Fact Check: “President Trump’s Travel Ban Is a Muslim Ban”

Finding the Truth

Shortly after President Trump scored a victory on a landmark decision from the Supreme Court regarding his Travel ban, critics lashed out accusing the travel ban of being a “Muslim ban” insisting that President Trump was targeting Muslims. Let's look at the facts regarding the President’s Travel ban.

To begin with, at least two of the six countries listed on the President’s travel ban are not considered Muslim majority countries as depicted in the chart that you can find on the Department of Homeland Security's website. Next is the fact that only six countries were selected, while there are 47 countries that are considered to be Muslim Majority Countries; if true and it were a Muslim Ban, the President would have banned all 47 from the United States.

The fact is, the reason why six out of seven of the countries listed on the travel ban were selected is that they have very serious problems with vetting individuals; Venezuela’s government has all but collapsed, making vetting impossible. Syria and Iran have ISIS operating in their countries. These countries are on a list that the Obama Administration had, but was too weak to enforce.

The Centers for Immigration Studies show that many admitted terrorists slipped through the cracks; it was revealed that the United States had admitted 72 terrorists into the country, and they were all from countries that are currently on the President’s Travel Ban:

Somalia: 22
Yemen: 19
Syria: 7
Iran: 4
Sudan: 1
Total: 72

In conclusion, the travel ban has nothing to do with anyone being Muslim, it has more to do with these countries lacking the ability to care about who leaves their country and comes to our country. They also lack the ability to properly vet individuals who leave their country. Not to mention, on the State Department's website, Iran and Syria are both on the list of countries that are state sponsors of terrorism, which is another reason they are both listed on the travel ban.

The leftists’ flawed claim of this so-called “Muslim ban” is another ploy by the Democrats to score cheap political points, showing that they do not care about the safety of working-class Americans, and would instead let terrorists slip in through the back door, keeping our border wide open just to get more votes. This claim earns a score of five Pinocchios

Fact Check Rating: Bogusly False

Matthew McCarthy / Writer

I have taken a TV and Radio Broadcasting class at Mott Community College and I am currently taking Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan Flint. I have extensive knowledge of politics and love reporting real news, not fake news.
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  1. Obama did it.
    Clinton did it.
    It's legal.
    There is no problem except liberalism and Leftism.

  2. It was never about Muslims; it's always been about terrorists and vetting. Thank you for setting the record straight with Facts!




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