Judicial Watch: Exposing Comedy Hour, FBI Edition

Hillary's Server Was Lost For Five Weeks.

The continuing saga of the botched FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton keeps getting worse. It is hard to get worse than the Keystone Comey Cops affair, but recent FOIA documents forced from the FBI by Judicial Watch have torn the curtain down on comedy hour inside the J.Edgar Hoover building. It has been revealed that the FBI lost Hillary's server for five weeks before getting around to inspecting it.

Is This A Joke?

This mistake is the kind of thing that makes Jacques Clouseau seem competent. It is as if the FBI while investigating a murder, lost the body on the way to the headquarters forensics lab because they left it in the Uber. Let that sink in: The FBI lost a computer filled with classified information during the course of a criminal investigation.

Still, the boys at the lab, once they finally got their hands on the missing computer, were able to glean a few things. The real bombshell is if someone broke into Hillary's server. The FBI conclusion is yes, they got into the administrative accounts and were able to run programs at will.

What does this say in a forensic sense? It means some unknown entity got in, rifled through the whole house, ate dinner, fed the dog, checked the kitty litter box, opened the safe, went through her checkbook and examined the porn under her bed. The hackers had master key access to Hillary's computers in June of 2013.

This master access included the power to clean the logs of any evidence they were there in the first place, download all the emails, data files and anything else inside the system. They would also have the power to leave a "back door" so they could re-enter at any time to steal more stuff. In fact, they had so much power they could have changed and even deleted data at will.

When It Rains

If you are expecting this story to get better, it will not. The FBI teams examining data on Hillary's server found emails with a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware program. From this data, they determined it was likely that Hillary's server was infected with the "Poison Ivy" RAT based on data inside PDF documents. They also concluded from the data that it was clear her server was the target of Advanced Persistent Threats, known in the cyber security business as big players such as China, North Korea or Russia.

Analysis of a USB backup of Hillary's emails also showed numerous emails with malicious content and phishing links. In fact, Hillary sent Huma Abedin a copy of the typical phishing email claiming you have a DHL package. Hillary asked Huma to check it out. Clearly, the clueless nature of the U.S. Secretary of State played a significant role in allowing her homebuilt email basement server to be breached.

It Pours

The FBI report also showed that Hillary’s Apple iCloud account had a load of suspicious activity. FBI data from Apple showed 126 sign-on attempts to Hillary's iCloud. 121 of those accesses used the ”I forgot” feature to log in. Clearly, someone either had a bad memory, or someone was sniffing out classified data.

There are some other significant breach notations, including logins from her Blackberry phone from nations Hillary was not even in or planning on visiting. However, the key issue of the system being lost for five weeks raises a giant problem: Evidence found on the system most likely would be tossed out of court because the system was out of custody during the five weeks it was lost.

If Hillary’s system was indeed lost by accident for five weeks, then it is an indication that incompetent amateurs ran the investigation. If Hillary’s system was lost on purpose, then it indicates a cover-up and criminal activity at the FBI. The person in charge of the investigation was Peter Strzok.

Strzok By The Irony

Strzok was the Chief of the Counterespionage Section during the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server. Strzok rose to become the Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division, which is the number two position in that division and led the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections.

Meanwhile, Strzok also engaged in many lengthy text message exchanges with his FBI agent and lover Lisa Page, who recently quit the FBI, regarding his investigations, his views on Trump, Clinton and other things going on inside the FBI. Ironically, the Department of Homeland Security just released a notice that cell phones inside the D.C. area, like the one used by Strzok, are being monitored by a person or persons unknown using special electronic equipment known as a "Stingray" device.

Incompetence Or Indifference?

While the Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI was sending cell phone text messages in the open about various things including his secret work, someone else was most certainly picking up those messages and reading them in real time. Nothing could be more "counter-intelligence" than assuming that open text messages sent over a cell phone are secure. Strzok was also doing work trying to track down Russian spies, saboteurs and bad guys taking orders from Putin himself. He also accepted the word of the Democratic National Committee that Putin was guilty without ever doing a forensic inspection of the DNC computers.

The Department of Justice has decided not to seek the texts Strzok and Page sent to each other using their personal devices, even though they both indicated in the official exchanges that their personal texts contained official information. This is compounded by the fact that the mess-up with Hillary’s computer, by a unit headed by Strzok, virtually guaranteed the FBI could not prosecute her. The FBI investigation of Clinton was so poorly done as to rank as a crime itself. If there was a reason to invoke a special prosecutor, this is it.

Charles R. Smith / Guest Contributor

I am the author of “Deception.” My reports have been covered by Security Affairs, Insight magazine, USAF, “The Connection” Information Protection journal, E-SOURCES Online, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings Magazine, NewsMax.com and other outlets.
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  1. What a joke! There is zero chance that o believe it was "lost" this is another cover up, they took it to manipulate and remove even more damaging evidence. We must wipe the DOJ, and FBI clean and start over.

  2. I know that in DC it takes a year to do what anyone outside the city can do in a day, but surely there is one DA with the balls to stand up and arrest this whole bunch. Great article, really helped me to understand what is going on, I tend to get lost in cyberspeak but this was very accessible thank you!!!

  3. Excellent article! As we all sit and wait for a glimmer of hope, which would be Hillary's prosecution.




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