Mark Zuckerberg Finally Speaks on Facebook Data Breech

Mark Zuckerberg Breaks His Silence

Mark Zuckerberg has seen the best of days, and now he is seeing the worst of days. Facebook had an executive meeting Tuesday, March 20, 2018. However, Mark Zuckerberg was a no-show. Facebook users are jumping ship as well, vowing to boycott Facebook.

Zuckerberg's attendance was also requested in Washington and in London to face lawmakers, but he ignored them as well. Zuckerberg was no where to be seen for approximately four days. The data breach scandal grows amid a call for users to boycott their social media and has thrown Facebook into a tailspin.

Business Insider details the data breach: ” In an interview published in The Guardian on Sunday, [Christopher] Wylie detailed how Cambridge Analytica harvested data from more than 50 million Facebook profiles between June and August 2014, even sharing a 2016 letter from Facebook's lawyers admitting that Cambridge Analytica ‘had acquired the data illegitimately,’ and asking Wylie to delete the data.”

Users Demand Answers

Facebook users want Zuckerberg to go on record and explain what is going on and describe what will happen now. Many wonder if this is what happened to Myspace. Some are just curious as to how worried they should be. The situation at Facebook has been deemed serious, given the term data harvesting, and now lawmakers must decide the seriousness of the exposure of user’s personal information.

Zuckerberg apologized to users, stating “I am really sorry that this happened.” (CNN, March 21). Zuckerberg says that he posted a statement warning about the ongoing furor regarding the data scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Investors are allegedly suing Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in a deal that had Facebook's value plunging $50 billion this week.

Building Something His Girls Can Be Proud Of

Zuckerberg now says, “I want to build something my daughters can be proud of.” He stated fatherhood has created a change in him. In his interview with CNN, Zuckerberg also says, “I am not sure we should not be regulated. There are things like ad transparency that I would love to see.” Zuckerberg also believes that the Russians were meddling in the election via ads and admits that Facebook was not “on top” of that or fake news. He also states that he is willing to testify before Congress.

Zuckerberg seems to have used those four days to rethink current issues Facebook is confronting. He appears anxious to fix Facebook and make it better and stronger regarding these issues. Even though he is a high-profile entrepreneur who owns one of the largest social media companies in America, he is not big on public speaking. It seems that he would prefer to speak through Facebook in posts rather than interviews.

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  1. How many of you do remote banking from your phones? How many of you do that banking with facebook app ALSO on your phones? At what point are your access codes encrypted. Can FB also see the amounts you key in to transfer money, or make deposits. There is more here than meets the known list of infringements to privacy.




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