Brexit: To Be or Not to Be

Why Brexit Will Not Be Allowed To Happen

The EU is on the brink of a political disaster. The only genuinely profitable member state that is not planning to leave is Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel, whether you like her or not, has proven herself to be a great parliamentarian and an excellent steward of her nations resources. However, France is next in line, and its gross domestic product hardly equates to anything that could lead to a prolonged, equal relationship.

Trying To Find The Pro’s

What about Greece or Italy, you may ask? These nations have only drained the European economy. Then there are tiny economies like Estonia or Bulgaria, who will gladly take but have little to offer a continental economy. In essence, if Brexit goes ahead, the Eurozone is going to suffer most of all. Britain, being the fifth largest economy in the world, may take a hit, but its departure from Europe is more likely to destabilize Europe than to harm itself.

Germany will not permit herself to be the only begging bowl filler in Europe, and given recent denials of handouts, Germany is set for a rocky road ahead if Brexit proceeds. Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world and stands tall at a whopping $3.42 trillion (U.S.), ahead of Britain's $2.91 Trillion (U.S.) at nominal GDP.

As the German government prepares to tighten its belt, given the coming fall out of Brexit, and the fact that EU trade laws are going to be soured by the divorce, it is believed that it will not be long before nations like France and Italy follow the Brexit example and depart from the EU oligarchy.

How To Do It?

How do you keep all of this from happening, and what on earth does it have to do with a MAGA focused United States?

Hold a Referendum that offers everyone a way out. Frankly, the Brexit camp barely won the referendum, and it is a view that has started to swing back in the other direction since Brexit won. Had there been three referendums, Brexit may have lost 2-1. The fear of instability has sent global markets into a nose dive more than once, as the prospect of a go it alone Britain does not exactly warm the cockles of many hearts in the Stock exchanges around the world.

It is ironic since one of Britain's national products is banking. One could argue that to go it alone, Britain should be good for business, as it would no longer be held back by a possessive and controlling EU political overlord. Still, the referendum was held, the image of freedom was demonstrated, and the illusion of democracy was proliferated as parties were held and Make Britain Great Again was stirred in the loins of the people.

Britain happens to be a Feudal nation that offers its people a choice between one servant of an oppressive elite or another servant of the same group of Elites. For Example, Prince Charles' average earnings per year are around $280 million, due to his clever business strategies and an excellent understanding of his products. Not taking away from his business achievements, but it is illegal in this country for him to pay tax. This is because he is the future king, no matter what the National Enquirer might tell you on your next visit to Food Lion.

Propaganda, Anyone?

Create Scandals that involve a common enemy. This enemy has to be incredibly powerful, as it needs to be able to threaten the entire continent. It needs to be close, and it needs to be believable. There was a story that was barely picked up around the world during the 2016 presidential election campaign. This story tells that the whole of Europe, believing that Hillary Clinton was going to win, signed an agreement to start an anti-Russian smear campaign using good old-fashioned propaganda and the mainstream media, as the world prepared for the prospect of war when Hillary won. She did not succeed and the world is still here. Thank you from the entire planet to the voting populace of the USA.

We saw in the news only a few weeks ago, scandal upon scandal, regarding hacked elections and a hacked Brexit vote. We read about the use of a deadly nerve agent against a Russian spy who had sought salvation from Russia, no doubt at the cost of selling every inch of intelligence he possessed to MI-5, the British mainland spy organization. Instantly, everyone blamed Russia. This is not to say that Russia did not use such a weapon on British soil, but still to this day investigators can neither confirm nor deny anything. The media was in a frenzy, and there was a massive, anti-Russian sentiment felt around the world.

If Russia did do it, we should not be so quick to denounce the attack as deplorable. Any nation that has hundreds of thousands of troops from various countries stationed on its western border and threatening to invade at the drop of a hat is going to plug any and all gaps that it can, using whatever means available.

