A MAGA Miracle: North Korea and South Korea Make Peace

Peace Sign and Bullets

A Look Back In Time

North Korea in November and December in the 1950’s were brutal. The United States Army and Marine Corps were positioned along the east, west and south sides of the Chosin Reservoir. The Chosin was a rough, craggy, mountainous valley. It was bitterly cold the nights of November 27th and 28th, when the Chinese and North Koreans attacked, inflicting terrible casualties.

The United States was heavily outnumbered and surrounded. Temperatures dropped to -30 degrees, with guns and vehicles unable to operate because of the severe cold. Men froze to death in their foxholes and many suffered severe frostbite. The battle of the Chosin Reservoir was fought between November 27th and December 13th, 1950. It was a hard, ferocious, and deadly battle of withdrawal with much hand-to-hand fighting as the vicious battle ensued over 17 long days.

Bitter weather and death were all around. This battle happened during the early months of the Korean War and resulted in an estimated 3,000 American fatalities and almost 35,000 Chinese and North Korean deaths. The Korean conflict would eventually claim over 33,000 American lives, nearly a million Chinese and North Korean lives and tragically, millions of civilian lives in North and South Korea.

Why The History Lesson?

Most Americans do not know about the Korean War or the subsequent history of this war-torn peninsula. Today, millions of North Koreans have died of starvation or been murdered in Gulags. We still face off against them at the 38th parallel. They are still receiving help from China and are still making dangerous provocations.

Knowing the history and its gravity is invaluable in evaluating today’s issues and dangers. Too many people seem to think that every significant historical event happened after they were born. This is not hyperbolic, as lives are being ruined and people are dying because of the ignorance of many on the left.

Whether it’s the millions starved and killed in North Korea, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Ukraine famine, or the Chinese’s great leap forward, the suffering and death are incomprehensible. Today’s youth and insulated professors think Communism or Socialism is just one big happy commune of like-minded people sharing their goal of Utopia. The reality of the misery and death that trails along with this kind of totalitarianism is not taught.

Heard Around The World

This is why the recent meeting between North and South Korea is so important and momentous. This is a ‘do you remember where you were’ type of event. The lack of coverage by the media is astounding. The lengths that the mainstream media is going to deny President Trump credit is another example of how off the rails and in the tank they are for the far left.

This is not a game; this could change the region forever and in favor of the United States. There is the bonus of freeing millions from poverty and totalitarians, and the effect this will have on the Middle East.

Do not think for one minute that the Iranian regime is not watching events unfold with rapt attention. North Korea is a known supplier of nuclear and missile technology to Iran. The events at hand may very well be a foreshadowing of how things might play out with Western involvement in the Middle East, in all aspects, for years to come.

Peace On The Horizon?

In North Korea and the Middle East, decades of bloodshed and turmoil might be coming to an end. Many administrations of numerous countries have all failed. The elites and “oh so smart set” have nothing but sand in their faces.

Donald Trump is well on the way to being the greatest president in modern times. The mainstream media and the entrenched political class can not let this stand. Take with a grain of salt their deflecting, ridiculous stories about porn stars and non-existent collusion. Most importantly, trust no one. These are world-changing times that will affect generations to come.

Liberty Smoke / Writer

I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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  1. Great read and at just the right time. It is so very important to learn history and learn from it well we know what happens. A salient take away from this era was Task Force Smith, cobbled together from WWII leftovers, equipment and personnel and thrown at North Korea’s invasion of the South. It was evidence of a hollowed-out Army that we are witnessing today. Once again a great job reviewing history so we don’t repeat it.

  2. After he came home from WWII, my dad was a Captain in the Army Combat Engineer Battalion in Korea. I'm pretty sure Chosin is one of the places he was in. I think that is where he was because as a kid he showed us slides of Korea. They had built a tram to get ammunition up to the troops on the mountain and they sent the wounded down the mountain in the same tram. To think that war/conflict may soon be finally over is unbelievable. This is a great read and yes the left is out of kilter.

  3. Thank you, Liberty Smoke, for an excellent, fact-filled article. We must get the #Truth out and pray that it prevails.




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