Liberal Feminism Is No Laughing Matter

Missed Opportunity

If the behavior of a female comedian sent the red flags up, people’s reactions the day after kept them waving. A female comedian was asked to provide the monologue at a widely covered event, with many journalists in attendance. People are constantly asking for women to have more opportunities in media, award recognitions, politics, the list goes on and on. One would think the choice to have a strong female on stage should be celebrated as a platform guaranteed to garner attention.

The event was one that could have given this woman the opportunity to present herself in a light that would be met with support, perhaps even gain respect for her wit and humor. Instead, this female ‘comedian’ chose to use that platform to eviscerate two prominent women in attendance. Politics aside, the women she decided to target and berate are both working mothers who have reached incredible heights in their chosen careers. They should be commended for the example they have set for young women. They exemplify what women can do through hard work and discipline, proving that no job is out of reach. Such women are an inspiration for females of all ages!

What has drawn the most criticism from the evening were the personal attacks, including ridiculing their appearance. The ‘act’ went so far as to call Sarah Sanders an ‘Uncle Tom’ of women. Should the female comedian not have some sense of solidarity with other women? With a career in stand up comedy, politics are fair game, especially in these times. However, is it necessary to get so personal with the target of your jokes? The jabs and insults would have never been tolerated had it been a male comedian delivering the barbs, so why is a woman given such carte blanche?

Silence Speaks Volumes

The day after the event, where were all of the women’s advocate groups voicing their concerns over this attack? An attack on a prominent woman should initiate calls for women to come together in defense, based on the lefts previous actions. It seems that, by the left's standards, slandering women is only an issue if that woman is on the same side of the political aisle. Much to the surprise of conservatives, Mika Brzezinski attempted to support Sarah Sanders and made an open call for female unity.

At the same time, there was an enormous flood of female commenters spewing even more hate towards the two women. What happened to sisterhood? Why have political party affiliations become an excuse to do away with civility and trying to promote women? No one is saying women should not be the object of jokes, but why so personal?

Witty Humor?

If you were able to stomach the entire barrage of insults, you would most certainly recall the joke on abortion. It was not just in poor taste to joke about an issue that is personal to every woman but to do so in a way that was nothing short of vile. On this subject, women are deeply divided. It is a cause, both pro-life and pro-choice, that brings out emotional arguments every time. Here was a woman on a massive public platform making a vulgar, flippant joke about it. Did anyone, man or woman, really find that funny? One must wonder how a joke about Syrian refugees dying would go over instead of an unborn child.

No Longer All Inclusive

Feminism has turned into liberal women only supporting women with similar political views. By definition, feminism means, “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” The term no longer applies as it stands alone; it is now Liberal Feminism. It seems that a conservative woman is fair game, no matter her accomplishments, race or religion. She will be despised by the Left, and have to watch her own back.

Feminist outrage goes silent when Sarah Sanders is publicly body shamed, as they name call Kellyanne Conway a “Skeletor” and Candace Owens is told to “suck racist d**k.”

As distasteful as the name calling has been, nothing has been worse than calling Dana Loesch “a c**t,” while being subjected to threats daily against her and her family. Other powerful and influential women are mocked relentlessly. From Sarah Palin and her family to issuing the boycott of Ivanka Trump's successful clothing line, their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Even our First Lady, who is a legal immigrant, is mocked for her accent.

Why are strong Conservative women attacked daily with no feminist outrage? No one has to agree with their opinion or politics; however, no advocacy in women’s rights justifies tearing women down who have fought so hard to get where they are. Women should have some understanding of the struggles they have and continue to face. The bottom line, liberals have shown that there is no unity with “women,” just liberals and conservatives.

Tobi McGee / Writer

Writing empowers me. My thoughts have more clarity once they're on paper. When President Trump was elected, the floodgates of possibilities opened. He inspires me to express, defend and expose... every day.
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  1. A good read, at the right time Tobi.
    I don't think the word "eviscerate" describes what she did to our two female role models. If anything she only "eviscerated" her reputation.
    I never liked the word feminism, to me it has only served as a disguise for liberals to divide the sexes, and to corrupt our family values and distort our beliefs in marriage.
    I think strong conservative women need to rise up, and present a unified force that shows more of a human empowerment. This isn't about male or female, black or white. This is the American dream. Not matter your sex, color, or creed, you can succeed in our country. With hard work, dedication and even sacrifice women can reach any go the put their minds to. Especially today, with a President like Trump, who strengthens and supports women every day, young women don't need vagina hats, or anti male rhetoric to rise to the top. I think Sanders, Halley, and Palin are great examples of this, and we should highlight their successes to our women.

  2. Wow! An excellent article followed by a spot on comment. Michele Wolf demeaned herself at the WHCD. What many people fail to recognize is that the lack of civility, use of profanity, name-calling & mean-spiritedness automatically relegates anything they have to say as unintelligent trash.
    Sara Sanders & Kellyanne Conway maintained their dignity as Wolf rolled around in the dirt.

    There should be no us vs.them mentality in every aspect of life but progressives (a misnomer if ever there was one) have a narcissistic bent that they unabashedly flaunt as though no one else gets it when they're the ones that don't.

    I prefer the high road.




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