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What Is The Trump Train?

Can you remember an occasion when someone did something nice for you without being asked? Remember that “warm fuzzy” feeling? That is how I feel about being aboard the Trump Train. However, the Trump Train is so much more than that. Before we get into what it is, let us first address what it is not. The Trump Train is not about being a Republican or Democrat, or even an Independent, nor is it exclusively about President Trump. It is about people wanting all the things it will take to Make America Great Again. This includes everything from America First, to international trade, to Peace through Strength in negotiating with potential enemies.

President Trump Has Kept His Promises

There are approximately 23 campaign promises, so far, that President Trump has kept, exposing the hidden agendas of the enemies of our great nation and bringing accountability to those complicit in the FBI and DOJ.

The Congress that was elected will help our President keep the remaining 76 of his campaign promises. It is about accountability for Government Officials at all levels past, present, and future. Americans are tired of seeing an elected Congress, on their salary, leave D.C., and have millions in wealth after they return to private life. It is about the rights and respect of our citizens, with the promise of making things better.

We have an entire Bill of Rights that serve to protect our citizens. For example, our First and Second Amendment rights, ensure that we shall not be infringed and they protect all American citizens. Beyond our rights, the respect of the American people is something that we need to protect. Respecting our citizens like Diamond and Silk and their request to not be labeled as African-American, but instead, to be known as American.

Making things better starts with draining the swamp by electing individuals who will be held accountable for every dime they spend and not allowing them to leave D.C. with more money than what they had when they arrived.

Everyone Is Welcome on the Trump Train

The Trump Train has so many unique riders; they may be wealthy or poor, black or white, gay or straight. The Trump Train has a vast community, and all are welcome. We come from all walks of life and it is a beautiful thing. We do not look at what makes us different, that is a tactic of the Left. We focus on what is important and what it will take to makes us great as a nation, as one people, regardless of our differences.

It is true that diversity is our strength. We share diverse ideas, paradigms, and ways to accomplish the impossible. We are Americans who are vested and driven to succeed. We know all too well how close we came to the abyss of total destruction under the last administration.

We all want to be free and we want to help others to be free, as well. However, discussing politics with people can be difficult. There are many who would prefer to keep their views private, which may be the result of fear of the backlash they will face if they speak their truths. We want to create the opportunity for open conversation without backlash. To be on the Trump Train is unifying people from all walks of life.

What Do We Want?

The real conversation that is happening is of America first, of a country where our children are safe, and the values and principles that were slowly stripped away have been restored. The movement is growing and at this pace, anything is possible. For example, California is changing right before our eyes. Many there are waking up to the realization that their state is failing its people under the leadership that they continue to elect.

This train is about so many things, from doing what is right to helping people help themselves. What is left of our historic statues are staying in place not to oppress, but instead, to ensure we never forget where we came from. Our history is important and those that choose to forget it, are doomed to repeat it. It is all about common sense, from getting federal spending under control to tackling the national debt.

We Are Not Alone Anymore

For many, the best part of being on the Trump Train is not feeling alone any longer. President Trump now has 23.1 million followers on Twitter. It was because of him that millions have joined Twitter. President Trump has revolutionized communication with America through Twitter and Facebook. We, the people, are finally connected to our leader and one another.

The financial and social impact that President Trump and his followers have utilizing these social platforms is felt in the pocketbook of big corporations. Through social media, we have been able to come together to fight the propaganda of the left. The left attacked Sean Hannity, and we came to his rescue by calling sponsors, one in particular-Keurig. Not only was it funny, but it also worked.

Even when President Trump is on the defense, he wins. The left has tried attacking our president from all angles. Liberal celebrities have thrown away their careers to mock and demean President Trump and America as a whole. No one will forget when a D rated comic mimicked beheading him, and now she is out of work. There are numerous examples of how President Trump comes out on top. In fact, 2017 was the worst summer on record for Hollywood.

A Hope For A Brighter Future

This movement will demand Term Limits and accountability at all levels of government. We not have forgotten about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation pay-to-play,  or the 33,000 deleted and subpoenaed emails about 'yoga' or 'Chelsea’s wedding.' Justice is our middle name, and once we control both houses of Congress, they will be coming for you. The statute of limitations is seven years, and Trump has 6.5 left; do the math.

I recently returned from Africa where I met and visited with several people about President Trump. The Mainstream Media has reached all the way over there and some thought he was a “real nut case” until I presented them with facts. Once they heard the truth, they were more receptive. While on a road trip, a friend who supports the other side and I had a debate about our differing ideas. When he left the car, the other African gentlemen all said “Don’t let him win! We love Trump, He’ll make America Great Again and then help us make our country great again”. The Trump Train message is resonating with people globally. John F Kennedy was right when he said: “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

This is no longer just about the 2016 election that was impossible for Donald J. Trump to win. It is about a movement and hope for a brighter future. As passengers on the Trump Train, we already see that America is being made great Again!

COL Mike FitzGerald / Writer
I am a graduate of the U.S. Army War College. Now retired after 39 years of service, I earned the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Badge in two combat tours. My expertise includes logistics, readiness and linguist operations. I see my patriotic duty to educate Americans about the truth, help “drain the swamp” and hold all politicians past, present, and future accountable.
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  1. Great article, Sir. "ALL ABOARD for AMERICA!"

  2. Concise, Factually Accurate, Persuasively Positive and Up Beat. Creative and Well Written Sir.
    Number of Points that You touched upon, ( that could so easily be Belabored ), You cut through like a sharp knife, leaving behind only positive points of reference. This would require a criticizer to begin any opposition by heading straight down a overtly negative path an immediately exposing the irrelevance an counter productive nature of their argument.
    Excellent Craft! Certainly not achieved by accident. Tactically written. You have accurately described a movement while at the same time defining the challenges that await anyone who would choose to be a part of it.
    You have used , "The Art" of the written word, to create a serious , "Red Pill", for any , "Thinking Person" to digest. It provides the reader, with a clear understanding of the scope and vision of what it means an what it takes to "MAGA". It presents the movement's "Scope", in it's true colors, which are vastly inclusive. It gives "The Vision", a firm and solid foundation to build upon. Thank You! Well done! Now let's see about getting some more people to read it.

  3. Love this Mike. Thank You for this here.

  4. Made me tear up. I'm so grateful to Potus 45 and all of MAGA...bc I now know we have a fighting chance and our children's futures and safety depend on the Trump Train #KAG2020

  5. Made me tear up. I'm so grateful to Potus 45 and all of MAGA...bc I now know we have a fighting chance and our children's futures and safety depend on the Trump Train #KAG2020

  6. Great article, God bless America. God keep our president safe help him get these trade deals all through for our country best interest.

  7. Awesome thanks for this fantastic read.

  8. Excellent piece, and I am absolutely onboard.

  9. Great article thanks for telling me about it on Twitter.


  10. Excellent read I am a proud American and I used to be a Democrat until Trump came down that escalator. I am a patriot I bleed red white and blue I willI will do anything for my country, because I know American being being strengthen the world

  11. Very concise and well written article.

  12. Great explanation of what we so desperately need in this country: Unity.

  13. I'm proud to support President Trump! I'd be honored to ride the Trump Train!




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