.

Who Was Hope Hicks?

Hicks originally started out as President Trump’s press secretary during the 2016 campaign. Hicks resignation will have a ripple effect within the West Wing for months. Trump will now be working without one of his most loyal aides.

Hicks announced her scheduled departure on Wednesday. In her announcement, she said she felt like this was the right time leave and that she always wanted what was best for President Trump and the administration.

President Trump called Hope outstanding and said she has done great for the last three years. He called her smart and a great person. Ms. Hicks was one of the most influential allies within the White House. Hicks inherited an office that was right next door to the Oval Office.

Why is Hicks Leaving?

Hicks told Trump that she wanted to pursue other opportunities. She has been known to keep a low profile, but over recent weeks, Hicks has had to deal with several controversies including the Russia investigation, and her involvement in the handling of Rob Porter’s situation.

Hope Hicks had a hand in attempting to convince Pres. Trump to tone down his Twitter posts, which had mixed results. Hicks eventually ended up having a functional relationship with Chief of Staff John Kelly. Kelly called Hope “strategic, poised and wise.” Right now, the White House has not mentioned who will fill Ms. Hicks role, although one name that is circulating in the media is Mercedes Schlapp, who often filled in for Hicks when she was handling crises that arose over the years.

Hope Hicks Will Be Missed in the White House

Outside of immediate family, President Trump has lost almost everyone he considered a loyal adviser. Hope Hicks will leave some very big shoes to fill. Hicks was very loyal to President Trump and refused to get involved in the scandals that occasionally plagued the White House. Hicks exited the administration, at the right time. She is not bogged down by any bitterness with a fellow staffer or facing the wrath of President Trump.

I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Hicks during the course of two campaign rallies. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional and courteous she was. Prior to the events, I had to call her regarding press credentials. I ended up leaving a message, but she returned my call promptly.

Larry Lease / Writer

I am a freelance writer from the great state of Alaska and journalism graduate from University of South Florida. My interests predominantly lie in national security, campaigns and technology.
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  1. Interesting timing right? It's one of those things that makes you go, hmmmm. But I will take them for their word and certainly wish her well. Great job Larry!!




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