Border Control: The March of Foreign Invaders

Caravans to Freedom?

Recent events have been more unusual than in years past, with a blatant disregard for our constitution and federal laws. Since the 2016 election, however, this has become more of an epidemic than an oddity.

Between the declaration of sanctuary states and cities, to the willful aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants from the hands of federal immigration enforcement agencies, our states and cities have been practically begging for a civil war.

Where does it all end? Laws have been put in place for fairness and protection of our people and our borders, yet these laws are being flagrantly unheeded.

A March for Foreign Invaders

Caravanning invaders from Honduras are marching up through Mexico en route to the southern border. They declare this is in the name of asylum. While this may be true, what they are doing is testing the laws, borders, and limits of the United States of America.

Answering this challenge will be an absolute necessity and we must answer with a firm and assertive show at the border to voice that America has had enough. The land of the free and home of the brave is indeed a beautiful sentiment filled with glitter and attraction to most of the world, conceived by oppressed people that decided to flee the tyranny of a government that was out of control.

Freedom is the fire, to which the moths of all other countries are attracted, and understandably so. Foreign invaders see the attractiveness of free money, only to be offended by the American way of life to which they often cry for their own laws to be enacted, defacing this country in the process.

Where Does It All End?

Constant pushes to allow open borders for the worlds tired, poor and huddled masses have given way to the United States where many native-born citizens barely recognize their homeland any longer, yet yearn to see the great return thereof.

Working class men and women from around the country have voiced their discontent of the current state of affairs. This could not have been more evident when the American people elected a president to end the polished tongue of the serpent. He speaks his truth, which may seem to be without couth, and follows with actions to back those words up. Borders are necessary for any country to maintain its sovereignty, and America is no different.

President Trump is going so far as to work on a deal with our military to fund the border wall. Meanwhile Congress is stonewalling any honest attempt to end this foreign invasion from chain migration and visa lottery. Truth is, this obstructionism only has socialism in mind for the end result; a modern-day slavery by this government, and the exact reason for the heavy push on gun control.

A Silver Lining to the Darkest Clouds

Enlightenment has advantages to the masses that grew up with American values and patriotism engrained in their hearts, the least of which is the ability to see the agenda being feverishly pushed upon us. Remember all of the constitutional powers given to us by our founding fathers that took painstaking effort and forethought to predict the events Americans now face. Constitutional awareness is a weapon that America needs to use now more than ever before in history.

Our ancestors built these protections to shield us from the tyranny and oppression now being frantically pushed upon us once again. Between our right to vote, the convention of states, and all inalienable rights, America must fight once again for freedom from our own complacency that allowed a now rogue government to slowly take control of us. Our rights are being depressed in an attempt to bring about socialism, which is being jammed down our throats. The power belongs to the citizens of this great country, and it is high time Americans regain control. This can be accomplished at the voting booths.

Make America Great Again

The time to take a stand is now. Tyranny will not be accepted or tolerated in this country. State by state, at voting booths, in each phone call to Congress, it is time to make the message clear on what the American people want and expect. Every motion may have a process in place with steps to follow but it is not simple. We, the people, need to take those steps to reclaim the power we have so foolishly allowed our government to take hold of.

President Trump cannot do this alone; he needs full our support to make his agenda take hold. The power needs to transition back to the people, the way it was meant to be. Give our president all of the support that you can to help bring his vision of Making America Great Again to fruition.

Edward Fox / Writer

I am a conservative father looking to show Americans the truth about the government with which they are dealing. I grew up on a farm and am the smallest and youngest of 13 kids. I am a bit socially awkward, but enjoy life as it comes complete with a smile and a wink.
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