Student Led Protests Exposed as Hogg-wash

Students Walk Out of Class in Protest

2018 has brought a new wave of ‘protests.’ Students are walking out of class across the nation to protest our second amendment rights. Were these walkouts organized by students alone or did they have professional help? Do these children have an organic concern for their safety from big scary guns or is the reaction to the Stoneman Douglas incident the byproduct of something more sinister? Certainly, a nation cannot be so naive to believe that students alone synchronized a walkout on the same date and time nationally while holding the same exact signs, can they? Let's examine these questions here and take a closer look.

Protests in History

Protests have been a part of America's history and are embedded deeply in our roots. Centuries ago we had protests from the Boston Tea Party in 1773, the Seneca Falls Convention for Women's Rights in 1848, Labor Union protests in the early 1900's and most famously Martin Luther King's ‘The March on Washington’ on August 28, 1963.

Most protests of yesteryear were powerfully organic. They changed laws and gained rights for citizens. Those protests were not anything remotely like what we see today. While our ancestors fought for freedom and constitutional rights, today's protests are seeking to undo them. The second amendment is under attack, while the Politically Correct Culture has diminished conservative free speech. The protests today are dominated by far left leaning beliefs and threaten to undo to the very fabric of our American culture, and sadly, they have been successful. Our flags have been ripped down, our statues removed, and our history is being rewritten and erased completely. Far left-leaning beliefs have bred extreme disrespect for all that is Patriotic. While this comes as a shock, it is no surprise.

Historical Beliefs of Left-Wing America

Leftist beliefs have historically been rooted in communism and have been wildly unpopular throughout history in the U.S. These beliefs have been the cause of upheaval and political tensions, which at their high point could be traced back to Russia. The first Red Scare in the U.S. took place in 1919, the same year the Communist Party USA was established after a split from the Socialist Party and the Women's Suffrage Protests were in full swing. The organization is still operating today. In 1919 The Lusk Committee Formed to combat radical left-wing beliefs rooted in communism and the indoctrination of our immigrants and youth. The Lusk Committee raided the Rand School of Social Science formed by the Socialist Party of USA. The Rand School were publishers that taught the English language as well as history and economics through radical teachings.

In 1920, despite the ACLU defending Rand, the Lusk Committee was successful in convicting Rand editors of anarchy. The Lusk Committee also uprooted five radical elected legislative officials who were a part of the Socialist Party USA, and successfully prosecuted and deported anarchists. The Committee also held successful raids and prosecutions against the Russian Soviet Bureau here in the US.

The country's second red scare took place during 1948, and in 1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) aimed to uproot and combat the communism that had infiltrated our government, Hollywood, and our schools, while the country broke out in protests.

Up to this period in Russia, leader and dictator Joseph Stalin, who ruled Russia from 1929-1953 through Marxist Lenin ideals, had killed an estimated 60,000 people. Many have noted that Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Stalin exterminated his citizens in Gulag camps, through executions and starvation.

Here in the USA, Joseph McCarthy was targeting and investigating Communist players in the government, literature, and Hollywood. Government approved advertisements ran on television educating viewers on how to recognize a Communist. The Tydings Committee was formed as a sub-committee to look into charges and investigations brought by McCarthy. Their report labeled McCarthy a 'fraud' and his charges a 'hoax' and accused him of trying to confuse and divide the American people. These accusations were made despite the operation of the Communist Party USA who adhered to Marxist Leninism Ideology. As we witness the political upheaval of today, where children are encouraged to choose their gender and are marching to overturn our second amendment rights, it is hard to believe McCarthy was wrong.

Socialist Teachings Come Full Circle Under Obama 

We as a nation are now in the throw of our third red scare, and it eerily echoes the history of yesteryear. What makes today different from our past is that never before in American History have we seen people protest to overturn constitutional rights and erase history. The anti-American rhetoric is strong and has permeated our society like a cancerous tumor. Protests are organized quickly via the internet and operate like a well-oiled machine. Their unclear message is scattered and serves only to divide and collapse our societal structure.

