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Christopher Chamberlin Portrait Interview

Time for Minnesota to Wake Up

Christopher Chamberlin was born to Clinton Carlisle and Kathy Sue Chamberlin in Buffalo, Minnesota. He spent his childhood bouncing between Minnesota and Las Vegas, Nevada. What is unexpected is that he never had a desire for politics. He always thought, “Those people are quacks!” Then along came Barack Hussein Obama. Chris found himself complaining and moaning about how Obama was “screwing things up.”

Then one day his wife said, “Instead of complaining all the time, why don’t you do something about it?” This father whose children are so important he would interrupt an interview to speak to them found himself doing something he never dreamed he would do. He ran for president in 2016. He explains that he did not run expecting to win. Simply to educate himself on how things are done.

A Game of Chess

One good friend and adviser Chris remembers is Ben Rice. Rice told him one time that politics is like a game of chess. You must remain three steps ahead. Chris took that to heart as he decided his next target. That target is Congressman Keith Ellison (D- Minn). Chris states emphatically that he believes it is time for the people of Minnesota to have true representation. Therefore, he is running to unseat the democrat.

Keith Ellison has a dismal attendance record. He has missed 1/6th of the roll call on Capitol Hill, and Chris wonders how the issues facing the people of Minnesota are going to be addressed and brought to the government's attention if their representative is missing in action. Ellison has also been recorded on video in a Bill Mahr interview saying he “wished they would go after the second amendment.” Chris says after Ellison said that, he got caught lying about it in a different interview.

Dishonesty Is The Politicians Way

In Chris’s mind, and no doubt in the minds of anyone who watched the two interviews, Keith Ellison is a liar. In addition, Keith Ellison is known to have ties to Louis Farrakhan, a well-known antisemite, and head of the Nation of Islam. This, in turn, shines a light on Ellison's views. Due to his ties to Louis Farrakhan, there are reasons to believe that Ellison is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been designated a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia.

Recently, Ellison tweeted an image many believed to be threatening to the President of the United States, showing him holding an Antifa handbook and calling it Trump's kryptonite. This should further call into question who Ellison really represents and stands for. Chris contends he stands for his own pocketbooks, lobbyists, and special interests. The fact Ellison voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act shows he does not care about the people he represents.

American Statesman

Chris Chamberlin calls himself an American Statesman instead of a politician. A distinct difference lies between the two, in his view. An American Statesman will put America first in all things, desiring to get the job done correctly. In addition, the American Statesman will rely solely on the Constitution, which is the supreme law in America, to do the job.

In contrast, Chris distinguishes a politician as someone who is out to further their own goals and line their own pockets. Additionally, they are for the agendas of lobbyists and special interest groups. These politicians do not represent the people and have no desire to. Chris has decided to do things differently. According to Chris, the keys to the map are the ninth and tenth amendments, which address the rights of the people not enumerated in the constitution, and the principle of federalism and states’ rights, respectively.

Chris Chamberlin calls himself an American Statesman instead of a politician.

Addressing Some Issues

Some issues that Chris wants to address while in office weigh heavy on his heart. His website lists plenty of them, but he expressed with an inspiring passion that there are several that he felt very deeply about. Chris spoke of family reunification and expressed the problem of inner-city minorities who are unable to live together due to the entrapment known as welfare.

Chris says it is time to give them back the American dream. Chris understands being in the system, as he is disabled. Chris supports finding a way for better education and opportunities for people to be freed from the chains of welfare and obtaining financial freedom.

The Path to Becoming Chris Chamberlin

Chris relates a life lesson he learned while trying to obtain that piece of the American Dream he so desires to make available to Minnesotans. He remembers trying to start a business of his own. Banks told him that he qualified for loans. So, he wrote checks necessary to start this business.

However, something devastating happened. He was told he did not qualify for these loans, and consequently, the checks bounced. To make matters worse, Chris was jailed for this issue, which was unconstitutional. The constitution states a person cannot be jailed for matters of finance. Ironically, Chris notes that many people have been jailed for just that. Which is why he deems the IRS an unconstitutional entity.
Many reports have been made of the weaponization of the IRS to target conservatives and Christians so that sentiment is not hard to agree with. Nevertheless, Chris feels he paid that debt, and it has made him who he is today. He says this is something that helps him identify with people who struggle through life in the inner cities. One thing Chris strongly believes is that our country has been turned upside down by corrupt, money-oriented politicians.

 Chris bluntly states that Minnesota has an Islamic problem.

His Promises to Minnesotans

In addition to a comprehensive list of objectives on his website, Chris spoke of two things that are near and dear to him. One is that he will stay connected with his constituents. Chris states he intends to take any and all bills to the people in his district and get their opinion on said bills before deciding. He has a single qualification for all bills. They all must be constitutional, or he will abstain or oppose.

In addition, Chris says he intends to provide his constituents with statements showing where their money was spent, and what benefits they receive as a result. He believes too often people are taxed, and even being taxed for paying taxes, without gaining anything to benefit them. All too often they are being kept out of the loop. Chris promises transparency.

Defending the Second Amendment

Chris is very supportive of the second amendment and a member of the National Rifle Association. Chris breaks down the second amendment in a way that anyone can understand. He says that regulated means supplied. When a person joins the Army, they are issued a regulation. In other words, they are given a supply of items fit to do their job. A militia is an army of the people that is separate from the federally controlled Armed Forces. The idea behind militias is a means of protection from any enemy, even our own government.

A state encompasses States, Unions, and Nations. So, a militia protects the Homefront from invaders, both foreign and domestic. This right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Which means it cannot be taken away, limited, or restricted. Chris suggests reading the second amendment through the eyes of the tenth.

