Executive Order: The Compassionate President and a Unified Executive Branch

Keeping Families Together

On the 18th of June, the men and women of the United States had the opportunity to witness a truly momentous occurrence in the nation’s history. President Trump attempted to work through a resolution with the Democratic party, to keep detained illegal migrant families together - a policy that could have been cited as a victory on all sides of Congress. The Democrats, having snubbed the policy, were forced to witness in horror as what they had previously assumed would be a political victory for them, was turned into a massive defeat by a compassionate president and a unified executive branch; the United States has not seen such strength in governance for decades. We also got to see that the black and white and letter of the law can also be sympathetic to the needs of all people, not just Americans.

The only political win today has been a Republican victory in “schadenfreude” - a German word, meaning the pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune. And the misfortune is solely felt with the rank and file of the Democrat party, as they are sat bewildered and licking wounds they could not see coming. Across the country, thousands of stunned illegal immigrants were cheered by the knowledge that they will be reunited with their families while still incarcerated for breaking American immigration law. The President of the United States, with the full support of the entire Executive branch, signed an executive order to maintain the integrity of the family unit. Even if that family entered the country illegally.

A Truly Strong American Compassion

With a few exceptions, nobody has wanted to see the harrowing scenes of caged children or of children being torn from the arms of their parents in what has been some of the most traumatizing experiences that those involved must have experienced. This includes the officers of I.C.E. and the police, who must have considered that they didn't sign up to split families, but to protect and to serve them. These images dating back to 2014 have continued to be a murky and torrid part of America's history, that has gone largely unnoticed until recently. Though it has continued during this administration, the practice has been brought to a dramatic conclusion today as The President signed an executive order protecting the solidity of illegal migrant families.

A Unified GOP

In a meeting of the executive branch which was chaired by the President, the consensus was unanimous that while maintaining a strong border with strong laws and an empowered legal system to protect it, there was also a need to remember the human side to the tragedy of people entering the USA illegally. In many cases, these are people who have survived the dangers of the desert in order to make money through vice, drugs and even child trafficking. One of the border senators argued that the crime rate on the border is untenable, and needs to be defeated with an unwavering legal system that combats crime with the full force of the law, but even he made the plea for compassion which has been made by concerned Americans across the country. The new law which has been signed by the president and in the company of the vice president will maintain a stiff arm against illegal immigration while permitting families to remain together.

In an eventful week which has seen the United States remove itself from the U.N. Council of Human Rights due to the hypocrisy shown by the other member states, the USA has made one of the strongest statements it possibly could to affirm America's unwavering commitment to the rights of human beings; a core set of values that protect even those who enter the country illegally and by virtue of their entry, in many other countries would be given no rights at all.

As the rest of the world attempts to shame Israel for defending itself against Palestine, it has taken America to reply with compassion for the experiences of others. It took America to move its Embassy to Jerusalem, and it has taken America to show the entire world that they can tackle their illegal immigration problems head-on, without becoming monsters in the process. Today as detained illegal immigrants call their detained spouses and children and share the tears of joy at the news that they are going to be reunited, America is standing tall once again.

A True American President Righting the Wrongs

While not legally a human rights violation in any respect of the word, the practice of removing children from parents is one that has always left the sour taste of doubt in the mouths of those that knew about it. This is why, as reports began to surface in 2014, it caused ripples that have grown into a tsunami. Here is America's hope for the future; it is woven into each document from the Declaration of Independence to that last word of the final amendment to the constitution. That rule is that while yes, laws need to be enacted, morality cannot be ignored. No nation takes its responsibilities more seriously than the United States.

Now than fifty years of immorality, that has seen failures to protect the people of the USA and fails to protect those not in the USA legally, were brought to a finality that could see the Democrat party begin to lose its hold on the American mindset. Let’s not ever forget the reason that this policy has required the unanimous support of the executive branch, and the signing of another Executive order by the current president is that the Democrats refused to accept a bill that would have given them the answer that they were seeking from the president.

The Democrats’ unwillingness to work with Republicans in either house could have callously seen the continuation of children being ripped from their families indefinitely; however, in a move that has shown the world that the Democrats are great on clamour but have absolutely no substance, they also proved that the truly caring party is actually the Republican party once more. Be it Lincoln forcing through the emancipation proclamation, or today Trump forcing through a policy that prevents illegal aliens from being separated from their parents. It is the Republican party that is the party that has historically and most consistently cared for the needs of the American people, her allies, and even her enemies.

Reasons to Be Proud to be American

No other country in the world can claim these same things. Certainly not Australia, with those who have entered illegally being shipped off to Christmas Island where poor sanitation, a lack of food and illness threaten the safety of each illegal alien there. Certainly not the French, who have allowed Paris and the port city of Calais to become breeding grounds of all kinds of crime, as the nation has turned a blind eye towards its own people and the integrity of her sovereign borders, as the homeless illegals right now prepare to bed down for another night on the streets. Definitely not Germany, whose one-world policies have seen Europe become a training ground of terror, a global center for rape, the dawning of a new form of radical Nazism, and the continued suffering of countless individuals who clamor for aid that never really comes. These people continue face destitution as Angela Merkel is proven to be incapable of keeping her promises. Even in Germany, they are experiencing a 10% surge in crime.

No, America can pull back her shoulders once more, she can raise her head up once again and she can hold the higher ground. Today the strong arm of the law was proven to be one that can bend to need and one with a real love of morality at its center.

The President did state that they were still going to need Congress and that further reworkings were going to need to be ironed through, but the skeleton and some of the flesh are currently in place. While the Senate twiddled their thumbs and the House threw a little tantrum, it takes a real president to put order back in place. The President continued his day by flying to Duluth, Minnesota, where two events that were fizzing with the electricity of day's events continued as planned. One more thing: had the Democrats agreed with the bill and allowed it to pass today, the president wouldn't have postponed the government picnic. It serves you right children, now go and learn how to play nice!

Tony Parton / Writer

I am the first British citizen to be deported under Donald Trump and have become a Pro-Trump voice from here in the U.K. I enjoy writing and have a written for a couple of blog posts and online News feeds.
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