The eight years under Obama were oppressive, and it is no secret that he was globalist moving us towards an open society at a rapid pace. Despite the end of his term Obama continues his grip on our nation, breeding discontent from the sidelines. Meanwhile, President Trump has to deal with false accusations of colluding with Russia. The Obama swamp runs deep, and he recently launched his ‘philanthropic' call to action website Organizing for Action which advocates for an uprising and touts the motto “Change requires more than righteous anger. It requires a program, and it requires organizing". For the first time in our history, a former president is advocating for civil unrest, and I suspect Obama’s ties to George Soros had influence.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Philanthropic Foundations increasingly seem to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. George Soros owns Open Society Foundation and donates to the multitude of far left leaning organizations, who can mobilize to create extreme civil unrest while simultaneously claiming their foundations have the answer to global utopia and world peace. The leading leftist philanthropic organization is named Tides, and they claim that their dedication is to shared global prosperity and social justice. Tides was established in 1970 during the height of the hippie movement, and now has corporate offices located in New York and California. Another organization, Moveon is run by Peter Schurman. Peter also manages a website called One Global Democracy. OGD claims to have the answer to 'achievable peace' and touts how they can 'create a better future, by dissolving national borders.'

Employees from the Obama administration launched a newcomer to the scene named Indivisible. Indivisible formed out of extreme hatred for Donald Trump, and their sole purpose is to resist President Trump and his agenda. They are responsible for attacking Republicans at Town Halls and advocate for a country entirely run by a democratic regime. They believe that democracy means the nation should overthrow Republicans and work to undermine the democratic process.

Another leading player is ActionNetwork also known as the Women's March. Women's March claims to be American as Apple Pie and protests perceived injustices with a scattered and unclear message filled with hatred. Remember Madonna threatening to blow up the Whitehouse? That was ActionNetwork. Their list of partners contains a host of radical actors such as CAIR, Lou Farrakhan and Teacher's Federation of America. Despite their blaming Trump for being a Russian sympathizer, one of their main donors and partners is the Communist Party USA. ActionNetwork most recently organized the 'Student Led' National School Walkouts on March 14, 2018, complete with training manuals they call 'toolkits' and a map showing every school that signed up. The second Anti-gun walkout held on April 20, 2018, was organized by Indivisible not students. When the protest is complete, they publish data and follow-up materials including lesson plans for schools such as ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ and rewriting the history of Christopher Columbus. A company named Amplifier located in California publishes the propaganda, distributing everything including signage. The lesson plans make their way into our classrooms through teacher registrants of the protests and are directly responsible for the indoctrination of our children.

The Difference in Today’s Protests

What is happening in America today is different than what the nation experienced in the past, because the propaganda has been so widely and quickly distributed to infiltrate our school system. The politically correct culture diminished our ability to combat these radical forces in our society, and legislation or legal precedents have shackled our ability to resist this level of sedition through the courts. We are virtually helpless in curtailing the propaganda circulated to our children without the knowledge of how the process works.

The rewriting of history taught by radical teachers has convinced our children to hate America and has brainwashed a generation into believing they can choose their gender. The Politically Correct culture allowed radical liberalism to metastasize across the globe at an alarming rate, and the Democratic Party has been completely taken over by extreme left liberals. Our President is under constant attack because he is the biggest threat to Marxism that they have encountered in decades.

How Can We Stop This?

So how do we beat it? The answer is simple: Exposure. The strength of the resistance is their anonymity and our inability to combat them using the judicial system legally. If they are not exposed, they will succeed at stripping your rights through legislation pushed by protests that appear organic but are indeed not. Right now, our second amendment rights remain threatened by child protestors organized and indoctrinated by radical far left philanthropic organizations. We can no longer rely on the mainstream media to accurately report the authentic sources of the resistance and how they intertwine with the deep state.

The obligation falls on We the People to be strong supporters of President Trump. We must spread the word, educate and resist the resistance. It is imperative that we remain vocal and stealth in defense of our freedoms while protecting our children from the mass indoctrination taking place in our schools. Patriots must show up to local town halls, school board meetings and support the campaigns of local MAGA candidates. We must be present in the fight to preserve liberty and our constitution. Above all else, we must ensure that our children are aware of the political theater we are witness to today. We must educate them directly, so they do not fall victim to the propaganda being pumped through our schools by the alt-left. We must not allow history to be rewritten or erased from their memory, or our Constitution to be stripped. The only thing protecting Lady Liberty from the Deep State at this moment in time is President Trump and us.

Dobie Girl / Writer

Researching and defending the Constitution is my passion. As a mother, it's my patriotic duty to make America a better place for this and the next generation.
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