Sheepdogs Hold the Answer to Ending Gun Free Zones

The Left Never Wastes a Good Crisis

Stripping the American electorate of their right to bear arms lies dead center in the hearts of Liberals. In the spirit of never wasting a good crisis, nothing invigorates those on the left like a mass shooting at a school. These killings have all the characteristics liberals look for when trying to bully and shame the right into acquiescing to their demands. “We must protect our children!”, they scream, as they wholeheartedly endorse the mass murder of babies through abortion, even cheer as they defeat a ban on dismembering a fully formed child in the womb.

Everyone, even those with average critical thinking skills, knows that gun control will do nothing to stop a maniac hell-bent on murdering people. Banning bump stocks, assault rifles or even banning guns altogether will only push these deranged maniacs into being more creative. What kind of damage can occur without a gun? One only needs to look to the recent knife attack in China to understand. Gun control will not deter someone intent on murdering on a mass scale. We must develop ways to take them down at the door.

After the terrorist attack on Septembt 11, 2001, it became clear that in order to keep a terrorist from taking over an airplane, multiple levels of security needed to be implemented. The Transportation Security Administration was formed to screen for weapons and suspicious behavior as the first line of defense. Cockpit doors were retrofitted with impenetrable barriers, and a protocol was established for entering or leaving the flight deck. Flight attendants were trained to recognize potential threats. More air marshals were put on flights, especially on certain routes. As a last line of defense, pilots, who volunteered, were trained and armed with a weapon in the cockpit.

Sheepdogs and Wolves

There is a theory among those who study human behavior that all people fall into one of three categories: sheep, wolves or sheepdogs. Sheep are the majority. They are peaceful, non-violent and are mostly in a state of denial that anything bad will ever happen to them. The wolves are the small percentage of our society that prey upon the sheep. They do so mercilessly and without conscience. They have only one enemy: the sheepdog.

The sheepdog lives to protect the flock. When danger comes in the dark of night, he runs towards it. Many sheep do not like the sheepdog because he is a reminder that evil exists in this world and he pushes them out of their state of denial. However, the sheepdog’s instinct is to protect them, even if they do not like him, even to his own peril.

The pilots who volunteered to carry a weapon in the cockpit were the sheepdogs. They volunteered because their innate instincts would not allow them to do otherwise. Remember, these men and women were not just handed a gun. They were sent to a federal training facility, on their own time, where they were extensively trained in hand-to-hand combat, recognizing, disarming and neutralizing threats and, most importantly, they were made into sharpshooters who could take down a terrorist, in a small space, without harming passengers and crew in the process.

Sheepdogs Are Our Citizen Heros

The ROTC students who perished at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while trying to shield their fellow students with kevlar mats were sheepdogs. They ran towards the darkness and gave their lives to protect the flock. Sheepdogs roam amongst us in all walks of life. They can be found in every social group, community, and profession. They can be found among our teachers and our school administrators, as well as those who volunteer in our schools.

Find the sheepdogs. Train them and arm them. They are the key to stopping this violence in our schools which have been made into soft targets by declaring them gun free zones. Find the sheepdogs, and you will keep the wolves away from the door.

Silence Knowmore / Associate Editor

I am a political junkie, freelance writer and former nationally ranked sharp-shooter (so don’t get any ideas). Known as a fervent anti-feminist, and amateur liberal-slayer, I honed my skills by red-pilling lefties in my spare time or at holiday dinner tables. As a Patriotic flag-waver and proud Trump supporter, I aspire to spread searing truths and defeat shameless liberal lies in my quest to help Make America Great Again.
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  1. The left doesn't just waste a crisis, they create them.

  2. Bravo and thank you for an explanation of human nature in terms that most people should understand! I want to be a Sheepdog, albeit a deplorable one.




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