Politicizing America’s Children: End The Madness

The Parade of Children Props

In recent years, America has been rocked by a series of horrific crimes against her children. Mentally ill, overly medicated twenty-somethings (or younger), walking into schools unimpeded, have stolen the lives of hundreds across the country in a hail of bullets. Some of these troubled people have obtained their firearms legally while others have stolen them from parents, or other guardians. They chose to do the unthinkable in retaliation for perceived slights.

Adding insult to injury, now America’s children are being put on parade. Kids like David Hogg and his cousin, Emma Gonzalez, along with others, have been plastered across the pages of magazines, and echoed all over the airwaves, screaming for ‘Gun control NOW!” Many people can see that some are being manipulated into believing a gun-free society will save their lives. No thought, it seems, has been put into this line of reasoning, as they were in gun-free zones of society these atrocities happened.

Using Children As Props Is Not a New Idea

The Good Book says there is nothing new under the sun, and that is certainly the Gospel truth. Using children to propagandize a nation into laying down its weapons has been done repeatedly throughout history. When Hitler signed gun control legislation into law, he surrounded himself with children and said it was for their safety. The death toll ended around 10-25 million souls, including an unfathomable amount of children. In every country where socialism (progressivism) is employed, they begin by disarming citizens and then progress to murdering them for any reason or none at all.

The fact that the left has now taken to trotting out the Hogg’s and Gonzalez’s of the anti-gun crowd should shock no one, given the history. However, history is something people have proven time, and again they do not pay any heed to. The lessons of the past stare right into the faces of a society screaming for the very things that caused those lessons to be needed in the first place. Read the playbook, and you will find that this road goes nowhere but Auschwitz.

If They Only Had a Heart

It has been said if you are not a democrat when you are young, you do not have a heart. If you are not a Republican by middle age, you do not have a brain. This is a complete and utter fallacy. There are students of the Parkland massacre who are pro second amendment that are completely ignored by progressive politicians and the media. These students are not averse to politicizing a tragedy to push a narrative. It would appear that a heart is not an organ progressives possess.

The very movement screaming for the safety of our children has gleefully murdered approximately 60 million of them since 1973. If that is not enough hypocrisy, this same movement calls Trump “Hitler,” while at the same time, they are screeching for him to take America's guns. One sign at the recent “March For Our Lives” read, “My uterus is more regulated than your guns.” This clearly shows the hypocritical irony of which was blasted in Ben Shapiro's epic tweet.

Actually, you can use your uterus to kill people legally in the United States. You can’t do that with guns.
— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) March 17, 2018 

It Does Not Go Both Ways

Pro second amendment Parkland survivors, such as Patrick Petty, who objected to Emma Gonzalez’s use of his sister as a prop for her anti-gun speech, have been victims of the most vile attacks online. Hunter Pollack, brother of slain student Meadow Pollack, was denied a chance to speak at the anti-gun rally. None, however, have been given a voice in the media.

New Right Network amplified a voice you probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Josh Gallagher told a story on twitter he permitted to be retold here. The mainstream media has proven undeniably that they are pushing only one narrative. Journalism has left the building at CNN, to be closely followed by MSNBC and the rest of the biased liberal news outlets.

The main point is that politicizing kids is a step or three too far. They should all have a voice where their fears and concerns can be heard so that they can be understood. They should not, however, be allowed a position of authority, to be thrust into the public eye as though they are the ones making the changes.

Stop Involving Kids

A kid’s whole purpose in life is to learn and grow. They should be free of adult cares until they can handle those responsibilities. The hypocrisy of the left is astounding. They would prefer to have the age a person can legally buy a gun, now set at 18 in Florida, to be moved to 21 but keep the voting age at 18. Further, they can carry a gun and die for their country at 18, but if they do not enlist, they must disarm.

It does not seem to dawn on progressive activists that you cannot have things both ways. Are they mature enough at 18, or are they not? It makes no sense for someone who the progressives claim are too immature to own a firearm to be allowed to vote on who can and cannot own firearms. This same lack of logic applies when it comes to purchasing cigarettes or alcohol. There is a serious lack of consistency.

Consistency Is Key

What we hear from the left is full of contradictions and quite clearly shows they are driven by their progressive agendas. If an 18-year-old can vote, enlist, and smoke cigarettes, then why can they not own firearms? Further, it would be nice if someone would please explain what a 20-year-old mother is supposed to do against an armed intruder in her home who is bent on raping her.

Why does shouting “Gun control NOW!” get kids a spot on television, but defending the second amendment gets them shunned and ignored. Either they are a young voice that deserves to be heard regardless of what that voice says, or they are too young to be an authority on things. Perhaps the best solution would be to have Adult America stop dragging children into our messes.

Chris Chamberlin is registered with the Federal Election Commission, but it appears he is being blockaded from the fifth congressional district convention. He is recognized by the Minnesota GOP and the only candidate that has been actively campaigning. However, the ‘nomination committee’ refuses to put him forward as the candidate, effectively blocking him from being able to speak. It seems they want to stop the delegates, who support Chris unanimously, from deciding who to push forth. The swamp in Minnesota runs deep. Let us help get the word out and help Chris Make Minnesota Great Again!

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor

I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all round, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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  1. Well-said! I keep waiting for these kids to wake-up & see that they are being used. AS soon as the Left is done with them they will be discarded. They aren't cared about. I just pray it doesn't take that drop onto their asses to learn this hard, sad truth. Kids need to be nurtured, learn about history & life, & heal from tragic events. Those using them are like lechers luring kids with lollipops to their lair. I shudder at what they're doing. Thank you for sharing What's needed to be shouted from the rooftops: TRUTH!




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