Midterm Elections: We Must Take a Stand

Abuse Of Power

When a political party abuses power by illegal means through entrapment, planting false witness, breaking the laws of the land, colluding with the press and tampering with elections, that party is no longer representative of the people. That party becomes, instead, their rulers. This political positioning usurps the people by any means and, instead, positions themselves as regents; those who would rule the people rather than represent them.

If permitted to take majority control, such a political party will impeach the president by any means necessary to reach their goals. Presently, there are already elected officials within the Democratic party who aim to do just that. Though there may be individuals who represent the people well, when it comes to votes on key Issues, they do not represent the people over the edicts and goals of the party.

Voting Party Lines

Democrats, when instructed to do so by their leadership, most often vote the party line, without so much as a single opposing vote. These are conditions that exist in our 2018 midterm elections that must be taken into consideration and given weight.

In this 2018 midterm election, if Democrats win a majority, they will destroy any promises that President Donald Trump has made to repair the problems that have hurt its citizens and to return control to the people. As a result, no one will meet his vision of MAGA and fulfill promises made to us, the citizens of the USA.

This midterm election, more than any other, will make or break the ability of the people to have their voices heard. Once heard, they will have their issues seriously considered, which is exactly what our founders intended; to never again be ruled, but rather, to be represented and to realize changes that are focused on the needs of the people, and not upon the purses of the ruling class.

Taking A Stand

This midterm election is where we have to take a stand. We must vote. Only our vote can reinforce the legal and proper means for the president to return power to the people, that which has been pickpocketed from us. President Trump has put back in place the rule of law, as it must apply without exception to lawmakers or political parties.

This vote is about us, “We, the People,” to keep our right to be represented rather than ruled and to have true power in our vote. To ascertain that our senators and house elected representatives focus first upon the people, rather than putting the people behind the preferences of the wealthy or organizations and businesses of the powerful. Our vote and this president’s promise to work for the people must focus on keeping the balance of power in the hands of those who see that there is a threat against us in the form of the status quo.

More than any other, this midterm election can focus on putting the power of our Bill of Rights, as it was framed to do, back into the hands of the people. Many amendments have not withstood the test of time or have infringed upon our Bill of Rights, in defiance of the Constitution. Our Constitution is being targeted by those who would rule over the people; where the framers foresaw the need to keep its power in the hands of the citizenry, and out of the hands of those who would rule as regents.

The Voice Of The People

This 2018 midterm election will be the true reflection of the voice of the people. If we lose majority due to failure to attend to the importance of this vote, we will share with non-citizens our economy and our equality as citizens, natural or naturalized. We will instead cater to the powerful and the wealthy, both within our nation and foreign. We open the door to a situation where we take the best interests of illegal aliens as equal to the interests of citizens. This is directly in defiance to the structure, the Constitution and the law of this great nation of the United States of America.

The Rights Of The People

True power granted to the people has been diminished from us by senators and representatives without concern for our Constitution and the rights of the people. They are creating and enacting laws contrary to and in defiance of our Constitution to rule us according to their individual preferences on those issues that do not belong to any except the people. Both federal and state elected officials have stolen our rights within their jurisdictions and our rights as a nation, as any exceptions can impact all people in any state.

Some openly defy our rights. We must act to stop their agenda and return the power back to the people. Our vote is the only way for us to effectively start the process. We have, in our White House, a President whose focus and goals are with us, the people. This midterm election must give him the supportive structure of those who will uphold his efforts and focus upon the people. We must weigh heavily the vote for state representatives, as well as federal, for those who understand that they serve and do not rule the people.

The Will Of The People

This election will make or break the focus of our representatives with our votes. We have the power to ensure that they represent the people rather than those with wealth or power focused upon special interests of their own. If we do not vote in this crucial midterm election, we will not merely suffer short-term non-voter regret; we will contribute to the continuation of a process of relinquishing the control of the people to those who serve their personal goals and preferences.

We will be pandering to the supporting structure of their party, their investments, and to the exclusion of the will of the people. The Constitution was framed to keep our representatives from focusing on their own best interests over those of the people they took an oath to serve. It is our obligation to set straight those practices that have damaged and continue to fracture our Constitutional rights and protections.

The Vote Of The People

Why is it important to vote? This midterm election, more than any other in our lifetimes, has the power to make or break the supportive rules of law that protect us from those who would, by any means, rob it from us and give it to themselves.

We have a unique opportunity to both change the focus of our elected senators and representatives to those of the people and be a part in our President’s oath to Make America Great Again and to Keep America Great. We only get one ticket to ride in this midterm election. We must get out and vote!

Lin Cava / Writer

I am a seasoned writer. I use creative writing poetry and art as a means of self-expression. As I observe the state of the world and particularly the state of the USA, I turn my effort and attention to reveal the issues we must, as a nation, redeem.
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  1. As an outsider looking in. It seems to me that the freedoms of the American people have never been so under threat. All American's have the opportunity to greatly effect change in America. My prayers are with all of the MAGA candidates, those who go out to vote and for America. God Bless you all over there.

  2. Thank you, Tony. I cannot offer enough encouragement for folks who get out this very important mid-term vote. More than any other time, this vote is important to putting things back in the hands of the people.

  3. Examining the Political Scene in most Democracies about the globe,
    brings to mind, and unfortunately, it may seem, totally verifies one
    Australian colloquial statement, “The worst thing about Apathy is
    that no bastard really cares”…At least Australia, has made voting
    compulsory, and suitable measures, have been implemented to
    discourage and inhibit non-compliance…This, of course, can in no
    way nullify the dearth of true Statesmen, nor the ploys of Human
    Nature and Agenda. It may however, prevent or delay Democracy
    becoming a fallacy, of the same nature as ‘Constructive Opposition’…

    One may also appreciate “Animal Farm” as a brilliant piece of Satire,
    applicable to Political aspirations in many locations, seemingly, in any

    The Author, is correct in her analysis…Citizens must cast Apathy
    aside, and exercise their right to assure Government remains, ‘by the
    people, for the people’…

    Bernard de Silva
    Mackay, Queensland, Australia…

  4. Thank you for this. The problem is compounded by many who feel as I do, mean well but don't follow-through with the act of voting. It's the 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' syndrome, and in this political climate it can be a death knell. It would be a sadly indicative argument by all if we fail to carry the day simply by not voting. If we didn't have the numbers, all considered, it should be noted in that case, one should vote just to show how strong a stance can be recorded. Voting when the numbers appear against one's desired outcome shows the elected representatives that there are still a great deal of people, for whom they must also serve, who have a voice, and will not hesitate to use it. I've said it before, but it bears repetition: Our VOICE is our VOTE. It should not be diluted by any means, inclusive of not getting to the polls or mailing in one's vote. Your consideration and perspective from a nation where the vote is mandated is much appreciated. I have a firm belief that some of the political shenanigans would lose impact and come to a quicker end if the vote was mandated here. I am for making it an issue, but for now, I'm in the minority.




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