Stall, Stall, Stall

Prolong the divorce process. These political wranglings have been an embarrassing problem from the very beginning. Europe is demanding alimony; in part, one of the main reasons that the British people wanted to leave in the first place was that membership was costing them. It cost $75,858,248.03 a day to remain in the failing experiment. If you try to work out what that is a year, you get an error message ending with to the power of 10. No wonder Britain is only the fifth largest economy.

They have come unstuck over Northern Ireland's Border with the EU member Irish Republic. They have faltered over trade and whether Britain should be allowed to trade with Europe, or even offer trade relations with other international countries. The entire process has been gridlocked.

What it looks like is poor leadership and the ever-present overbearing need to politicise what should be a quite simple negotiation process with a solution that benefits all. It is unlikely that Brexit will be permitted. While the NATO contingent continues to take stabs at a stoic Russia, hoping more than anything that Russia will strike at them, the divorce talks, as they are called, are going to be protracted indefinitely.

Drastic Times, Drastic Measures

Go to war as a united force against the common enemy. It does not need to be a long war, and it does not even need to cause any of the NATO or Russian troops to give their lives. A token gesture of weapons fire across the borders would be enough to cause all EU member states to call for unity openly. The EU is saved from disaster once again, as the brave heroes who return from a deadly conflict, with epic tales of heroism in the sight of a formidable monster, scratch their heads and wonder what on earth is going on at the top.

Use the Mass Media to force the populace to forget all about Brexit. With the Brexit campaigners vilified as separatists, and with everyone now the best of friends because their mighty militaries got to stretch their legs in the sunshine, the press agencies can be manipulated into making Brexit all but go away. On the occasion that it gets mentioned in the pub, it will be followed with, “I wonder whatever happened to that?” before the poor sot sups up another swig of beer and starts a debate on where they think West Ham are going to finish in the Soccer Premiership this year. The smoke screen of globalism thickens like milkshake over the hearts of the British people.

What Does That Have To Do With MAGA?

How does any of this affect the USA in the slightest? As the most prominent member of NATO, American forces might be drawn into a conflict with Russia. This could be very bad for President Donald Trump's foreign policy, as he is so far, one of the most peace-loving Presidents America has ever fielded. He has undoubtedly led the nation into a position of anticipated peace that it has not felt this century.

Syria is a flashpoint that already forces a political barrier between Russia and America over Russia's support for Iran and America's support for Israel. The actions of those wishing to maintain Britain's submission to the European agenda could destabilize that entire region to the point of all-out war; however, there is hope.

President Trump has a Ronald Reagan like ability to sit down with his counterparts and find out if there is a way to prevent such things from occurring. His speed and unwillingness to allow for time to pass has enabled him to rightly be nominated for the Nobel Prize for peace. If he does receive this nomination, he will once again be able to overt a war with the nation of Russia, a country that should be a full ally with the USA by now.

Tony Parton / Writer

I am the first British citizen to be deported under Donald Trump and have become a Pro-Trump voice from here in the U.K. I enjoy writing and have a written for a couple of blog posts and online News feeds.
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  1. Using media to force Brits to change their views is a stupid idea. Sooner or later, people will wise up as some have in US. Brits were wise to exit EU which dictate what countries must to including accept Muslim migrants. Greater economy not worth what has happened in Germany with rape and assault of German women and girls; Paris bombings, Sweden and France being overrun by Muslims and no-go-zones. Merkel not great but catastrophe not care about her people.

  2. The EU is an idea which has run its course and done its intended damage, everything from devaluing currencies, unearthing old hatreds, and opening borders to invaders. Brexit as an idea is good, but it doesn't undo the EU damage. Solutions? To even SAY you want to remove the Islamic invaders is not only "hate speech" but is now compared to Hitler and the Jews. This is complete corrupt EU behavior.

  3. brexit can not fail. it will have an effect on our children that can never happen the British know that. the government is corrupt and must be stopped .




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