America's Greatness and Why the World Needs It.

When this American experiment began, it started with an idea. This idea was something that had never been done before. People were either living under a selfish monarchy, a bloated theocracy, or some tribal shamanistic backward culture that would just as soon eat your baby than it would allow you to freely write out your own opinions.

A Bright Idea

Forward-thinking individuals, who hated the way their former government did things, wanted something different. Branded with the label of treason, they fought, persevered, and won. Enter the year 1776, the year the Constitution was created and therefore a new form of government; governed by a document that states who we are as humans, as citizens, as a nation. From 1776 onward, we became known as One from Many; E Pluribus Unum. Thus, the spirit of America was born.

As the years went on, we grew. Caucasians were not going to be the majority as the 1800s came and immigrants started arriving in droves, bringing various cultures with them. One thing was clear: When you set foot on these shores, you became an American, and you assimilated. In this new land, you had the option to fly or fall. You had the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. It is your right to choose.

Steady Growth

America grew in knowledge and wealth. From many cultures came one robust nation governed by a value system, not a person or a thing. America was a set of ideas and Western values, all of which can be traced back to the Judeo-Christian belief system of human value.

Americans cherished fullness of life, the necessity of individual freedom, and an ethic of excellence in producing goods. As Asian countries looked on, they decided that America was a land of dreams, and they should do what they can to emulate these values of economic boom and cultural stigmas of freedom.

Freedom Killing Poison

Liberalism has proven to be a poison upon this value system. It is a political outlook where an individual is murdered for the sake of the collective, rather than unity. They would enforce uniformity if allowed. This poison can be seen in Communist North Korea, when Hitler ruled Germany, and in Muslim countries where every woman is uniformly dressed and treated like garbage because the Quran tells them to. These ideas are championed by the Left. If you google, “Korea satellite image evening,” you will see a large, intense ball of bright lights, then a sad, sorry patch of darkness with a flicker of light near the upper center area of the map. This is precisely what the Left wants; a uniformity of people, ideas, cultures, genders, social norms, and dismantling of freedoms for the sake of uniformity.

What This Means For America

Imagine the dark of North Korea flooding American streets. There, people live in fear of thought police, speech codes, and laws, with censorship of ideas that are opposed to the collectivism of the Left. People are jailed for even asserting their Christian faith to a Muslim, but will justify a Muslim punching them because he did not like their ideas.

Then enter Donald Trump. His election was a massive turn of events. He thumbed his nose at the Politically Correct Left. He berated everyone from the mainstream media elites to his political opponents on both the Democrat and the Republican sides. He would not be stopped. He then coined the phrase, "We are going to Make America Great Again." Meaning, these values we hold dear; "... we have these inalienable rights endowed by our Creator that all men are created equal."

Making The World Great Again

MAGA is what will make the world healthy. Western values govern the threshold of how South Korea operates. Everyone owns a cellphone; everyone can work, free markets run free as new networks, new shows, new pop culture icons, sweep the world by storm. Remember PSY and "Gangnam Style"? The Left would not have allowed him to succeed without taking his money and giving it to some deadbeat on the streets in the name of ‘equality.’

The freedom to create and express is a Western value, one that is rooted in America. The world tries to emulate this, at the expense of their traditions. It is near impossible to do it without abandoning your sense of heritage. To have Western values means you have more than just economic freedoms. It means you have freedoms of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the right to say what you want, gather with whom you want to gather with, write what you want, worship how you want, and the right to defend it all to the best of your ability.

Dreaming In Red, White, And Blue

The only place where you can get all of those things is in America. Korea does not have this value system, although they claim to have freedom of speech and press. Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, China, and Indonesia do not have a universal set of values that govern their nation. America has the most flourishing culture reaching worldwide and is made up of a hodgepodge of cultures that brought their best. With them, they brought their best intellect, ethics, and even the best foods! They came and integrated with their new communities, sharing their own culture with their new neighbors.

The only reason why a nation has a free market style system is that they saw how America did it and copied it. The cultural health of America and her greatness is the gauge by which the world will function.

When America thrives, so does everyone else. If America shuts her doors, the world will suffer. If America acquiesces to the Left, then the world suffers. This is why making America great is crucial, not with national identity, but with the values by which she was born with. The values of America make the world thrive.

Values Have No Color

These values by which we speak are not “white people" values. They are collective values of many from all around the world that has made America who she is. The moment we abandon these values is the moment that America, as we know and love her, fails. All one needs to do is look at North Korea and realize that this is what the Left envisions for America.

The world will follow suit if Liberals continue their push for socialism and New World Order. We must continue to push forward the Freedom Agenda that all men are created equal, and everyone has a right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. It does not matter if you are from the Republic of Congo or the steppes of Mongolia. From the island of the Philippines to the forests of Ecuador, you are a human; these are your rights and America taught the world that. May we continue to remember our own lesson.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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  1. Absolutely SPOT ON! Everyone should read this because It's well-stated TRUTH! Thank you!

  2. There is no other place in the world which values free speech. All other countries censor. Now America is beginning to get involved in censoring the dreaded Hate Speech, and using Net Neutrality as a method to dilute and silence anyone who opposes liberalism/socialism. Capitulation into weakness is the enemy. It's not enough to have a Trump in charge. We need 100 million Trumps.




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