Virtual Assistants: They Are Always Listening

Invasion Of The Privacy Snatchers

One day in the near future, if not already, Artificial Intelligence will have the capability to notify 911 and dispatch Police, Fire, or emergency services before you even think to make the call. They will be our new AI Servants, with each major tech provider and home security provider having one. These AI servants are always on, always listening, always capturing video in your home, your private dwelling, your inner sanctum.

What is The Deal?

What are these devices listening for? Aside from the word help or Call 911, or something to assist us in our time of need, they can be imprinting our voices to note when we are feeling stressed, euphoric, or when we are slurring our words from ample Friday night adult beverages. They are also listening for our grocery list, or they are placing food orders with our local grocer.

They could be capturing pictures of us, in other than our go to town clothing, and possibly comparing images of yesterday to a month from now and determining we have gained weight. AI is already capturing specific times that we are awake and when we leave for work to adjust heating and air conditioning.

Who is Watching the Watchers?

Who will be programming the AI in your home to watch and listen for when we are in distress? When will the AI know to contact a firefighter, policeman, or paramedic? What about your weekly Bible Study? How is that programmed? One more question- how can you tell when the AI is genuinely offline and not listening?

What if the AI begins correcting your use of language, such as past tense and present tense? What happens if the AI determines you are overweight and alters your food order? You may assume it is the store that made a mistake, but how will you know?

These are examples of AI in our homes, in our hometown, county, and state. What happens when AI gets a network connection to other AI for market research? Recently, Facebook used it’s two billion users data for research involving a Presidential Election. Is it so far-fetched? Google is building regional data centers across America.

Simultaneously, they are part of a satellite initiative to reach 75% of the planet with space-based internet. All of these are things can be easily found when doing research. Companies in America are involved, as well as a company in Europe. How far-fetched is it to get good internet service?

First of all, good internet service has minimal latency and maximal bandwidth. Space-based internet would be just like your TV service. It beams down to you from orbit, so on cloudy days, it may not be so good. This would also impact your emergency service notifications. If only we had multiple communication nodes for the internet to cut the latency and bandwidth issues. It is possible using terran-based systems to augment the space systems, such as with data centers.

There is much to consider with AI, both good and bad, skeptical and optimistic, service to humanity and perhaps service to forces averse to a particular belief or particular freedom we may enjoy. What we say when we are communicating with our family is family business. Our privacy is still a fourth amendment right. These are things one must consider when choosing to have AI devices in their home.

Fred Warner / Writer

I think therefore I write. As an American Patriot intrigued with the wisdom of 1776, I believe a Mastermind created our nation’s governance of the people by the people, for the people.
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  1. Nice article sir. The possibilities for this technology in helping us are obvious and should be encouraging to the Tech guys who design this kind of programming. However the potential for the same tech being perverted and used against us is the one of the main reasons why Alexa does not live in my home and probably never will.

  2. Excellent article. AI knows no boundaries & won't be invited into my home. Have you seen the article about the kids echo for? Here's the url https://goo.gl/Mxbjwf Scary stuff.

  3. Excellent article, very informative and forward thinking. - Dobie




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