Congressional Term Limits: Holding America Hostage

Will MAGA Rise to the Occasion

For the past 32 years, at least one congressional seat in New York has been held by the same person. In 1986 Louise Slaughter began her tenure as a congresswoman representing New York’s 30th District. Over those years, numbering and redistricting left Slaughter as the Representative of the 25th District. She was known as the only Microbiologist in Congress, earning her degrees through an education at the University of Kentucky.

In her three decades as a congresswoman, many things have changed, but her liberal ideals and the voting record did not. Slaughter was the Primary sponsor of 12 Bills that were enacted and sponsored many more. The Representative's primary concerns seemed to be bills centered in Government operations, Health, and Education.

Her Record Speaks for Itself

Slaughter voted against bills like the Agricultural Assistance Act of 2012 that would provide aid to American farmers for disaster relief. She voted no again for H.R. 2842, a bill that was designed to help low-income workers find jobs through connection to employers and education. However, Slaughter seemed to have no problem voting for Bills that gave the Government surveillance power under the guise of American safety.

The Rapid DNA Act of 2017, also known as S.139 was a bill that Slaughter voted for which directly impacted the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act. The FISA process has been manipulated and used most recently against President Trump and his administration. Many now suggest it was used numerous times during the Obama Administration for unconstitutional surveillance.

She sat on the New York legislature and more recently held the title Chairwoman of the U.S. House Committee on Rules. Before that, she was the ranking minority member of the committee. Her history of opposing Republicans seems to have been well documented. Her involvement in writing Obama care and subsequently helping it become law raised a lot of stir among Republicans. After some Democrat meandering the House Rule Committee allowed the Affordable Care Act to pass through, on some changes that were dubbed the “Slaughter Solution.”

A Hostage Situation

Much like many other members of Congress, Louise Slaughter has held future generations hostage to her far-left ideals for many years. These are just a few examples of a much larger problem. Many over the recent past have come out advocating for term limits in Congress.

In her closest race during her tenure, Louise Slaughter won her fourteenth term to Congress in 2014 against challenger Mark Assini. When will Congress get serious about the term limits conversation? With the average age of the country around 37, why is America allowing 88-year-old people to make and decide laws that will affect us well into the future?

A Fresh Start?

With the unfortunate passing of Louise Slaughter, the Congressional seat for district 25 is now vacant. Primaries for both Democrats and Republicans are scheduled for June; the final vote is set for November 6 of this year. It appears that no Republican candidates have come forward to challenge the Democrats for the seat. The deadline for entering the race is set for April 12th, with time running out, will any strong conservatives choose to enter the race?

There is no doubt that the Democrats will find someone to quickly step up to the plate. They will be sure to maintain their stranglehold on the district. As of yet, there is no sign of a term limit being set for Congress. We could be looking at another Alt left congressman or woman for decades to come.

If You Build It

The real question is the effectiveness of the Republican base. If we can manage to find a strong, proven candidate to step up, in a state as liberal as New York, will our voters get to the polls and vote? Based on the 2018 track record thus far, it seems that our fair-weather base has gone back into hibernation.

The recent example of poor Republican turnout in Pennsylvania gives us a lot to worry about. How many more seats are we going to give up before we start to wonder why our great President cannot get anything done? With the chance of another special election, potentially moving the date up for this key congressional seat, when will the MAGA movement explode into full force and solidify the Conservative movement as the true majority in our Country?

Marc Manross / Writer

I am a father, journeyman, tradesman and poet. I am one of those people who wasn't born with a filter and I see no reason for one. Voting for President Donald Trump ranks among the top five best choices I ever made.
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  1. Don't forget Debbie Dingle, in the "FAMILY SEAT", since 1933 a member of her family has held that seat in Congress. Nancy Pelosi 30 years, "willed" the seat. Maxine Waters, 28 years supported by the incumbent who was the FOUNDER of the Black Congressional Caucus... Swamp Critters with "Family Ties" to their seat in OUR Congress. #MAGA #DraintheSwamp

    1. Pelosi was willed the seat? How is that possible? Can you give me anymore info on that? Thank you for you comment, I hope you enjoyed my article.

    2. Pelosi was willed the seat? How is that possible? Can you give me anymore info on that? Thank you for you comment, I hope you enjoyed my article.

  2. I enjoyed this read. The topic was great...good idea. Great thinking points. Motivating. Thank you MrPunk!

  3. Great article ! I want to see Republicans step up too ! We need them in office and at the polls ! We can help #MAGA !




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