Ben Pearce: The Man Behind The Threats Revealed

What We Know About Ben Pearce

It has been almost two weeks since Pearce shocked the world with a declaration that he launched a cyanide attack on the White House. New Right Network has followed the situation closely since then. This is what we learned about the man who threatened President Trump.

Pearce Is A Far-left Radical Socialist

Anyone who’s ever seen footage of an Antifa gang rioting knows Pearce would fit right in with the ill-tempered, liberal arts college kids who fill the terrorist organization’s ranks. His hands, arms, and neck are covered in gaudy tattoos. His beard looks crusty and stiff. His ears are stretched into obscene shapes by body disfiguring earplugs. He even wears t-shirts featuring characters from the cartoon show Rick and Morty. Pearce is the spitting image of the radicalized left.

It should come as no surprise then, that Pearce is an open socialist. It has been said that Pearce represents the new generation of terrorism, and that can be taken in multiple ways. In 2001, Osama Bin Laden claimed responsibility for 9/11 by releasing a prerecorded video to the press. In 2018, Ben Pearce claimed responsibility for a cyanide attack on Twitter. It is a new medium by which to spread terror. Pearce also represents the literal “face” of much modern terrorism. He is not a radical Jihadist in a cave wearing a turban. He is a frumpy-looking white guy with a far-left agenda and a copy of The Communist Manifesto under his arm.

Pearce Has Gone Into Hiding Since His Public Claims

When Pearce first announced his act of terrorism online, he gleefully taunted the country and its law enforcement. He promised that he would be visiting America shortly. Once media picked up on the story, sources close to Pearce revealed that he had canceled any plans to visit American soil, where he would likely be arrested immediately. His tweets have since seemed to confirm these rumors.

Pearce has also deactivated his website, benpearcemusic.com, though archives of the site still remain. It also appears that he has been selectively wiping out his social media content, presumably to remove further incriminating statements. Pearce no doubt feels the law tightening around him and is scrambling to destroy evidence.

Pearce’s Successful “DJ” Career Is Bogus

Pearce can be said to be a “one-hit wonder.” It is true that he released a popular song back in 2012. All too often musicians produce a piece that is universally praised but are never again able to recreate the magic. Pearce was later nominated for some awards in 2014. Unfortunately for him, he received no accolades and has not gotten another nomination since. It has been speculated that Pearce’s diminished popularity was a driving factor behind the terroristic threats, as though he still longs for the spotlight now that interest in his music has ceased.

Repeatedly Pearce has claimed to be a successful DJ on Twitter. While it is true that DJs can earn a good living, his manager, Matthew Stuart, revealed to us that he still lives with a roommate in a rented apartment, despite nearing his thirties now. One can assume that any wealth accrued during his brief period of fame from six years ago is now long gone.

Ben Has A History of Mental Health Issues

It can be argued that any terrorist is mentally ill by definition. Pearce, however, has taken to social media years past to announce that he is wracked with depression and anxiety. He claims to have sought professional help to no avail and has considered taking his own life on multiple occasions. Does the disregard for his own well-being make Pearce more dangerous? One can draw parallels between Pearce and suicide attacks of radical Islamists. Alternatively, is Pearce attempting a “suicide by police” strategy, hoping that someone in law enforcement will kill him, thus taking the burden off his own shoulders? While New Right Network has compassion for anyone suffering from mental illness and encourages they seek help, we do not excuse acts of terrorism or justify Pearce’s actions. It may simply be that Pearce is a man on a ledge and that his dabbling with terrorism is a manifestation of his disorders.

It is important that Pearce both gets the help he desperately needs and faces justice for his crimes. Criminal reform is a real thing. Pearce could face up to twenty years in prison for his threats, which would give him plenty of time for contemplation and introspection. We will keep you updated as more news unfolds.

Bradley Birch / Guest Contributor

I am a Systems Engineer from the battleground state of Pennsylvania. I am the creator of many things, including video games, board games, software, websites, art, comedy and writing. I worked as a political activist during the 2016 US elections and continue to champion individual liberties.
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  1. I think it's dangerous to interpret an individual's mental illness unless a licensed professional in the field of psychology or psychiatry.

  2. Idiots. I can tell this is American far right media with 0 research. How can you condone targeting someone in this way (and considering his past of mental health problems that you seem pleased to gloat about) when your own president is tweeting DANGEROUS SHIT EVERY FUCKING DAY.

    Trump can barely keep hold of his social media accounts let alone one of the most 'powerfull' countries in the world. WE'RE ALL DOOMED IF HE KEEPS THIS UP!

    1. We are reporting on a man who man material threats of terrorism against the highest office in the Unites States. The last time someone with mental health issues in this country made threats online, they wound up shooting 17 high school students.




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