Female Candidates: Surging Under a Trump Presidency

Women in Politics: Who Is Running?

The number of women pursuing political positions today is at an all-time high. More women are showing an interest in our political standing. Many of these women are saying that they would be proud to be part of the U.S. House of Representatives and have a desire to keep it moving in a positive and successful way. Throughout the country, both democrat and republican females are vying for congressional seats, and it is not going unnoticed.

Women are applying for seats that have not previously been filled by a woman. The consensus among these women is that they are proud that more females are candidates, even if they do not see eye-to-eye on many issues.

Meet the Candidates

Arizona Republican candidate Tiffany Shedd is attempting to unseat Arizona Democratic Representative Tom O’Halleran in the primary election. Shedd would like to be an inspiration for other females to run for office in her rural district. Her hope is that one day candidates are quantified by their merits and not their gender. After the candidate list was released in Virginia, the number of women running was 309 in total from both majority parties, after having filed their papers required to run for a seat.

According to Rutgers, in ‘2017, 105 (78D, 27R) women held seats in the United States Congress, comprising 19.6% of the 535 members; 21 women (21%) served in the United States Senate, and 84 women (19.3%) served in the United States House of Representatives. Five women delegates (3D, 2R) also represent American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the United States House of Representatives.’

Is This the Trump Effect?

“President Trump has more female employees than male, in the upper levels of his real estate empire,” reports Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller. Although Democratic leaders like to label President Trump as a ‘misogynist’, Trump appears to be a champion of women. For example, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of only three women to serve as Press Secretary since the beginning of the position in 1929. Many strong, independent women surround President Trump and serve in positions of power. This elevation of women in roles that may traditionally have been seen as a ‘mas’ position in the Trump administration, may have influenced the influx of female’s seeking candidacy. An Associated Press conclusion; “after a research of data from the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University and state filings finds a record number of women are now running for the U.S. House this year.”

Michael Cohen, attorney for President Trump, said on CNN’s “New Day” that Trump's company employed 57 percent men and 43 percent women. However, the ratio of female executives to male executives are in favor of women. This further solidifies that President Trump empowers strong women in powerful positions

Clearing the Air

President Trump has been working through serious scrutiny for some past statements he made regarding women. Trump has since come forth stating that he cherishes women. Further, Trump states he has been a long-standing progressive when it comes to employment of women, including at the top levels of his companies. The evidence is in favor of Trump’s statements, given his actions.

Men in the upcoming elections may still outnumber women; however, experts feel the vast number of females running, with the number of house seats open, provides great opportunities for women. Whether in the chamber of Congress, or the chamber of the Senate, more women running is a historic and exciting time in U.S. politics.

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I am an instinctual writer. From penning Haiku as a teen to taking a couple writing classes in college, I have always sought to express myself through the written word. Now that I enjoy early retirement, I turn to every platform I can to support President Trump’s agenda.
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  1. Donald Trump has championed women for decades. He hired a woman to be in charge of his construction company many decades ago, before anyone else in his industry. Kudos to him@




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