America Trillions in Debt: Time To Trim The Fat

Omnibus? More Like Omnibusted!

Americans all across the country are expressing their dismay and anger at the 1.3 Trillion dollar spending bill passed by Congress and signed by the President. The fact that the government must spend a ton of taxpayer money each year is not the problem. America is a big country, and it takes a lot of money to operate and safeguard it effectively.

The problem is the pork, the waste, and the personal agendas. Not to mention the country is already twenty-plus trillion dollars in debt. Being this far in debt is wrong. It is oppressive. It is immoral. Our political leaders threw us in the hole, and they are aiming to dig it deeper.

Your Principles Define You

“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says author and leadership guru John Maxwell. The strongest system of laws in the world are only as effective as those who obey and execute them. A political party’s platform is only as strong as the principle beliefs of those who adhere to it. If a political leader cannot abide by his principles, then who is he?

Without steadfast principles to live by, you cannot be a statesman. Without steadfast principles, you cannot be a patriot. Without steadfast principles, you cannot even be a good person. At best you can be called a politician, most likely one that will be part of the swamp. The word politician is a generic label of the type of job you will be performing. The kind of politician you are is what makes all the difference, and it reflects on the kind of person that you are. By that argument, the vast majority of our elected members of Congress are little more than “spineless swamp creatures.” We the people no longer care if you are well-intentioned. You have failed, and it is time to recycle you.

1.3 Trillion Deeper in the Hole. Now, What Do We Do?

Currently, only a true budget must be adhered to. The omnibus bill, although not a true budget is still a gigantic amount of money for a country that is worse than broke and does not spend like it is trillions of dollars in debt. Many voters are tempted to angrily vote for the opposite party or worse, sit out of the whole political process. Either option is not only the wrong choice, it is detrimental to the MAGA movement.

Conservatives should do what is right. Sometimes we get tired of the baby, but we do not need to throw out our baby with the bathwater. America is our beloved baby. We the people are the inheritors of the American Republic, and we are the only guardians of it. If not us, who? If not now, when? The past is gone, and tomorrow is not yet ours. We must do all we can with what we have.

We must Honor Those Who Died For Our Freedom

If we shirk our responsibility and things go farther south, as they must in such a case, we will only have ourselves to blame, and history will record it. We must claim our responsibility for liberty, and continually carry the baton of freedom passed down from our founding fathers, and the sons and daughters who fought and died to keep this torch of liberty burning brightly through the ages. They did not let us down, so why would we dishonor their lives by giving up?

We should not, and true MAGA people will not. True statesmen will not. True patriots will never give up. Let us go all in. Let us learn how to win the game, create our plans and execute them. Let us organize what we need to organize. Let us talk to whom we need to talk to. Let us do what we need to do, and get the job done. It is time to throw the losers out and put America first. Light up that American Spirit and let it burn brightly every day. Take care of your duties and take time to pray. Keep your fire burning and share your light. Step out by faith and get into the fight!

Mr. Farid Jalil / Writer

I am a proud Coloradoan who holds fast to faith, firearms and the desire to Make America Great Again. I manage campaigns alongside my work and business, and wish to return to a simpler life one day. I love my Lord God, I love President Trump, I love America and I want it restored NOW!
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