California: To Divide or Not to Divide

California Proposal to Divide the State Into Three States Moves Forward

Billionaire Tim Draper, one of the most famous venture capitalist in the world, wrote and spearheaded an initiative called Cal3. 365,000 votes were required to move forward with this initiative, and more than 600,000 were received. Next, it will go to the legislature and then to the secretary of state. Of course, it would then require congressional approval. The proposal would separate San Diego and south regions into a separate state, separate Sacramento, split off Los Angeles and a good part of the Bay Area. This would give northern California their own government. The new states would have capitals and elect legislatures.

The Purpose of the Division

California has the land mass equivalent to 15 states. The population of the state is as much as six or seven states. It only has two senators like all other states even though it is 700% bigger than others. Each state would have just over a million people with two senators. Tim Draper, the billionaire who is funding the push to get this on the ballot, says they are trying to change the state for the next millennia. Politically speaking, one can’t help but notice that this proposal gives California the opportunity for six democratic senators as opposed to two. Draper also has plans to divide at least two other states into two.

California has been historically Democratic. This gives Democrats opportunity for twice the number of Democratic senators. When asked if increasing Democratic representation was the goal or part of the goal, Draper said 'No, This is not a partisan thing one way or another.' Draper says the reason for the proposal to split the state is because the state is too big, and therefore unmanageable. It is also a reason that the education in California is one of the worst in the country. California has incredible numbers of homeless, and their crime rate is out of control- it is not a safe place. The state is broken, and this would empower people to know what can be done, according to Draper.

Looking at The Flip Side

Many say this is a perilous move for the country. The state Democrats are, of course, concerned that splitting off that much of the state could rob Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco from much-needed funds collected from businesses operating outside of the state's major cities, and could leave their leftist initiatives dramatically underfunded.  If they connect with a couple of major banks or companies, the future for us would eventually become something completely different than what we know. The big banks would run the country, and we would have no voting freedoms, no loan choices. If you agreed with something they did not and you posted it on your Facebook, you may not get, let’s say, a car loan. Citizens would have to “obey” so-to-speak. It would be the same as the Chinese government. Many say voters won’t go for it, and even then, it has to pass Congress. However, they are continuing the push for this initiative. Let’s just say it would be difficult to call it the Golden State.

Rene' Rights / Writer

I am an instinctual writer. From penning Haiku as a teen to taking a couple writing classes in college, I have always sought to express myself through the written word. Now that I enjoy early retirement, I turn to every platform I can to support President Trump’s agenda.
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  1. Rene,
    If Cali separates into 3 states, the potential impact is 3 times more Federal Senators. More, the dividing line and the freedom for illegal non-citizens to vote, Cali will have a high impact on things like an Article V, Constitutional Convention of States. CCOS opens out US Constitution to re-write but at the STATE representative level. Combine that knowledge with the ever denied-yet openly evident practice of gerrymandering, and we the CITIZENS lose a voice to illegal or not yet naturalized resident's votes. This should NEVER be the case, but it CAN be. There is already a proposed NEW Constitution for the New United States (see here: https://youtu.be/x0lG3d_ZRfE). Great write!




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