McCabe Fired: No More Status Quo

It Is Time To Drain The Swamp

Andrew McCabe being fired is just the tip of the iceberg. When America elected Donald Trump, a nonpolitician, to the highest elected position in the United States, there was an expectation to “Drain the Swamp.” This was not just a catchy slogan that was used for entertainment; this was a message to Washington D.C. from the heart of America.

Betrayal of the American Trust

Never was the Swamp as blatant and shameless as during the Obama Administration. Benghazi, the IRS, the Iran deal, the tarmac meeting, Snowden, Fast and Furious, to name a few. The lies were constantly exposed, but there was no accountability. The mainstream media swept the corruption under the carpet and kept the stories off the front pages and headline news. How could this be? If the average American lied to the police, FBI, or IRS, there would be immediate repercussions, sometimes life-altering. How do these elected officials get away with all of these lies and go on without so much as a slap on the wrist?

How Deep Is the Swamp?

Well as it turns out the very agency that should have been defending the people’s interests were part of the Swamp.

By definition:
“The FBI is a government agency in the United States that investigates crimes in which a national law is broken or in which the country’s security is threatened.” [COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary]

Andrew McCabe was fired because he lied under oath. That was indisputable. The Inspector General and FBI Office of Professional Responsibility found that he lied and recommended his firing. Aside from lying under oath, he fostered a culture of political bias that was pervasive under his leadership. Few could imagine that someone with such vocal hatred for The President of the United States could be impartial. How are Americans supposed to have confidence in the FBI when it appears they have an agenda that is obviously anti-Trump.

With the firing of McCabe, and Comey before him, the American people can begin to have faith that the FBI can be held accountable and do their jobs without the blatant political motivation.

Elected by the People for the People

What the election of 2016 showed the American people was that the Government protected themselves. The layers of lies and cover-up are deeper than one could imagine. Every night on news sources we were shown the crimes committed by Clinton, as Secretary of State, as Clinton Foundation Board member, and campaigner. Pay for play, hammers to blackberries, and lies upon lies; the list was staggering. With all of this, she was still a candidate for President of The United States. Clinton seemed above the law. Not only Hillary Clinton but so many around her and in our government.

By definition, the FBI was supposed to be investigating crimes where the security of our nation is threatened. What is more egregious than the Secretary of State using an unsecured server to send classified emails? Some of which ended up on a laptop owned by the husband of her assistant. Then, when asked about the emails, admitting to destroying them. Where was the investigation? How had the FBI cleared her of wrongdoing before she was even interviewed?

When Andrew McCabe and the agents working under him had their political bias exposed, our confidence was shaken. It seemed the corruption and betrayal of trust were everywhere.

We the People

Something had to change, and it did, when we elected the outsider Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump speaks to his base, he truly makes them feel he is representing them, the hardworking forgotten men and women of America. When he brings a spotlight to corruption, politics as usual, and the perception that the elite are above the law, he exposes what every American knows exists, and we can begin to believe there is hope.

While McCabe is only one person in the Swamp, it is a sign that things will not go on as status quo. The Swamp is deeper than any outsider could have imagined. By electing an outsider, We the People are one step closer to reclaiming our country.

Alli Tac / Writer

Writing empowers me. My thoughts have more clarity once they're on paper. When President Trump was elected, the floodgates of possibilities opened. He inspires me to express, defend and expose... every day.
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