The Left Revealed: Democratic Socialism

The Political Spectrum

The Political Spectrum was not designed to weigh political disagreements between the right and the left. Instead, it is meant to illustrate the progression of a political system from complete control over people, to having no power at all. The actual spectrum classifies the far left as totalitarian, being entirely controlled by one or a few. The far right is classified as being an ochlocracy or having no form of government.

The radical far left has historically been associated with communism, Nazism, fascism, dictators, and socialism. The radical far right is associated with mob rule.

The left classifies Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini as far right dictators due to their disdain for Communism. As a result, they were mischaracterized as "as anti-socialists." This could not be further from the truth. The mischaracterization is merely an attempt by the left to rewrite history.

Nazis And Fascists Were On The Left

The year was 1919 and World War I had just ended. The German Army received word that a radical left-wing socialist group had formed, named The German Workers Party. The Army sent Corporal Adolph Hitler to spy on the Party. This party was founded by Gottfried Feder, Dietrich Eckart, and Anton Drexler, all of whom were extremely anti-Semitic. Hitler began attending meetings and despite being anti-socialist, quickly realized the party’s beliefs were more in line with his own. Feder, Eckart, and Drexler approved of Hitler as a skilled orator and invited him to the executive branch of the committee. Hitler’s popularity rapidly grew, and by the following year, the German Workers Party evolved into the National Socialist German Workers Party or The Nazi Party.

Nazis held extreme socialist beliefs where the state controlled production and provided social welfare to the Aryan race, exterminating anyone not worthy. As Hitler’s extremism escalated, he organized a personal army named the Sturmabteilung or “The Brownshirts”. The Brownshirt role was to protest, disrupt and violently attack Hitler’s socialist and communist political opponents and to ultimately overthrow German Democracy.

Caving to pressure, the President of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg, appointed Hitler to Chancellor of Germany in 1933. The following year, after Hindenburg’s death, Hitler seized full power creating a dictatorship. He built concentration camps to separate and exterminate the Jewish people, and any demographic Hitler found unworthy. Hitler vehemently opposed democracy and believed in an authoritarian state. He was not right-wing at all.

Benito Mussolini became the leader of the liberal Italian Revolutionary Socialist Party in 1912 and was an editor for their newspaper. Two years later, the Socialist Party expelled Mussolini, a WWI Veteran, when they found themselves at odds due to his support of military intervention during the war. After Mussolini's split from the Socialist Party he formed the Fascist Party, a merger of two groups; one founded by Angelo Oliviero Olivetti, a known Socialist activist, lawyer and journalist and the other founded by Mussolini. Even though Mussolini is described as an ex-socialist, the Fascist Party was an extreme left-wing militant socialist regime. The Fascists were anti-democracy and anti-capitalist but believed in corporatism, where the regime had total control over businesses, labor, and production.

Mussolini formed the Blackshirts in 1919, and their role was to destroy Mussolini’s socialist and communist political opponents. Prior to seizing Italy in 1922, Mussolini declared, “Either the government will be given to us, or we will seize it by marching on Rome.” That is just what the Blackshirts did. They terrorized the parliamentary democracy of Italy causing the King to succumb to the pressure. Instead of declaring a state of siege, the King chose to avoid conflict and appointed Mussolini to Prime Minister, bringing him to power. In 1934, Hitler and Mussolini met for the first time, and their ideological similarities helped them to form an alliance. Mussolini spoke in Berlin in 1937, supporting national socialist policy, vowing to “resist” any disagreement with its ill-fated agenda.

Communist Russia

Nazis and fascists despised the communist stateless and classless society, while fascists and communists despised the racism of Nazis. Despite their differences, they aligned through socialism, joining forces when necessary to achieve power. In 1939, Hitler and Mussolini agreed to a formal alliance and signed the “Pact of Steel.” That same year, Hitler and Joseph Stalin signed a nonaggression pact, which aided Hitler in his siege of Poland, leading to World War II.

Vladimir Lenin, the father of communism, held extreme international socialist beliefs derived from the works of Karl Marx, a radical revolutionary and activist. In October of 1917, Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks seized control of Russia through a coup d'état, giving rise to the first Communist regime. Lenin was a radical anti-capitalist who gained control of industry, land, and production by force. He justified seizing land from the wealthy by redistributing it to peasants, who Lenin promised “peace, bread, and land.” Materialistic Atheism became the official state irreligious ideology, with Catholics facing persecution, and LGBT rights forced on society under Lenin’s reign.

In 1918, the Russian Civil War began between the Red Army fighting for Bolshevik Socialism, and the White Army composed of many groups opposed to Lenin. The Red Army called for "Death to the Bourgeoisie and its minions" and won the war in 1922, solidifying Lenin’s power. The Russian Constitution of 1918 described “the abolition of the exploitation of men by men and the entire abolition of the division of the people into classes.” Despite the promises of equality, the Russian people brutally lost their freedom and their lives to socialism. In the early 1900’s, communism spread to Europe, Asia, and Latin America and is still being practiced today.

The Iron Donkey

The Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA operate in America today. The parties adhere to the same Marxist-Lenin ideology responsible for an estimated 140 Million deaths around the globe. As Democrats move farther left on the political spectrum, it becomes clear their platform aligns more with communist and socialist ideals.

Trump supporters and Republicans around the country are chastised, and branded by liberals as racists and Nazis, for merely taking part in the democratic process and voting for President Trump. We witnessed the radical left-wing Antifa shut down free speech at college campuses across the nation, using violence and intimidation. Radical leftist groups like Indivisible are on a seditious fringe to ‘resist’ democracy by sabotaging and intimidating Republicans from coast to coast. Feminists have demonized masculinity, placing a target on the backs of white men to further destroy gender roles and the nuclear family; this is a Marxist ideology.

We watched our nation be sold out under the Obama Administration. More welfare was given in the name of equal opportunity, and industries were shackled with excessive government regulation and control. Anti-capitalism and socialism were strangling the nation, and American ideals were sacrificed as laws passed in the name of equality. Socialism came very close to being fully installed in America and liberty was at risk.

President Trump is a very real threat to the socialist and communist agenda, and the left is fighting back any way they can using slander, propaganda, intimidation, lawsuits, violence, and activism. If history taught us anything, it is not to stay complaisant in the face of adversity. We must learn as a society, to stop giving into the ‘poor me’ crowd of activists and see them for what they are; anti-American Progressives who align with radical socialism, and the death and destruction it brings.

Dobie Girl / Writer

Researching and defending the Constitution is my passion. As a mother, it's my patriotic duty to make America a better place for this and the next generation.
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  1. GOOD ARTICLE! Informative and historical. The main thing is, communism is at heart (1) no private property, (2) no religion, (3) no family, except as the State permits. The State is god. Atheism is its banner. There are some "atheist" non-communists but they are confused about atheism and communism. I myself am a believer and anti-communist. All liberals must be refused office until conservatism can restore the country. That is the only way I see anything constructive can be done.

  2. Bravo 👏 Well-written and exemplifies why we must not be complacent in the face of the now socialist far left. I pray that they recognize what they really are and that It's abhorrent to them. We should be able to unite as Americans and find middle ground. Instead they seek destruction of Constitutional rights and principles.

  3. Should have described this as Democrat socialism. Democrat party. Not democratic.




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