Midterms: How the New Right Can Capitalize on the Failing Democratic Party

Idiot Elite: DeNiro Has Turrets?

Robert De Niro, best known for his “tough guy” roles in movies such as Goodfellas, dropped several F-Bombs during the broadcast that honors the best of Broadway. The Democrat partisan crowd leaped to their feet in applause of the outburst. This overt show of hatred towards the President is not new; it has been going on for months since the 2016 election.

Move On Already!

The Democrats cannot get over the fact that they lost in 2016. They use their award shows to pontificate to the masses their disdain for the President. It seems, however, that all this anger and disdain is not having the intended effect on the general populace; approval polls from last week report that President Trump is currently at 44%. NBC News reported that Trump’s approval ratings equal that of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan at the same points in their presidencies.

Of course, the leftist media will spin these numbers and say there is going to be a “blue wave” in November -- but is this claim factual, or more fake news? Once again, the leftist media is operating in their own echo chamber. As we saw at the Tony Awards on June 10th, leftists still think their mindset aligns with the majority of the general populace. This arrogance and misjudgement led to a collective meltdown amongst liberal pollsters when Trump captured the presidency in convincing fashion.

A Great Deal of Speculation

The Pew Research Center wrote a synopsis right after the Clinton election loss trying to explain what happened: “There is a great deal of speculation but no clear answers as to the cause of the disconnect, but there is one point of agreement: Across the board, polls underestimated Trump’s level of support.”

Pew and others have tried for the better part of the last two years to try to put down in print what is the MAGA phenomenon. The same highly-educated leftist “experts” are predicting a blue wave come this November; This arrogance and myopic view of the electorate is going to lead potentially to a complete wipeout at the polls. The truth is, the left has no message other than expletives.

The De Niro tirade at this year's Tony Awards is just the latest example of this; a few weeks ago, Samantha Bee unleashed a tirade on the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Leftist scribes justify outbursts such as the one by Bee as a response to the “vile and vicious” White House. This was the excuse used by L.A. Times writer, Virginia Heffernan.

V- Word

She goes on to say, “Still, Bee, like many critics of Trump, is at the mercy of sudden bouts of moral fastidiousness on the part of the President’s defenders. And that sham fastidiousness licenses the usual drumbeat of defamation, threats, trolling and 24/7 harassment… Bee’s remark was “vile and vicious,” said the vile and vicious White House soon after she made it. V-word and V-word.”

The argument of those on the left is that, because they perceive the President and his supporters to be a certain way, that it is ok for them to be inappropriate, deplorable and irredeemable; in other words, “there are no bad tactics, only bad targets.” Where have we heard that before?

The question for those on the New Right is: how can we all capitalize on the failings of the Democratic Party? The truth is, the Democratic Party is making it easy for those of us who are on the New Right to call out their lack of message and hypocrisy.

No Message

The Democratic Party has no message other than intolerance and hate going into the Fall midterm elections. The left likes to brand itself as an inclusive party; in reality, the Democratic Party is only inclusive to those whom they deem worthy of that honor. Fortunately for the New Right, there are a lot of disenfranchised people who have found a home in the burgeoning MAGA movement. The left can continue to drop F-Bombs and call conservative women feckless C-words. The New Right will continue to call out the Democrats on their bad behavior and hypocrisy. Ultimately, the voting populace will decide to go with the party with a message. As of this moment, the Democrats only message is that of hate. Hate does not win elections.

Jake Highwell / Writer

I am a political pundit and equal justice advocate with two decades of journalistic experience. Currently residing in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago and a recovering Obama voter, I strive to bring insight and commentary to the MAGA Nation.
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  1. The Democrats have had literally NO message since LBJ. They steal ideas, take credit where they shouldn't, destroy what is solid, and project their failures on others.

  2. I left the Democratic Party in 2001 after 28 years as I saw their viciousness and lack of message and direction exposed. I was embarrassed by Nancy Pelosi, et al. I've been a,Republucan ever since, because of its values & platform. I've never looked back. The New Right represents intelligence, morality, inclusiveness & supports our Constitutional rights. The Left has nothing but hatred.
    Great article!




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