Late-term Abortion: The Details That No One Wants to Talk About

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Perfectly Viable

There are seven states in the USA in which late-term abortions can be performed up to and including at birth. One such state is New Jersey.

Researching late-term abortion opens a muddy field of grey; some describe late-term as starting at 17 weeks gestation (the baby has been in the womb for 17 weeks). For others, the term “late” is used from the twentieth week, and still, others suggest the twenty-third week.

What nobody can deny is that, for the majority of these cases, the lives of these infants would be perfectly viable at this stage and with only minimal medical intervention. Perhaps that baby would be kept in an incubator, given assistance to breathe and to feed, but could continue to grow outside of the womb with help in the same way that a full term delivered baby could continue to grow and develop and mature.

In the instance of the late-term abortion, there are several things that can take place; one option is a saline injection. A liquid salt solution, saline, is injected into the baby’s sac through the mother's abdomen. The baby ingests the liquid, which has salt levels that are too high for its body to process; this results in the baby being poisoned to death.

The solution is also caustic and burns the outer skin layer of the baby, known as the upper dermis. It is believed that the baby feels excruciating pain across the entire body, that would be similar to the kind of pain felt from a severe burn. The baby has never been outside, and its skin is the softest it could possibly be. This process of torture takes an hour or more. Babies can be born alive from this procedure, and are left untreated to die.

Negligent Homicide

In most states, this could be described as negligent homicide, as the baby has been born into the world alive. It is the legal duty of every single abortionist to contact the nearest hospital in such cases, where doctors are instructed by law to preserve that child's life. This is not being done, however, and having searched the internet far and wide, we have been unable to find any cases where the abortion practitioner has faced criminal charges over this. There have been reported cases of the fully born child surviving and being adopted after this procedure, though such stories are rare.

Another more violent practice takes up to three days and can involve your baby being born into a toilet if you are incapable of reaching the clinic, or are one of the few fortunate women who does not feel the pains of contractions until it is too late. Laminaria, a form of absorptive seaweed, is inserted into the cervix, and it absorbs the liquids that are present in the area. This causes the cervix to expand, stretching it until it is dilated to the point where surgical tools can be safely inserted into the opening. This procedure can induce labor, and the mother will, in general, be booked into a hotel room to wait out the process. In extreme cases, the advice given to the mother is that she unlock the door to her hotel room and call for an abortion team to attend. They will take the birthed child, which has usually been left in the toilet and clean up the hotel bathroom.

If You Are Lucky

In the majority of cases, the mother makes it to the clinic. It is there that the baby is injected with a toxin that causes it to die. Forceps are often used to open the vaginal wall so that the surgeon can inject the baby with the toxic chemical and to be able to see inside of you. Where the needle goes depends upon the babies position; the baby at this stage has an extremely sensitive upper dermis, or top layer of skin, and can feel everything that is done to it. Abortion is an extremely painful process for the child.

The abortionist will most often insert scissors and grappling tools to cut the child's limbs off in order to remove them and place them on a tray. The woman is usually awake during this procedure. The body of the little one is pieced together on the tray; this is an essential part of the abortion as anything that is left behind can cause infection to the mother and could lead to her death. Suction can also be used to assist with the extraction of any parts or pieces.

If That Is Not Monstrous Enough

Another option in late-term is where the baby is pulled out whole, leg first, and scissors are forced into the babies skull and opened. A suction device is entered into the child's skull which removes all brain tissue and collapses the skull. These fragments also need to be pieced together on the tray. These horrors occur as the staff speaks reassuringly to the mother in soothing tones, which only adds to the barbarity of what is being done.

A Plea to All Women

Please, research this for yourselves, even if your only desire is to prove this wrong. Find out what is truly going to happen to the fetus in your womb. The word fetus means “the unborn young of a species” in Latin. If a young sheep is called a lamb and a young bear a cub, then a young human is a baby. All they have done is cleverly use words that have the same meaning but used a dead language to trick you into thinking it is acceptable.

Remember, we are talking about a privatized company that wants to sell you its products. When that product is the wholesale murder of entire generations of children, they will use all manner of deceptive words to fool you into thinking that what they are selling is morally wholesome. Please research the underbelly of this industry. See for yourselves what happens to the copses of your babies.

The full extent of the side effects and emotional damage are horrendous. Educate yourself on this issue to try to understand why so many people are against this; a simple internet search will enable you to see all of the filth that we have missed. It includes the harvesting and selling of organs, babies being killed once born, and more.

Take Back Control

Contact your local representative to find out what he or she is planning to do about abortion if anything. If they tell you that it is not a subject that they want to address, then please do not vote for them. The most reassuring thing about the Republican party is that the majority of Republican elected officials would describe themselves as pro-life. Contact them and let them know that you would like to see them do more.

You can change what is happening to these little ones with your phone calls and your votes. Together, as a nation, you can stop the bloodshed of the innocent, and you can change America’s course as a nation. Look into abortion, and what it is; seek out candidates who oppose it.

Tony Parton / Writer

I am the first British citizen to be deported under Donald Trump and have become a Pro-Trump voice from here in the U.K. I enjoy writing and have a written for a couple of blog posts and online News feeds.
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  1. My very pregnant daughter just sent me a little film of her belly rolling around as she talked to her future child. There was A LOT OF LIFE going on in there believe me, looked like rolling water. This barbaric practice spoken of here must be ended, up here in Canada as well. Our future is precious.

    1. Much love to you thank you for reading and agreeing.

  2. Thank you for sharing the truth of late term abortions. People need to hear it. We need to stop killing babies!

  3. I'm not going to lie. The research that I did on this article was through rose tinted glass and I still felt ill throughout. This technology is the most evil thing man has ever done since crucifying God on a tree. Over a Billion babies have been massacred. That is the entire population of India!

  4. OMG i thought there was a limit as to when the abortion will not take place. So i thank you for this article as i am no longer pro choice . i had no idea that abortions were done this late.




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