The Tree of Freedom

One of Chris’s targets while in office is the Supreme Court. He believes strongly in fresh blood and new perspectives. He is currently writing a bill on judicial reform, term limits for judges being his primary objective. He states that judges sitting as near royalty is unconstitutional. One of the requirements of his bill is that judges believe wholeheartedly in the constitution. Activist judges are a bone of contention with Chris. He states we lucked out with Scalia.

However, many judges have been on the bench legislating their own agendas, instead of interpreting the law. Most of these judges are just going through the motions, he says. Chris believes that new people and term limits will do wonders for the stagnant and broken judicial system, and he intends to start at the federal level. Chris says he will spend three, and maybe four, terms in office working on key issues, but will spend no more, as fresh blood keeps the tree of freedom growing.

In order to vet refugees, one would need boots on the ground to get a true reading on families, bloodlines, and connections/alliances.

The Elephant in the Room

Chris bluntly states that Minnesota has an Islamic problem. A statement that has earned him the label ‘islamophobe,’ a term used to shut people up who have a problem with admitting people into our country that we have no way to vet. However, what Chris is really against is Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Chris says he knows of a lot of Muslims who just want to live in peace, and some even want to get away from Islam. Some of them have converted to Christianity. Their fears are very real, however. They cannot live openly because they will be labeled apostates. That is a very terrible and terrifying possibility because the families they left behind in their home countries can be killed under Sharia law.

As Chris found out through a friend he never knew was Muslim, not all Muslims practice Islam in the same fashion. There are those fighting to get away from the Surrah and Sharia. When Chris found out the man is Muslim, he said “But your wife does not wear a hijab! Your daughters do not wear a hijab!” To which his friend responded, “We do not believe in that.”

Islam Does Not Mean ‘Peace’

The word Islam is an Arabic word meaning “Submission to Allah.” It does not mean peace. For years, Chris studied Islam, trying to understand it and trying to find the peace. All he found, he said, was Surrah 8:12. However, he understands that many Muslims mean us no harm, and just want to live and work in peace. To those people, he says, “If you do not mean us harm, show us those who do.”

Chris contends that their communities are at risk as well, due to Islamic Terrorism. Especially because people cannot tell the difference between them and those causing the harm. He states that for their own sake, to keep their communities from being adversely affected, they need to speak up. If they see something, if they know something, say something. He is joined by people like Bridget Gabriel, who believes the same thing. Gabriel has lived it, he says. She has been there. As has a close friend of his, Pastor Shahram Hadian, of Truth and Light Christian Fellowship.

Freedom, Faith, and Peace

Chris believes vetting of refugees is impossible, due to the fact they do not record anything. There are no records to look over or genealogies to read. In order to vet refugees, one would need boots on the ground to get a true reading on families, bloodlines, and connections/alliances. He states, “You cannot go out in the woods and hug a bear, and not expect teeth.”

One of the devastating effects this issue has had on Minnesota is that it is one of the largest hotbeds for ISIS recruitment. Chris says there has already been one stabbing, with threats of others. Bomb threats are occurring at an alarming rate in Minnesota. There are plenty of Muslims in Minnesota who want Sharia to be the law of the land. This sentiment is being propagated by their worldwide leaders. Chris wants peace and freedom for our people, regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, or any other identifying marker. However, he wants America to come first.

 Chris is determined to speak on behalf of the people of Minnesota in the same way Donald Trump speaks for the people of America.

Endorsing Donald J. Trump

After learning all he could about politics and the elections process while running for president in 2016, Chris proudly endorsed Donald Trump for president. Chris states that he always thought that Donald Trump was the man for the job, and he still does. After discussing the many things President Trump has accomplished even when roadblocked by Democrats and RINO’s, he said, “Imagine what can happen if there were no roadblocks.” If we did what was needed at the polls, we could make America greater than Trump had even realized.

One of the things Chris believes the president needs to do is sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is a strong man, he says, and so is Donald Trump. They need to sit down and build the kind of relationship of trust this nation had enjoyed since Ronald Reagan. In doing so, this nation will continue to be the beacon of hope for all nations by obtaining peace through strength.

Another thing Chris feels strongly about is getting us out of the U.N. He states that America pays 28% of all money gathered by the U.N. from all nations. Currently, the U.N. has the power to designate which “refugees” go to which countries and can send troops into America if it feels there is civil unrest. No foreign entity should have those powers over sovereign nations.

Hoping for a Redpilled Minnesota

Chris Chamberlin wishes to redefine politics as an American Statesman, instead of a politician. He is passionate about his state and has a deep desire to provide the type of representation to his people that has been sorely lacking for years. His plans to reunify and reunite inner-city families is a testament to his desire to see his state succeed and be strengthened where it matters most. The ordinary, everyday people who call Minnesota their home.

Chris called himself a big mouth and was reminded that is exactly why America elected Donald Trump. He is a big mouth who is not a politician and has provided representation we the people have not seen in such a long time. Chris is determined to speak on behalf of the people of Minnesota in the same way Donald Trump speaks for the people of America.

Chris is registered with the Federal Election Commission, but it appears he is being blockaded from the fifth congressional district convention. He is recognized by the Minnesota GOP and the only candidate that has been actively campaigning. However, the ‘nomination committee’ refuses to put him forward as the candidate, effectively blocking him from being able to speak. It seems they want to stop the delegates, who support Chris unanimously, from deciding who to push forth. The swamp in Minnesota runs deep. Let us help get the word out and help Chris Make Minnesota Great Again!

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor

I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all round, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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