Save the Babies: Choose Life

Respecting Life

Most of the problems we have in this country start with the lack of respect for life. If there is no value to life, then why would violence be a problem? Or, for that matter, why would misery, addiction, and abuse be a concern? Since the passing of Roe v Wade in 1973, families have disintegrated, and our society has fragmented. If life is not important, then families are not important, and people are expendable. The beauty, curiosity, and wonder of life in all of its forms are once again gaining prominence and importance as the need for positive change increases.

Pro-Life Kids

The Millennial generation is the largest in history and is the most pro-life group that we have seen in decades. Interestingly, they largely do not identify as pro-life, as their beliefs and attitudes betray their real feelings. Making abortion illegal or enforcing serious restrictions on the availability of abortion is a viewpoint held by almost 70% of Millennials.

A big change in bringing people around to the pro-life cause is by using “on the street” tactics. No longer are most protestors using graphic images for shock value or screaming Bible verses at people entering abortion clinics. Not only did these tactics rarely work on people already on the pro-abortion side of things, they would usually push away people on the fence by using aggressive methods. Calm and helpful sidewalk counseling has been a far more productive approach at bringing people around to the pro-life message. Making the adoption option more prevalent, accessible, and reasonable has also been a very productive way to save babies lives.

Abortion Is Dangerous to Children and Women

A second big change with the pro-life movement is by simply changing and challenging one of the prevalent arguments so often used by the pro-abortion side. No longer are we letting them present an argument that it is a woman’s body and her ‘healthy’ choice of abortion.

The pro-life side has been very successful in turning the argument to the unhealthy and dangerous effects that abortion has on a woman and her unborn child. The science on the dangers of abortion to the physical and mental health to both woman and child is indisputable. Some women who have had abortions speak about the subsequent depression and other severe mental health issues honestly and successfully to make the pro-life message.

Medical Advances Promote Life

The most recent help in bringing people, especially Millennials, over to the pro-life side, is with advancements in medical technologies. These young men and women have grown up with advanced ultrasound and sonograms that clearly show the mortality of the baby in the womb and showing the pain the baby feels during the savagery of abortion. The images are horrific but are irrefutable in showing a baby in distress and that they are not just a “clump of cells.”

Less well known medical advances, for example, are Fetoscopy and Cordocentesis. Fetoscopy requires that an optical needle enter a mother’s womb allowing real-time viewing of the child. Cordocentesis is a method of putting a needle into the umbilical cord which allows diagnosis and treatment of diseases while the baby is still in the womb. Both procedures have been quite helpful in showing the humanity of the baby.

Lastly, the one thing that helps bring all of this together and allows a wide and varied audience to be aware is the Internet. People from any generation can now more easily research and find out about all the medical advances and make up their own minds. They can learn about the tragic physical and mental problems that arise from having abortions without the interference and glossing over of the pro-abortion side. The increasing number of former abortion doctors, nurses and staff tell of the first-hand horror and reality of abortion is bringing many people off the fence onto the pro-life side. The Internet allows pro-life resources to be more readily available to a woman in need.

Pro-life Is Winning

The annual March for Life is positive and hopeful, but we need to remember the fight for life is not one day a year but rather, year round. We now have access to information and the means to get the message out like never before in history. We are finally starting to make positive changes in the U.S. and around the world. The pro-abortion side, however, is not going anywhere and we still need to keep pushing and fighting while staying strong and positive.

Liberty Smoke / Writer

I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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