Illegal Immigration: Ruining America for Future Generations

A Note From Your Favorite Texan

My name is Spencer, and I am a Conservative. It sounds like something said at an AA meeting when I say it to myself. This is not a political affiliation, but a belief in me. I do not need the government to regulate or fund my lifestyle, whatever I choose that to be. What I do need is an understanding of why that belief that affects very few people pisses off half of the population.

The Good Ol’ Days

I grew up in a small Texas town - smaller than the one you are thinking of right now. Every third vehicle was a truck with a gun rack in the window and a gun. We carried pocket knives to school. We all swam in the waterhole that our parents told us not to swim in after a heavy rain. We drank out of the water hose. At one time, there was a wild animal we tried to tame.

The town was dry, meaning no alcohol was sold. There was that one family with six generations that everyone knew. I could, and often did, go to the local coffee shop and find the same ten guys eating their daily 35 cent donut and drinking 25 cent coffee with free refills that they had been getting for ten years. If you were wondering, yes, that coffee shop is still there. I go back often because my father is buried there.

It is the kind of stereotypical small Texas town referred to by clich├ęs like, “if you blink, you will miss it.” Honestly, if you have not taken a mindless road trip across this state, this amazing, wide-open, untamed state, you are cheating yourself out of one of the great experiences of life. You are missing miles and miles of wildflowers, Allsup’s burritos, Gruene Hall, the magic that is a local Czech/German bakery, drive-thru beer stops, Cadillac Ranch, and some of the best people around.

The Joys of Adulting

Now that I am an adult (open for debate), I have moved far from my hometown to have that “better life” , the one I was told time and time again I should strive for until I die. For the record, I have it – a great family, great job, great friends and great memories. It is more than I could have imagined, and probably more than I deserve.

In a few months, my second daughter will be born. I have stocked up on guns, practiced my most demeaning phrases, and developed a rather sour “get off my lawn” attitude. I will provide, teach and spoil as a good dad should. The one thing that concerns me the most is the kind of world she will have for her family.

It is unlikely she will move from Dallas back to a small town. Most of the small towns are dying. The big cities are doing to them what Amazon is doing to small business. The sad fact is I live in a liberal run city. Most big cities are run by liberals, and most are tanking. In fact, I cannot recall a single liberal run metropolitan city that is not in shambles.

Preparing for the Future

As a parent, you try to anticipate every possible scenario in the future and prepare your child accordingly. It is futile at best. I have no idea what Texas will be like 40 years from now. My best guess is to project based on the trend. When Donald Trump proclaimed other countries were “not sending their best,” he took tremendous ridicule. It was “racist” this and “bigot” that.

Maybe I missed all the El Salvadoran physicists coming in, now that a third of El Salvadorans are residents of the United States. To be fair, the fastest growing undocumented population group is Asian immigrants. To be honest, I cannot recall the last story I read or heard about Asian immigrant killing, raping or drug trafficking crimes. Of course, it happens. Maybe it is regional reporting, or maybe it is a boomerang effect of the media’s collective support for open borders.

Hot Button Topic

Immigration is one of the hottest issues discussed everywhere today, from Congress to coffee shops. It is also one of the least fact-based, least understood issues in the public eye. According to the Pew Research Center, from 1965-2015, 29.75 million people emigrated from Latin America (a region), while 6.9 million emigrated from the continent of Europe – a 76% variance. From roughly the same time frame, the immigration population rose from 4 and a half percent to over 13 percent.

To be clear, I am not anti-immigration. My mother was not an American citizen until about eight years ago. I do not appreciate the “take it, or you are a bigot” attitude of the current day. It is comparing immigrants (people) to immigration (a policy).

The Problem With Immigration

You simply cannot shoehorn a third world country population into a first world country at this rate and not expect social issues and attitudes to erupt. The sociology, customs, and mindset between the two are completely different. That is just the reality of it all.

If a family whose head of household makes $30 per month and lives in abject poverty moves to the U.S., they receive subsidized cash and housing , healthcare, school lunch subsidies for their children, free cell phone, utility assistance, public transportation assistance, or some other form of reduced cost of daily life.

Those costs are made up via tax dollars from state or federal income taxes. The monthly financial benefit of these costs adds up to more than their annual salary in their country of origin. In addition, they will have a $15 per hour job. For easy math, say they make the financial equivalent of $3,000 per month. Admittedly, if I suddenly made 100 times more than I make now, I may ease up on that whole “chasing the American dream” thing.

Open Borders Vs. Legislated Immigration

I do not know a single person who “hates immigrants” or whatever the argument is this week. However, the Democrats are for open borders and immigration without policy. President Trump has shown the country they do not care about the immigrants themselves. They had a chance to get more than what they asked for to end this turmoil, and to solidify a policy that is out of control, thereby ensuring a controlled immigration future and at least a temporary resolution.

Instead, they want to prolong the argument and continue to use these people that they publicly pretend to care about. They are using them to drive a narrative and divide a country. It is beyond sad that they would do that. It is more pathetic that the people allow it. The United States is by far the most diverse country in history. Even your average tenured Berkeley professor would have a hard time arguing that point.

Without addressing this issue, the division and chaos born of it will continue to evolve. We all want a solution, but we have yet to agree on a single word regarding the issue. The liberals think we want zero immigration, and the conservatives think liberals want an open door. The answer is somewhere in the vast middle area.

Can We Fix This?

We, as a nation, could come up with a way to regulate the volume based on merit or dire situation, with some sort of carve-out for extraordinary circumstance. Of course, we could follow our current laws. Politics and government are ruining every facet of our lives. The sanctity of life means little if anything at all. Things are not ok. We have idiots speaking in hyperbole each day being responded to by morons. All of society are victims, and no one is accountable. Maybe one day it will all be solved. Our sons and daughters deserve it.

We all want a better life for our children than what we see our own to be. This was the genesis of the MAGA movement, and what continues to fuel it. If we refuse to remain diligent or become lazy in our present-day beliefs, the America we know will cease to exist and become the third world country we continue to import day after day and year after year.

Joel Merkins / Writer

Born pretty, then it all went downhill from there. I traveled the world and saw a lot then settled in a small Texas town. My family is small but it's everything. Life is good.
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  1. Couldn't agree more with the title as it pertains to illegal aliens raping the children of North Carolina. Our organization has been tracking illegal alien crime in NC since 2007. We have been documenting the child rapes by illegal aliens in NC on a monthly basis for the past 40 months. the numbers are staggering to say the least and they are most definitely on the low side since we can't possible scan every arrest record in 100 counties in NC. See for yourself: www.ncfire.info

  2. BRAVO, Joel Merkins!
    Spot on! A well-written description of what is happening to our country and what is needed to resolve problems. If not, America will be forever changed and people will lament that happening. Yet unless we safeguard the values America has always stood for it will be forever changed and lost.




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