Child Separation: The Truth Behind the Accusations

The Policies of Pain

As the midterms continue and the politicking rages on, a story has emerged that could destroy the political aspirations of many, if the accusations are true. That story is the separation of children from their families. However, before defending or attacking, let’s take a closer look at some of the policies and consider the decision made by the Democrats on the 20th of June 2018, not to work with President Trump as he requested on the White House Lawn during a Fox and Friends interview.

The first policy, that directly refers to the treatment of children crossing the border illegally, is the 1997 Flores Settlement. Love or hate the Clintons, the wording did seem to be in advocacy of the protection of children, in possible danger. It initially called for the detention of illegally entering children, crossing the border alone, to be detained for no longer than 20 days and for them to be reunited with their caregivers within that time frame. However, a later amendment to this policy allowed for the separation of children from adults, including parents. The same 20-day detention policy was to be enacted with the children to be reunited to their parents, adult relatives, caregivers or “the least restrictive” option. This could include foster care, or returning them to Mexican authorities alone. The fact is that the separation of children began as early as 1997.

In 2008, George W Bush Jr. signed the Trafficking Victims Reauthorisation Act into law. However, this has to be discounted from the current arguments as it explicitly excluded Mexico and Canada from the act's reach. Then under the leadership of Obama, the 9th circuit of Appeals decided that all illegal immigrant children arrested with their parents were to be released. This decision was disastrous because it included no such provision for their parents or care providers. While none of the policies explicitly command the separation of children from their parents, it all boils down to legal interpretation; it depends on the slant one views previous policies with as to whether or not the articles of law provide for the separation of families. The argument can easily be made that while it is not explicit, it can certainly be implied; and with images circulating from 2014 of children being held in cages under Obama, it is clear that this has been going on for a long time. There are also images of minority groups protesting, holding signs that say “Obama please don't take our children away from us,” highlighting that this is indeed another issue with bipartisan culprits.

The Current President's Involvement

In 2017, Homeland Security Secretary Jeff Sessions, in a CNN interview, spoke of using the separation of children from their relatives as an active deterrent. While this interview did not directly include the president, it certainly came from the current administration. Then again, in May 2018 Sessions spoke of this in San Diego, stating that said separation was a requirement of the law. It could be argued that bringing a child across a desert and a river in lands that are riddled with criminals, places a child at risk. It could also be argued that these parents placed those children at risk; the parents, by placing their children in danger, have acted in a way that requires the children to be separated from the adults who take responsibility for them.

Later on, in 2018, Sarah Sanders stated that the current administration is only enforcing current laws that are already on the books. This statement has come under a lot of criticism from the left, criticism that has seen numerous threats of violence made against her, the president’s family, and the families of ICE employees. Such behaviour must be frowned upon, as there are plenty of crazy people in this world who might use this opportunity to fulfil their lust for violence.

The Melania Effect

Our current First Lady Melania Trump, in June 2018, released a press statement in which she stated that she hated to see children separated from their parents, as they seek asylum in the USA. Her bravery in standing up for what is best for the children has led to a mainstream media blackout on the latest updates on her husband’s work in North Korea. The mainstream media favors another anti-Trump smear campaign where he is being personally blamed for the plight of these children. However, President Trump has argued that he wanted to work with the Democrats on this very issue during a surprise interview on Fox and Friends, which was being recorded on the White House lawn.

This has lead to a new policy being written by the president to tackle this very issue, and on the twentieth of June 2018 it was voted down by the very same Democrats who have been arguing for a policy that protected the rights of families; the Democrats have sabotaged the very bill that was written to answer their calls for greater fairness and better treatment of individuals and families. President Trump, showing that he cares for the views of his wife and also for those of his opponents, magnanimously made the gesture and was ready to sign it into law.

The Democrat Effect

This has been nothing more than a Public Relations stunt by the Democrats, who have refused to back the bill in an infantile show of utter stupidity. The fact is that this policy the Clinton administration’s law, the Bush administration’s mishandling of it and Obama's inability to do anything right at all. This has lead to what is now likely to become a legal disaster for the Democrats by calling out the Blue representatives and asking them to cooperate on the forming of a new bill that, more fairly and effectively provides for children's safety and the parent's presence. President Trump was set to solve a situation that previous administrations have all but ignored.

However, the Democrats proved that it was never their intention to fight for the protection of migrant children, as they rejected the offer made by the president in a solid show of politicking as the midterms continue. President Trump offered to provide for the children in these scenarios, however the Democrats, having been offered what they said initially they wanted, have stated that the bill doesn't go far enough. Then, like children fighting over the wrong flavor of candy, they refused to vote in favor of the bill.

In a tweet from the president, however, Trump said: “It's the Democrats fault, they won't give us the votes needed to pass good immigration legislation. They want open borders, which breeds horrible crime. Republicans want security.” Then he added something filled with hope for those affected by the current policies: “But I am working on something.” The fact remains that what the Democrats could have claimed as a powerful victory during the midterms is likely to cause voters to consider whether voting blue is such a good idea. The President’s final remark in his tweet echoes a sense of desperation at the stupidity of the Democrat party and their unwillingness to negotiate; he stated; “It never ends.”

A Republican vote during the midterms will help to end this pattern of shameless deception and would strengthen the current administration's ability to enact change that will help to grow the United States of America, and continue the push towards the goal to make America great again. If you would normally vote for the Republican party, but cannot be bothered to make the trip out to vote, your absence on the ballot is an 'X' for the insanity of Democrats. Whilst the balance of power remains at similar levels to the General Election with a few notable GOP gains, it looks like many previously staunch Democrats are seeing the need for sensible government. This decision by the Democrats not to support this bill, which would have protected families being held across America, could very well be the tipping point amongst voters.

Tony Parton / Writer

I am the first British citizen to be deported under Donald Trump and have become a Pro-Trump voice from here in the U.K. I enjoy writing and have a written for a couple of blog posts and online News feeds.
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  1. There are many facets to the ILLEGAL immigration problem. Children bought here through no fault of their own, those who came to work and overstayed, those who intend us harm, those who have the aim to overtake our Country. THEN there are the social and financial problems. There are the cultural problems presented by those who never intended to assimilate into being American. More problems are present than these few. What can we do? The Immigration LAWS must be observed and in doing that some get hurt. The worst part is that the Laws have been too loose too long. NONE of that is THIS Administration's fault.




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