Make America Great Again: Bring Back the Fifties

Bring back the 50’s

Societal evolution is certainly a necessity for the future of mankind. Few will argue the need for change and development in many aspects of our lives. Technology always seems to be a driving force in that change while expanding our abilities to reach new heights as a society. Fire, the wheel, the combustion engine, the airplane, were all advances in technology that changed our society forever. Some of our advances could be argued as detrimental to our way of life, but most have paved the way for a modern society that may never have been imagined by our founders.

It is safe to say that our founders could picture the future, and in many ways imagine advancements in society and changes to our way of life. Improvements to things like medicine, energy, or construction were often dreamt of by men like Franklin and Jefferson. Whether it was Jefferson sitting in his study, writing the Declaration of Independence, or Franklin tying the key on his kite, it is likely none of our founders considered the ethical behaviors of our generations in 2018.


The time of “Scouts Honor” is gone. Walking your elders across the road has given way to punching them from behind. Bringing your teacher an apple has been replaced with cellphone videos that show our children violently abusing their educators. Our Sunday best now exposes our underwear, and our school dances look more like a Cinemax film. The future that our founders may have imagined is destined to be controlled by leaders who may have snorted a condom or eaten laundry detergent. Worse, our future could see candidates or elected officials who once desecrated our flag and violated our constitution.

The days when our country was dotted with small towns, when our doors were unlocked, and our children rode their bikes across town, were not merely the olden days. We are a Christian nation, which was built on family principles, and led by a strong moral compass. The small towns were more like extended families, everyone knew everyone, and the creed “It takes a village to raise a child” was not only talked about, it was followed.

Unfortunately, our village structure has changed. The advancements in technology and the evolution of social structure have hyperinflated the influences on our youth. The village elders and wise teachers of our storied American towns have been eclipsed by a constant influx of opinionated media, celebrities, and athletes. While our children are being stripped of their identity in schools, they are being presented with immoral leaders, unethical mentors, and tech idols, as examples with which to develop their principles.

The list Goes On and On

The now infamous video of pro-football player, Ray Rice, violently knocking his wife unconscious in an elevator not only went viral on the internet, but it was also broadcast into our homes by the media for days. It is not hard to see how our youth would ‘glamorize’ the idea of a knockout. The examples of domestic violence in the pro-sports community are widely publicized, and rarely do we see the level of punishment for these athletes that we expect in our country.

All too often we see a different set of rules for celebrities and athletes. When those who seem untouchable or above the law use their spotlight as a tool to push opinions, they not only promote their personal narrative, they give the impression of acceptable behavior. Jimmy Kimmel can go from a sexist, drunken, blithering moron on a TV show that glorifies the degradation of women, to a late night television host on a program respected for decades.

Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera go from sweet Disney sweethearts to worshipped sex icons. Of course, a young girl in public school, searching for an identity, would idolize and look up to the media darlings she grew up with. A high school football star would get the opinion that he can get away with anything if he becomes a pro. Our “role models” certainly have a laundry list of behavior that begs the question why we allow their influence on our children.

What About Our Leaders?

If not our athletes, or celebrities, maybe our leaders still provide a source of moral clarity. When Bill Clinton fired FBI Director Sessions in 1993, the Democratic President stood firm on an apparent dedication to ethics in office, weighing his decision amid questions of ethics against Sessions. This was rather ironic considering he would be impeached for ethics violations arguably more severe.

It seems that much like our media, celebrities, and athletes, elected officials and lawmakers have put together quite the list of unethical behavior of their own. The examples seem almost endless when you begin to research the crime and corruption that runs through our government. Most people are familiar with Watergate and President Nixon. His name was destined for the history books as the second President to be impeached if he had not resigned. The truth is, our government has had a myriad of ethics violations for decades.

A Look Back In Time

In 1980, the FBI had a sting operation that took down 7 congressmen for accepting bribes from Arabs. The sting, known as Abscam, involved 31 congressmen the Arabs were trying to bribe. Since then, the list just keeps growing and the crimes keep piling up.

Mario Biaggi, Joseph Kolter, Dan Rostenkowski, and many others were all indicted on multiple counts leading into the 90’s. In 1994, the country was scarred for life by Rep. Mel Reynolds, who was indicted on 20 counts, including child pornography and sexual abuse of children.

Fast forward to the present. We have established a clear pattern of corruption, crime, and scandal throughout our government. The investigations are piling up, and the list of major crimes are becoming an embarrassment to this country. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, and Uranium One are only just a few examples of what modern ethics look like inside our government.

No Ethics, No Country

Robert Noyce, “the Mayor of Silicon Valley,” may have said it all when he said, “If ethics are poor at the top, that behavior is copied down through the organization.” For generations, our mentors, leaders, and Idols have lowered the bar on ethics, and as our addiction to media grows, the examples are “going viral.”

As we push to make America great again, we have encountered a part of our population who seem to ignore ethics entirely in their bid for the destruction of our country. Their protests consist of burning buildings and tearing down monuments. We hear shouts encouraging the death of police and of our President.

This behavior is not merely a temporary problem. Those who are part of ANTIFA, or BLM today, will be members of said society for decades. They will have children and families that will potentially sympathize with the same beliefs. Can we ever remove the hatred that has been taught against our country? Will we ever be able to see our proud Christian heritage guiding our children back to our great American principles? The MAGA movement is not just about government and law.

Not a Step Back, a Step Up

If we want to restore our country to greatness for this generation and many more to come, we must restore our youth, invigorate their patriotism, motivate their dreams, and encourage moral behavior. We have heard a lot of rhetoric lately about President Trump and his supporters wanting to return our country to the 1950’s. The left will have you believe that the MAGA movement means reestablishing Jim Crow laws and segregation.  This is more of the typical nonsense that has been coming from the left.

The truth is yes, many of us across this country would love to see America return to the fifties; not for the soda fountains, or the sock hop, not even for the Elvis concerts or the Birth of Rock and Roll. As incredible as that sounds, what many of us in this country want back is our ethics, our principles, and our love of country.

Let us return our society to the mindset of “love thy neighbor.” It is time to restore American family values and begin showing our children that we are a country of love. We need to show our youth that the divide is a manufactured lie, and show them that we want all Americans to prosper and achieve their American Dreams. If we want to fill our government with great leaders for the future and gain back a society that will produce many great candidates to come, we must start with ethics, values, and principle.

Marc Manross / Writer

I am a father, journeyman, tradesman and poet. I am one of those people who wasn't born with a filter and I see no reason for one. Voting for President Donald Trump ranks among the top five best choices I ever made.
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  1. great article. I can see a great future for America if it took the creeds of the civil liberties movement, the Ethics of the fifties, a don't work don't eat ethos and a respect for authority that starts with the authorities respecting the people.
    In essence, everything I am saying here is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! People dependably love one another, put their own needs second and under the needs of other's. A Christ focussed not colour focussed lens where people are encouraged to enjoy prosperity because it is open to any who work hard enough for it. That's the America that I want to see. And it is the America that I want to come home to. I'm a British Citizen, I plan to come back to America in a few years, you live, work and contribute to society. If all of those who migrated to the States held those values, there would be no wall, there would be no need to pour millions of dollars into Immigration police and the USCIS. Once America had these values, it could start to export those around the world and the USA instead of a demon worship obsessed illuminati preaching idea of freedom at any cost especially when the cost is the centuries held values that keep societies together.

  2. REPOST of my Twitter reply:
    Of course I agree. The thing is, it got this way because we LET IT get this way. Our forebears did not. So the question is, how do we get people to start being harsher, not nicer. We didn't win the wars and the depression by being nice. My 2c




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