Make Babies: Make Culture Great Again

What Culture Does To Children

New Right Networks recent live stream of DeAnna Lorraine's "Make Love Great Again" focused in on how the culture is doing a number of things on our children. It seems as though, any leftist YouTube channel will use kids as the subject of their indoctrination towards mental disorder. The latest one analyzed was from a channel where various parents from all walks of life began talking to their kids about gender identity.

One mother on the video asked her two sons what being a boy meant. The one who looked the youngest exclaimed, "Fearless! Strong!" The clip cuts to the mom challenging her young boys to an arm wrestling match. It goes without saying, any grown male or female will win an arm wrestling match against pre-pubescent boys. Obviously, the elder of the two kids loses to his fully grown mother. The video cuts again to the boys sitting on the couch with their mother remarking, "Well, there goes that idea."

A Curious Case

It does present a curious case. Children, known as the next generation, have many questioning what that will look like when they are adults. When kids are running around eating Tide Pods, inhaling condoms, and consuming Logan Paul videos, people do begin to wonder how well the future will turn out.

It is especially concerning when the notions of conservatism seem to be on the decline, with the influx of leftist ideologies and values. What do we do in order to change the culture? Deanna asked this question, and one has to wonder what can be done.

The Solution

The easiest and most effective solution is for people to jump start romance, marriage, and making babies. Yes, you read that right! Find a spouse, love them with everything you have in you, make love often, and make lots of babies. Then, as they grow up, you instill western values in them including hard work, ethics of excellence, imagination, fun, and a belief that you are not entitled to anything, which is the foundation of America.

Instilling conservative values in our children will help shape our next generation of leaders, city builders, politicians, entertainers, musicians, culture makers and world changers.

If you take a look at Islam, they understand that to change a culture it takes external conquering, as well as internal multiplication. For instance, back in the early 2000s, France's birth replacement rate fell below the average. Birth replacement rates are important stats to observe.

Speed It Up

Italy's replacement rate is about 1.3, Japan's rate is below that at 0.9, Greece is below 2, France sits as a frightening 1.3, and the U.S. also fell below the average replacement rate. Conversely, the Muslim family averages five kids in one household, which means France will become a Muslim nation by birth rates alone in two generations. That is something to think about for sure.

Moreover, if one observes the culture, in our day and in the West, abortion numbers climb, birth replacement rates fall, yet kids are experiencing a hyper-sexualization track in schools and on YouTube. It is only a matter of time before the next generation falls complicit to values antithetical to the west and hand over their rights to the cultural Marxists or Islam. We already see it in France, Germany, the UK, and other places.

America is the last bastion of western values and probably the only stronghold that can beat these leftists. It is going to take a massive effort to love, fall in love, marry, and begin making babies if we are to win. It is going to take us, as conservatives, to conquer the culture. We can start by instilling the next generation with these values. In doing so, they will grow up and start living these values out. The legacy goes forward, holding back evil, keeping Islam at bay, and ultimately, the continuation of victory for western values.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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  1. My wife and I chose not to procreate. We did recognize the disparity in birth rates so we chose another route - Adoption.

  2. There are numerous reasons why the white world is not procreating: (1) fear, (2) greed, (3) guilt, (4) abortion, (5) hedonism, etc. This is one reason why we see Latin Catholic and Muslim explosion - they do not as a whole engage in birth-killing activities or mindsets. Both groups do not endorse birth control, and Islam politically also wants to overrun by birth rate. So, between that and open borders in Europe and the Americas, there is a HUGE demographics change.

  3. Spot on! Especially about the high birth rate of Muslims.




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