Crimes Against America: Espionage and Executions

Executions, Spies, and Secrets

What has happened with the way this country reacts to people who have threatened and acted against the interests of the United States and its people? Has America lost its backbone?

During the Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold decided to betray his country for money, for his wife, and because of disillusionment with the war. He subsequently became the most well-known traitor to this country. He also managed to escape capture, fight against the fledgling American country, and then retire to Britain. His British co-conspirator, Major John Andre, was not so lucky. He was caught and executed in 1780.

Timothy Webster was a Union spy in the Civil War and the first to be executed in that conflict. He was hanged by order of Jefferson Davis in 1862. A few months later William Mumford was hanged in New Orleans for tearing down an American Union flag. During World War ll, many spies were executed. In the United States, eight Germans were caught on our home soil, and six were killed by electrocution. This was kept relatively secret until after the war.

Recent Acts Of Espionage

Right up there with Benedict Arnold for espionage infamy are Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They were both executed in 1953 for selling nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. While their conviction was controversial at the time, decades later the Venona declassifications proved their guilt without a doubt. As far as the public knows, these were the last Americans executed for espionage in this country. Since the Rosenberg’s, we have had plenty of others convicted of espionage, devastating damage, and deaths. However, there were no executions for those crimes.

Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames were incredibly successful spies that exposed and betrayed every American asset they knew of. One such case was General Dmitri Polyakov, a high-level asset in the Kremlin who was exposed and subsequently executed. Ames was captured in 1994 and sentenced to life in prison. Hanssen was caught in 2001 and, to avoid execution, he cooperated with the federal government and was given numerous life sentences.

Leaks and the questionable selling of information and technology to the Communist Chinese have been ongoing and extremely damaging. The true extent is probably yet to be known. In 2001, Walker Lindh was discovered actively fighting against the US military. Lindh's life was spared, and he was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Bradley Manning was caught in 2013 after he leaked numerous Army Intelligence documents to Wikileaks. Manning was sentenced to thirty years but was later pardoned by Barack Obama. Manning underwent gender reassignment surgery while in prison. Paid for by the tax dollars of the citizenry. Edward Snowden is reportedly living in an undisclosed location in Moscow while continuing to seek asylum elsewhere.

It is Time To Get Serious Again

Through the history you can see that there has been an obvious and disheartening softening in the way the government deals with traitors in this country. There have been plenty of sentences of life in prison or long prison terms, but no executions. Despite the irreparable damage and the deaths of many heroes and warriors, the government has become too lenient and forgiving.

One could reasonably say that our government has become reality challenged. The secrets sold or leaked to Russians, Chinese or terrorists have real life, deadly consequences. The elitists that rule those they should be serving are so detached they do not see the death and damage. Is everything so entwined, self-involved and arrogant at the globalist level that they do not care? This seems to be the case.

The recent headlines about the dealings of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton, and other top-level Democrats really makes you wonder what is going on with law enforcement. The conviction of U.S. Navy sailor Kristian Saucier, imprisoned for unauthorized retention of national defense information for the photographs taken in a submarine, compared to the lack of action on numerous offenses concerning Top Secret and compartmentalized information by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, highlights the incredible and sad double standard in this country.

Remember Who We Are

This great country did not fall on hard times simply from high taxes and leading from behind. America lost her way because too many citizens of this country did not recognize how important and vital we are to the world. Too many refuse to acknowledge what an amazing place and beacon of hope this nation has become for millions.

One of the best ways to bring back the American backbone is to start treating everyone equally. The oligarchy needs to be brought down. Additionally, when anyone betrays or commits crimes against this country, the consequences should be harsh. Law enforcement should take these matters very seriously. We, as Americans, need to be have tough backbones and demand tougher punishment for crimes against our country.

It is time to remember that this nation belongs to every one of its citizens. Americans, especially the younger generation, need to be taught that America is a constitutional republic with a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Our government was not created to rule over us. It was created to serve its citizens. It is time D.C. is reminded of that. It is time to make the American People Great Again.

Liberty Smoke / Writer

I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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