Donald J. Trump: The Right Man at the Right Time

America Suffered Under the Obama Administration

Eight years under Obama was a horror show that could not end fast enough. It was like a gruesome car wreck, and you could not look away. Anybody who was paying attention was witnessing the decline of America firsthand, in real time. Red lines were boisterously drawn in the sand only to see them almost immediately crossed without fear of retaliation.

Growth stifling regulation after growth stifling regulation was imposed, and small businesses struggled or even failed as economic growth nationwide came to a screeching halt. Politically Correct culture flourished, unemployment skyrocketed, snowflakes multiplied at an alarming rate, and 32,457 different gender pronouns appeared out of nowhere.

Not to mention the corruption that took place, like the IRS targeting scandal, the Department of Veterans Affair’s deadly waiting lists, Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of an unsecured and hackable home-brew server, as well as the fast and furious gun walking program. These examples are just scratching the surface of the corruption that took place under the Obama administration, but the adage goes that if you see one cockroach, there are 1,000 more.

Enter America’s Hero

Most people would argue that Washington has been broken for quite some time. Politicians have been more concerned with appeasing their donors and lobbyists than doing what is right for Americans. Americans had grown tired of the broken promises, lies, and corruption that had become synonymous with Washington D.C. politics.

Millions of Americans had known for quite a while that it would take an outsider to fix the swamp. The people knew it would take someone who is brash, with courage and determination, to take on the deep state. It would take someone who could connect with everyday Americans on a level that no politician ever could, someone who was a patriot that had also witnessed the decline of America and would not stand for it.

Enter Donald J. Trump. Shortly after his campaign announcement, many people thought that it was a publicity stunt likely aimed to promote an upcoming season of, “The Apprentice.” Then the debates started, and the guy made perfect sense. He was unafraid to call out establishment politicians on their lies. He was unafraid to tell Hillary she deserved to be in jail, and he was unafraid of the negative press that would inevitably ensue once he started attacking Democrats.

Telling It Like It Is

For once, someone was telling it like it is, and not beholden to donors or lobbyists or partisan politics. For once, someone was speaking to the forgotten men and women across the United States of America. Trump was exactly what we had been waiting for, and thus, a movement began.

This movement is so significant that it will someday grace the history books in schools throughout our country. People across the United States were jumping on the Trump train left and right, in order to “Make America Great Again.” These are the same millions of Americans that voted for Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America. These are the same Americans that voted to drain the swamp.

Donald Trump’s rise to presidency is the slap in the face of D.C. politics that so many Americans have wanted for so long. There is not another human being on the face of the planet that possesses the qualities necessary to face the D.C. corruption head on and win. Donald J. Trump is the right man at the right time to save America from squalor. To save America from the steady decline that ensued from eight years of a Democrat president. This is why he was elected, and it is the very thing he is determined to do.

Caden Corbin / Writer

I am a lifelong patriot. As a father of three, I am fighting to create a better America for my children.
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