Bodies Don’t Disappear: Where Are the Children

stuffed teddy bear depicting children in human trafficking

The Good Old Days

In 1985, Saturday mornings were filled with Road Runner, Looney Tunes, and G.I Joe. Most children from those days can still remember sitting at the table, with our favorite cereal and the face of an innocent child staring at us from the back of a milk carton. The 80s were a time that saw 150,000 missing persons reported every year.

Considering the average age of our country is around 37, most of us in this country can still remember those days like it was yesterday. There was an old game when we were all kids called kick the can. The neighborhood would echo with the sounds of children laughing and playing under the streetlight until the sound of a mother’s voice rang out. Your mother’s scream acted as the whistle that signaled the end of the game. Screen doors and unlocked cars were a way of life in those days. Our small towns across the country were a place of comfort and safety, the type of place where kids could spend the night in the treehouse in the backyard. Where has that gone?

Call It What You Want

Today the children who were reading those milk cartons are the parents. We are almost plagued with the fear of losing our children, even in the quietest of small towns across the country; a child goes missing every 40 seconds in our country, totaling an estimated 800,000 a year. Gone are the days of walking to school with friends, or riding bikes to the playground after class. The numbers actually get much worse, however: today there are an estimated 900,000 missing persons reported every year in the United States. The numbers across the globe are even more astonishing, with an estimated 8 million children missing every year.

It’s easy to look at these numbers and gasp in awe, but what is the reality? Thankfully these numbers are based on those reported missing, and in the long term, the majority of those are found. Many of the children are runaways or taken by an estranged family member, so let’s narrow this down to a more realistic number. An example can be seen in the statistics from 2012 when 661,000 missing persons were reported. There were 659,000 of those canceled, and by the end of the year, just 2,079 were left unresolved, less than half a percent of the reported missing. Law enforcement officials commonly agree that 95-98 percent of missing persons return within 48 hours, so if we use half percent as an average for unresolved missing persons every year, we can quickly calculate some outstanding numbers.

Using the FBI database, there were just over 22 million reported missing from 1990 to 2016 in the United States; using our very modest half a percent, that’s just 110,000 unresolved missing person cases in 26 years. It’s not easy to get a real concrete number of missing from across the globe; in developed countries there are homeless, and others who are never reported. In most of the developing world, no one is counting missing children. There are no specific laws on missing children and no central missing child registries. Throughout the world, there are numbers as high as 4.5 million missing over 20 years, and the number is growing. Every year 40,000 children go missing in Brazil, in Canada it’s more than 50,000, and 45,000 in Mexico. In the U.K., it’s estimated one child every 5 minutes totaling some 230,000 each year. It’s not hard to look at these numbers and feel a sickness for humanity. It’s even easier to look at them and feel as though it’s all a bit of conjecture.

It’s Happening, Period

The reality of human trafficking has come front and center of our world, the 31 trillion dollar industry has been left unchecked for decades, maybe more. This isn't a United States issue or a simple matter to be handled through local agencies; we are talking about a worldwide epidemic. The numbers are open for interpretation, so call it conjecture all you like -- the scale of the entire situation cannot be dismissed. The estimated 8 million children a year worldwide can be narrowed down using the half a percent or the Law enforcement standard that 98% will return. The number of children missing every year across this planet is still a staggering 160,000 every year. By the end of 2018, we are looking at nearly 3 million children worldwide in just the 21st century.

Where in the hell are these children? What are they using our children for? Sex, pornography, slavery, satanic ritual? Every “conspiracy” is based off some shred of truth, and the truth is that our children are disappearing at an alarming rate. One person or one hundred people cannot steal, or kidnap 160,000 children in one year; this is a group, an organization, a cult. The only label needed is “horrific.” We must find the reason. We must search out the source. We must save our children.

Marc Manross / Writer

I am a father, journeyman, tradesman, and poet. I am one of those people who wasn't born with a filter and I see no reason for one. Voting for President Donald Trump ranks among the top five best choices I ever made.
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  1. There are two things here:
    (1) The organizations. Sex slavery rings, occult rituals. These are the two most likely involved in a good half of the missing children. They hide under laughter at "conspiracy theories." These sick sick sick people also occupy the highest offices of nations and corporations. Laugh if you will - this is what they want and need.
    (2) The individuals. Since the 1960's, a growing number of fractured people, mostly men, who steal children for sex and murder. Probably half the missing children are from grabs. The organizations who steal children also hide under this large number, laughing at organized conspiracy, and causing the spotlight to shine away from them.

    Marc's article talks about growing up in the 1980's, but as a small child in the 1960's, I was personally approached by a stranger in a car who said my mother was hurt and needed me and he was there to take me to her. Since I lived 2 houses away from where this man opened his car door, I simply ran all the way home to see if my mother was OK, and the man sped away. The police were called but the man was never found. My mother was just fine, except after I told her what happened, then she was white as a sheet.

    Why is this happening? I think we know. Loose morality creates a fabric in which sick degenerates can hide their actions. When there is no judgment, and when suspicion is frowned upon, child abductors can just about roam freely among us.

    1. Damn, thats a crazy personal story Tommy. whether it was in the 60's or the 80's the bigger scare is that it seems to be getting more prevalent, or is it just the AWAKENING is truly coming to life. Either way the reality stands, and we must get to the bottom of it.

  2. Marc, I knew the numbers were high but it took my breath away. That said, even one child missing is horrific a parents worst nightmare. Since the pre election until now I've read a lot of stuff and it has made me sick to my stomach, watched children being interviewed who were victims of child trafficking and abuse and my heart bled out. We must as one stand up as a culture and say enough is enough. Your article is well written, thought provoking and heart wrenching all in one. Thank you for this piece I'm sure it was a very difficult one to write!


    1. Honestly the topic was an easy one to write about, I have three children 5, 5 1/2, and 6 and I am the definition of over protective father. The truth is, the hardest part was finding real honest statistics. Around every corner was a different number on the same topic...it was difficult to really feel confident in an honest number. I was afraid the skeptics would eat me alive, questioning the validity of my numbers.
      I dont care if its 10 children or 10 million per year....no one should be getting away with it. We should drop every possible tool we have to tracking down just one child, and when we find the sum-bitch responsible they should be shot dead on live television.

  3. God Bless you, Marc, for addressing this. It's a heinous crime and one that I decided to become involved in decades ago. Even so, the sick truth of sex slavery and ritualistic use of children is sickeningly hard to grasp. Yet, It's true.

    Victims that escaped are telling their stories. Dr. Phil had one victim on his show. Her parents were PAID to have a baby for use as a sex slave. It was a horrendous story.

    We need to all do whatever we can to keep children safe, to rescue children, to educate the public, and bring the sick people who do this to justice!

    Light is being shone on darkness; evil is being exposed. Still we need to do more.

    I grew up in the 50s & 60s in the scenario you described. One winter day while walking home after a day of sledding with my younger brother our little sister lagged behind. Suddenly we heard her screaming. A car pulled over and a man had picked her up. She kicked and screamed and he let her go. She was 4, I was 7. My brother and I ran to protect her. Thank God she fought!

    Thank you, again, for all you do. You're a blessing.

  4. Wow Joanne, Thank God for his angles of protection that day with your sister. A lot of people dont know or dont want to admit that when the devil was banished from Heaven, he wasn't simply sent to Hell, he was left to walk the earth, and he is here today. We must wake people up to the very real fact that Satanic rituals and sacrifices are real.

  5. Wow. Very informative and very moving as well. Thank you for all the facts and information and the ending was perfect.




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